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If You Could Have Any Character in Brawl Who Would it be?


May 24, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
The only other Character i want to see in the new SSBB is some toon Zelda, Toon Midna, Rockman, or if it's possible (really seriously) Sephiroth.

I like to see them it would make SSBB more of a........Legend than a Best game during it's release until the new SSBB.


World's Dumbest Zombie.
Nov 5, 2007
no stupid naruto caracters that don't even have a video game let alone having nintendo putting them in SSB

Actually, there have been quite a few Naruto games for PS2 as well as I believe DS. There was also a fighting game with several characters from Jump Comics released for DS that was actually quite similar to Super Smash Brothers in the way that there was a buttload of characters who readily beat the living shyte out of each other without any particular reason.

I don't necessarily know if Naruto characters would be good or not in Smash, but hey, I'm up for anything.


Jan 31, 2008
Amherst, MA
Didn't I already answer this one?
Ah, simply Isaac from Golden Sun.

So many people were hoping for him anyway. I was one of them. A lot of people were disappointed upon release when they figured out there was going to be no Isaac in the game. That's how the cookie crumbles, as the saying goes, I guess.


I would have to say the Organization 13 from kingdom hearts. Although I would also choose like Riachu from the old pokemon series or the rabbits from Raving Rabbit, or some one else Like as I look Minda & Wolf Link, Dark Link... SO very great Ideas


Corrupted Idiot
Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
Okay six epic characters in brawl. Naruto (shippuden). His final smash would be Wind Style: Rasenshuriken. The effects of which is about 150 points of damage dealt and poisons the recipiant to take damage until they get blasted off the stage. Naruto (child). His final smash would be summoning jutsu in which he summons Gamabunta (the gigantic toad) and the effect is a guaranteed ko for all the players (excluding naruto) within about half the stage. Sasuke (shippuden). His final smash would be the summoning jutsu in which he summons a gigantic snake which devours all characters, digests them a little (200 damage), and then launches them. Sasuke (child). His final smash would be the Chidori and it deals 100 damage then launches the recipiant. Sakura (shippuden). Her final smash would be medincal ninjutsu that heals herself and in team battles also heals her teammates. The final one is... TINGLE!! Not really but he'd make a fun target. Anywho the last one is Kakashi. His final smash would be Sharingan which copies the nearest players final smash then excutes it.
Why do you want Naruto Charachters in Brawl? Like i've said before, and not only me, Naturo isn't a game in the first case, it's more anime and it has it's own Fighting games on every console. Second they aren't really Nintendo characters, yeah Snake is als not anymore, put in the past metal Gear was a game from Nintendo. Third, Naruto has nothing to do with video games, it's more a Anime/Manga based entertainment than video games. The games from naruto are just for the extreme Naruto fan's. SSB series has a better gameplay than Naruto though.

As for in Brawl i really wished Vaati or Waluigi. Waluigi just because he's so wacky and funny, i would like to play as this skinny guy, he can also have a great moveset with as Final Smash something to do with Bombs. he can be really tricky and sneaky, a sneaky person like Waluigi would be really fine. Onfurtunately he appeared as a stupid assistance.

Vaati is also a totally amazing from The Legend of Zelda series, his sorcery allows him to have a great move set and final smashes. The only games i saw Vaati was the Four Swords games including Minish Cap, so fighting with him in Brawl wil be totally awesome. They can easily kick Mr. game and Watch or something out, since i only know him as a very pointless, worthless and plenty more character. Just a piece of paper, so not cool.
Vaati can handle a set like Zelda, pure magic.

I've heard of Geno as well, many people are like him i wants him into Brawl. Will also be very awesome if he WAS. Change him for R.O.B. or something, just another pointless character. His only appearance was in Super Mario RPG The Legend of The Seven Stars wich was a really awesome game. I liked more characters out of the game.
Also Black Shadow from F-zero would be nice, since F-zero needs more love, and also a new great game after F-Zero GX.


Altair. I would love to see them two in brawl. I am not sure if Mario is already in it i just can't remember.The first and main reason i think Altair from assassins creed should join brawl is because i just like him and he would have cool moves.

I don't know if he is from Nintendo or not but i do know you can get assassins creed on the DS. I think he would have cool moves and his final smash would be assassination or something like that.


I would have loved to see Saturos from Golden Sun as a playable character in SSBB,he is so awesome.He would have had the coolest moves and final smash.My favorite character in Golden Sun. :D


Gamer since age 2
Jan 18, 2009
in my house
I would like to play as some person(Maybe the Mask Salesmen from Majora's Mask) and be able to wear the Goron, Zora, and Deku mask, kind of like the Pokemon Trainer, except with the masks. The final smash would easily be using Majora's Mask for a limited period of time.

Now wouldn't that be cool.


Forever I am Abandoned
Mar 2, 2010
In the middle of Kansas...
Heres the Chars i would love to have as DLC in Brawl.

Metal Sonic
Master Chief
The Arbiter
Young Link w/ Fierce Deity mask.
Toon Ganon
Dixie Kong
Funky Kong
King K' Roll
Master Hand
Crazy Hand
Travis Touchdown

Is that too much to ask?
Dec 11, 2009
I'm actually quite happy with the characters in Brawl, but there's one character I wish they didn't take out: Mewtwo. He was awesome in Melee, why did they take him out?

For a new character, I would say Toon Zelda, same move set as regular Zelda, but instead of transforming into Sheik, she would transform into Tetra.


Prince of Moblins
Jun 17, 2010
In lost woods guarding the forest temple
What New Characters Should Be in SSB

Well, when there's going to be a new SSB, what kind of new characters there should be and which ones should stay.

I think Pit and Link should stay, and i think they should add the girl in the SS picture into the game, but only if shes the fighting kind.


Bake me a pie!
Apr 13, 2010
Bottom of the Well
They should totally add Bowser Jr. to the game. He would have a lot of really epic moves. Maybe Waluigi too...

As for who I think should stay; Lucus, Sonic and Wolf. Don't know why, I always liked them.
I think they will add Tails (although I do not really care for sonic). I want Olimar to turn into an assistant trophy.... I want Bowser Jr. also. I really want Toon Zelda in here. But, instead of her becomeing zelda, I want her to turn into a Phantom. I also hope they get rid of the Tingle Assistant trophy and never consider the Tingle character.


Prince of Moblins
Jun 17, 2010
In lost woods guarding the forest temple
I think they will add Tails (although I do not really care for sonic). I want Olimar to turn into an assistant trophy.... I want Bowser Jr. also. I really want Toon Zelda in here. But, instead of her becomeing zelda, I want her to turn into a Phantom. I also hope they get rid of the Tingle Assistant trophy and never consider the Tingle character.

Why does everyone hate tingle, but i agree hes a jerk :lol:, but your ideas where good and so are @Phlegm.
Jan 3, 2009
I'll tell ya who should be in the next SSB; Ninten/Ana, Teddy, and/or Poo from Earthbound Zero and 1. Ninten or Ana should be like Ness or Lucas-- but with COMPLETELY different movesets! HOw about PK Beam instead of Fire? Freeze should be there too, but not like PK Flash. It should be like an aimable line of ice that explodes on whoever's hit and then freeze them. They also need PK Shield instead of Magnet, because it could be like a mirror shield that protects you and your allies. Thunder should also be more like a scatter of lightning bolts from above, and should be like a mini PK Starstorm. which brings me to the final smash: PSI Block. It should prevent opponents from attacking and limit them to movement and jumping.
Teddy should be like a swordsman, with the ability to summon B.B. Gang members. His final smash should either be summoning EVE the robot, or getting the giant tank to try and knock out everyone, and then explode on him.
Poo should be like a combination of Link's sword, and Ness' PSI Powers. Instead of PSI Flash, Freeze, or a PSI power as a standard move, he oughta get Mirror, which temporarily turns him into a targeted enemy. He should also get PSI Brainshock, Thunder, and Fire. His final smash should also be Starstorm, since it's his signature move. Which reminds me, Ness should have Rockin as his final smash, since it's his signature move.
Other than that,Maxwell, from Scribblenauts.

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