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If you could have another remake like links awakening for switch,, what would it be

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Oct 6, 2016
LA 2019 was a little lame. The visuals were a fun update even if I didn't really care for them. The gameplay changes were a mixed bag and the additions were few and uninspired. And the music...meh. Honestly, I'm protective of this game but for the good of the greater Zelda fandom, I suppose they ought to take a crack at Four Swords Adventures while the Switch is still current. The Wii U would have been absolutely ideal for a remake but they blew that opportunity so I suppose we could make do with the switch. It would still work pretty well, although you wouldn't get quite the same feel of having two separate screens. An online mode and the return of Tetra's Trackers would also be fully realizable with the switch.
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This seems like the popular answer but I also have to go with the Oracle series. I only played one of them, Oracle of Ages, and it was... in need of some help. That one thwomp boss alone took me a year to beat using save and restore points. I just think that a lot of the controls and stuff can be improved on. It's a good game, overall, but if they remade it it may be more playable.
Jun 27, 2023
I wish they would remake all older games. Starting with the ones created for ds and 3ds because the second screen. Then go in order of release from oldest (The original LoZ) to newest.

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