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Breath of the Wild Idea for Future Zelda WiiU


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Sep 7, 2011
United States, Michigan
Remember the Tingle Tuner from Wind Waker? I think that Nintendo could do something similar for that for a future WiiU title. I think it be (if they do it, of course) more along the main plot than the Tingle Tuner actually was. The way I think it would work would be that you partner would fly up into the sky and see things that you woulnd't normally see from the regular view. I was also thinking that there could also be areas you wouldn't be able to use this like dense forests, rainy areas, etc. So what do you think? Should they do something like this or not? Would you have this type of thing do something different from my ideas?
Apr 23, 2010
I think it'd be cool for some kind of co-op to be in Zelda Wii U. We've seen a taste of what it could be like with Battle Quest. I don't see the reason to not take advantage of the technology.

It's funny that you mention a co-op Zelda game because I've taken this into serious consideration as a way to introduce something new to the Zelda format (although not that only new thing). But I didn't want to limit it to some gimmicky technology debut (not to say Battle Quest looks gimmicky). So I literally wrote the development with Zelda as a playable option for a second player to tag along with. If no one is there to man the sticks, then a controller function allows the flip-flop between Link and Zelda. The dynamic team is a very integral part of the game design and so it offers a lot of potential.

As for the original post, my idea for co-op was actually inspired by the Tingle Tuner. It made playing Zelda that much more fun to play. I was the hardcore gamer and my friends, not so much, but we acted in unison to make the game more exciting. Anyway, I also managed to create two guide-like characters (one for Zelda and one for Link). Link's guide is a peregrine falcon that he can use to fly up high and patrol the surrounding area (as was mentioned), while Zelda's guide is essentially an information-getter. But given the WiiU technology it might be possible to recreate the fairy's purpose so that it can be operated with the WiiU Pad, using the Pad to steer and propel the little sucker to different targets (like the Beetle). Link's could also act in the same way, kind of like a self-guided hawk from TP.

Anyway, those are the two helpers. Far less annoying than past models, as it's the players option to rely on their help as opposed to their constant intervening (allowing for hardcore gamers to rough it, and casual gamers to have their hand held). I wouldn't get too into the capabilities beyond seeing what can't be seen immediately in front of you. Once you get too gimmicky it's hard to get serious with a game.


Aug 13, 2012
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Maybe, although I would prefer they just do a Tingle Turner for a WW Virtual Console release.

I think what would work best if you could strap the WiiU Tablet around your arm and using it as a shield/pointer and the Wii Remote as the sword. Look at it like this: Wii Remote on right hand to swing, Nunchuck (preferably wireless) on left hand to move/Z-Target, and WiiU Tablet on left arm to be used as a shield/hookshot/bow. While fighting an enemy, you swing the sword (with much more improved Motion Controls) to attack and parry. You move with the analog stick and target the enemy with the Nunchuck. To block, hold tablet up to move shield; aim at a target with your Bow or Hookshot and release; switch items in the touch screen. This could improve on SS's sword-like fighting into an all out battle.
Jan 2, 2012
I think it'd be cool for some kind of co-op to be in Zelda Wii U. We've seen a taste of what it could be like with Battle Quest. I don't see the reason to not take advantage of the technology.

YES! Maybe bring Sheik back and have the second person play as her? It's not too unrealistic seeing as they considered bringing Sheik back for TP.

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