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I Need a Rumor Confirmed Please.



So I heard on Reddit that according to a Japanese source there is going to be a new Twilight Princess with Midna. Does anyone know if this is true? =\

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Personally I hope to god that it isn't true, because I don't like neither Twilight Princess nor Midna. However, I really doubt that this is true. First of all, why would there be a new Twilight Princess? That sounds like a remake, and remaking a game like that would be a waste of time. Besides, Nintendo has said they want to release a new Zelda game before any remakes. And if it isn't a remake, but another game similar to it... As I said, I hope to god that doesn't ever happen.


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I heavily doubt this is the truth; for one this is via Reddit of all places. Even 4Chan is more credible. Two, Nintendo would've said something BY NOW if this were the truth -- they're pretty good about leaks for the most part.


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To be honest, I doubt that Nintendo would want to make a remake so soon after the release of Twilight Princess. Yes, it did come out in 2006, but Ocarina of Time didn't get it's remake to the wii until long after it came out. The wii is still also very current (well, the Wii U is coming out, but the wii is still in a part of the current generation of console systems), so there isn't that much Nintendo could do with new features of the game.

Even then, I don't think they could do that much with a sequel to Twilight Princess, since there isn't that much they could milk out of the plot, especially since

Midna went back to the Twilight Realm.

She was basically the plot, so I don't think Nintendo can make a sequel that sounds convincing and original at the same time.

All in all, a chance that any further games with Twilight Princess is very slim, as of right now. I would estimate at least a couple more years, before Nintendo will do anything new with Twilight Princess, but I doubt that will happen, especially with the mixed reactions to Twilight Princess (and I would rather have a remake of Wind Waker).
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I heavily doubt this is the truth; for one this is via Reddit of all places. Even 4Chan is more credible. Two, Nintendo would've said something BY NOW if this were the truth -- they're pretty good about leaks for the most part.
Idk about 4chan being credible. As someone once said in the shoutbox here, it's the anus of the internet: funny sounds come out of it once in awhile, but it's ugly. Man I shouldve sigged that...I dont even remember who said it. Anyway I would probably trust reddit more than 4chan. But yeah, Nintendo wouldve said something by now.
Whenever I heart Reddit and Zelda in the same sentence I think of Mases. It was most likely a rumor propagated by him in return for likes.

This rumor is most definitely false although fan bases like Want Midna Back have been campaigning for this very effort to be realized. At the very least Nintendo is likely considering another game in the Twilight Princess story arc whether prequel or sequel through said organizations but it's unlikely their ends will come to fruition. It's important to note Nintendo has never reused a companion character before. Why should they do so with Midna? Further doubt is instilled since Midna left for her home world at TP's end, leaving less wiggle room for an eventual cameo.


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To me it seems a bit vague. Unlike other rumors/"leaks", there is a given name to the supposed title, ex. Oracle of Ice/Oracle of Fire and Shrimp Sheild. Just saying it's a "new TP" doesn't explain much.


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Yeah i doubt this is at all true. If Nintendo was making a "new Twilight Princess" which they wouldn't, theyd call it something else, theyd have announced it. After all, Nintendo is good at leaking things.

I'd definitely like to see a sequel for twilight princess though. I loved that game and its plot. Don't think i'd want to see Midna again though unless it's a cameo. Reusing Link's companions? Thats lazy, even for Nintendo
Jun 3, 2011
While I doubt the rumor is true, I don't think this is really the right place to ask for confirmation. No matter where you get your information, take any rumor that you hear with a grain of salt. Unless Nintendo themselves confirm what you have heard, it probably isn't true.


You are correct about Midna being the plot and how they wrapped it up quite nicely, but they did the same thing with Ocarina of Time and Majora's mask. So why can't they make another here?

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