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Hylian Shield?


Jun 27, 2011
New Jersey
My theory is: the Skyloft Symbol is the red bird, and skyloft and Hyrule are going to join together. What do u think?


Jan 19, 2011
I actually think that some form of Hyrule exsisted before Skyloft was risen into the clouds by the Godesse(s). I think it's magical in this game, and holds a much greater importance than in previous games, so I think it could be possible that the Hylian shield is in this game, an ancient Holy shield?

But then again, that would mean that the birds would of been know to exsist in the super-ancient Hyrule, since I think it is impossible to argue that the bird in the Hylian crest is indeed anything but a loftbird, maybe even Link's loftbird.

The only way for the Hylian shield to exsist is that it was made in the world below, were it is shown by the Goron that the underdwellers know about the Triforce, or at least believe in it's exsistence. That might explain Aonuma's statement that Link's red bird is special and grants him access to the world below...

68 days until I'll spoil the game's story to myself and discover the truth by watching the French version of the game... (I know I'm weird!)
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Feb 8, 2011
The Hylian Shield probably wasn't made for the Royal Family; it's design was likely made after the Loft Birds, that I believe represents the phoenix in its center, and they hold up the Triforce (which, I imagine, is the Skyward Swird Link {hope} or Zelda {beginning of the Hyrule's regal lines}).
Nov 8, 2010
I can definitely see what some of the previous posters have stated....essentially, the assumption had always been that the shield design had been inspired by the royal crest. However, it's very possible that the shield was what actually inspired the royal crest.

Although, another explanation is that they are entirely independent of one another and both coincide with a monumental event in the game. I could imagine a scene late in the game where Phi, or the goddesses, or something; finally disclose to Link (and possibly Zelda at the same moment) the truth of the Triforce and its location. Based on our limited knowledge of the game, it seems like the people of Skyloft are slightly ignorant to the creation story and the Triforce (simply based on the fact that the Triforce imagery is missing, there is a single "goddess" statue, and there is dialogue discussing a "goddess" and not goddesses).

So maybe there is a single, shared moment where the royal crest/shield imagery is actually given to Link & Zelda to show the connection between the people and the goddesses...a sign of a "contract" to some extent, and a visualization of the power/importance that the Triforce holds over them.
Sep 12, 2011
United Kingdom
As has been stated, the symbol on the shield is obviously depicting the triforce and a loftbird. Assuming that the royal family of Hyrule in the future are descended from the residents of Skyloft (specifically Zelda) it would make sense that the symbol would become their crest.
Jun 7, 2011
I'm bumping this thread because i just thought of something.
If the hylain shield is upgraded from the purple one where does the royal crest fit in with the shield if no one knows about the triforce?

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