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I wonder... what would it be like if we had a Turn-Based RPG Zelda game?


Oct 19, 2021
The Silent Realm
Mario has had a few takes on the TBRPG genre with the likes of Super Mario RPG and Paper-Mario.

What if Nintendo decided to do something similar for Zelda?
Like, give us a regular Zelda Top-Down exploration type of game but instead of live combat, we instead have characters with dedicated roles that provide turn-based combat with random encounters mixed in with scripted encounters?

The idea popped into my head and I can think of a few ways that Nintendo could do this.

OPTION A - Four Swords Single-Player Mode.
Four-Swords is traditionally a four-player game but say Nintendo also wanted to provide a single-player experience included in the game, allowing you to play a slightly altered version of the main story on days where you and your friends cannot meet up to play cooperatively together?
Essentially this would be a conversion to make it so the dungeons and puzzles only require one player to solve but the enemy encounters will enter a battle-sequence where you command Green, Red, Blue, and Purple Links to do actions and overcome the fights.
This way Four-Swords can be both a single-player experience via a TBRPG version built-into the standard 4-player cooperative rendition of the game.


OPTION B - An Entirely New Game In The Series
Make it like Octopath Traveler, a TBRPG that sees you start off with one character and then expand your party by recruiting other characters as the story progresses.
I could easily see Nintendo look at this concept and pull it off with their own spin on it, allowing players to start off as just Link but as the adventure continues and the story grows; we recruit more companions to our adventuring party of heroes.
So the full cast of party characters would essentially be -
  • Link
  • Linkle (as Link's cousin dragged into the conflict)
  • Zelda
  • A Sheikah
  • A Zora
  • A Rito
  • A Gerudo
  • A Goron
  • A Korok
And the story? Well, since Nintendo has been so focused on the Breath of the Wild/Tears of the Kingdom games; I think it would make sense for such a game to actually tell the tale of the events from the Hero of the Tapestry 10,000 years prior to BotW... ... unless TotK is going to make it a time loop thing like so many have predicted.

Honestly, I surprised.
Nintendo has done a few turn-based games here and there, though mostly through Pokemon and Fire Emblem.
It surprises me that Nintendo hasn't done a turn-based RPG Zelda game yet. Though knowing Nintendo they may have made a prototype before, only to scrap it for one reason or another and not tell anyone about it for a decade.

But what do you guys think?
Would you like to see a Zelda-themed TBRPG?

Edit -
Did a quick google search and found a few fan-made pixel art designs of such a concept... and a few memes about it.
Here is my favorite that will not allow me to apply to the post for some reason, so here is the link.

Edit 2 -

Of course they could go with it being -

OPTION C - A non-canon Tingle offshoot.
Nintendo could very well make a Turn-Based Zelda game be a Tingle-starring spin-off that is non-canon.
I could easily see them have Tingle work alongside his brothers Ankle, Knuckle, and David Jr. to have a serious-yet-goofy-slapstick adventure as Tingle tries to become a magical fairy once and for all while also somehow dispatching a great evil that arose while Link's latest reincarnation was but a baby incapable of lifting a sword to oppose evil yet.
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