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How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

Dec 23, 2011
When me and my brother got GBA's for Christmas he asked for Zelda, he found out about it through his friends (at this point i think he was 8 and i was 6), he loved the game, i... didn't think too much of it. :x
Anyway, later on we were getting link cables, so we could trade our Pokemon, my mum said pick one game out of the pre owned box, i scanned the and pulled out a black cartridge, turned out to be "Zelda" Links Awakening DX, i decided to get that because i had heard the name Zelda before. When i got home i threw it in the Super Nintendo and started playing, i had no idea what to do, it looked like Pokemon mixed with Mario. All i did was get the Sword and cutting grass, never played it again. Until much later when i got into the series and got it off the 3DS eshop.

Much later on i got an N64 from a garage sale, i borrowed some games from a friend and one was Ocarina of Time, and i had heard good things about it, so i popped it in, and was really confused. I managed to get the the Great Deku Tree after a couple hours and didn't even get all the way.

Later on i rented TP, again i was confused, but more familiar with the internet, i looked up a guide and flied through half of it... then had to return it.

And finally August this year i got my 3DS, OoT 3D and the strategy guide, by the last couple dungeons i didn't even use the guide and i loved it! I even started Master Quest... but SS and other games have been taking up that time. :P

There are still loads more games i need to play, maybe the next one will be LttP, not to sure, i'll just get SS out of the way and then i'll see what one i find in stores/ebay. :D


When i was about 10 my cousin sold me his super Nintendo, and with it came Link to the past...love at first sight :)


Major SS and Oot fan!
Nov 28, 2011
New York
I started with Oot. In the beginning i had no idea what zelda was but i just picked up a copy and i was hooked by the great deku tree.
May 21, 2012
I was 8 or 9 when I got first introduced to Zelda. I was at my dad's house and my brother had A Link to the Past for the SNES and I played it and it looked like another game I have played.
Dec 22, 2011
I dunno... I guess the question would really be how my older brothers got into the game. I loved watching them play OoT and MM. My first Zelda game experience of my own was in 2002 with the Wind Waker.


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
i, like most kids, had a gameboy advance when I was like 7. And it was awesome. And I don't know which I hadfirst, Oracle of seasons or a link to the past because i remember playing both. However, I remember playing oracle of seasons and quitting cuz i wasn't getting very far. I also remember getting the ALttP player's guide (still have it) and playing through all of a link to the past on my gba. It was awesome, however I was a child and didnt have the attention span to get into a videogame series. Then the gamecube came out and i eventually got the Wind Waker. I usally just started it, thought it was sooper dooper cool, then just like stopped after the Tower of the Gods. Idk if i ever actually finished it at this time even though I liked it. Then the years past and I played the Minish cap which i liked, and even more years passed until I got a Wii and Twilight Princess fo Christmas. I wasn't a big Zelda fan yet like i am now, so i didnt play it. for quite awile. but then I eventually got bored, played it, and liked it. Yet I still wasn't that into the series.
Then last year, at about this time of the year I decided to play super smash bros melee (fantastic game). My favorite character was always young link. However I got to thinking what the character model for link was based off of since n64 smash bros link looked like OoT link and Brawl link looked like TP link. So I looked up when the game came out and when OoT came out to see what zelda games came out in between there. from there i looked at the dates that the games came out in. Then I got to wondering what the chronological order of the stories came in not knowing id be thrust into the split timeline theory. then i spent 4 hours just readingabout the series.
So finally, I decided I'd play OoT because I'd never played it and i'd heard it was the best of the series. So i played it, loved it, and fell in love with the series ever since
Feb 1, 2012
My older cousins used to play OoT all the for the N64 when I was around 3-4. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and convinced my mom to get me an N64. She got me one and I borrowed OoT from my cousins. Being only 4 at the time I got the game i was only ever able to make it to the water temple (looking back now I think it was pretty good that I made it though the forest temple by myself XD). I eventually gave the game back, went to gamestop and got MM and my own OoT. My MM had something wrong with it and didn't save properly or something, what happened was I beat the 1st dungeon and then went back and time and I lost Odalwa's remains. After that happening a the several times I tried getting through the dungeon I ended up temporarily (for 6 years) giving up on it. I ended up getting ALttP for the gameboy when i was 8ish and beat that, I got WW soon after I had gotten a Gamecube. Eventually TP came out, I had it pre-ordered the game but later forgot about it so my dad ended up picking it up and giving it to me on Christmas. I beat TP and later got PH and ST when they came out. I had stopped playing Zelda for quite some time but then I went back to the series with the goal to finish beating all the games. Got a 3DS got all the Zelda games from the Ambassitor program that I couldas well as OoT 3D. SS came out and I played through that a few times. Now I have gone back and re-beat many of the games.
Dec 28, 2010
The Mines of Moria
I originally downloaded Ocarina of Time for the Wii VC because the Official Nintendo Magazine UK raved about it. I enjoyed it and went on to buy Twilight Princess and my obsession set in there. :)
Apr 11, 2012
Well In the year 1999 my dad went and bought Zelda: Ocarina of Time after the price went down. I was 2 at the time, while my sister was only 1. He then started the game on the N64, and our journey began. He played it almost every day, and when he didn't, I begged him to. Don't know why, but he always called it "Jazeereh" which means "Island" in Farsi. But Hyrule is not an island. XD Oh well I loved it nontheless. He pronounced everything incorrectly, and liked to scare the **** out of me with those stupid stalfos children. My god, they still give me nightmares and I'm 15 now. >///< Anyways, I played the game on my own for the first time when I was 4, and embraced those god forsaken redeads. >> But the worst enemy I have ever dealt with in a video game up to this day, is the Dead Hand. No matter what you do, I will run in fear screaming like an idiot whenever I see it. And thus, the Shadow Temple is my least favorite. So there you have it! But just incase you were curious, here are how my dad pronounced some of the things in the game.
1. Hyrule = Hee-ru-lee
2. Hylia Lake = Hee-lee-a Lake
3. Compass = Coom-pass (as in a bathroom pass) <- This one he did just to annoy me
4. Link = Zelda (Yes, he went there)
5. Sheik = Shake (I still pronounce it like that, I'm so used to it x.x)
6. Dodongo Cavern = Dodo Mountain (I....I don't know. Ask my dad.)
I believe that's all. Either that, or I don't remember them all. :P
May 18, 2012
Canada :D
i forgot but im pretty sure it was when i was a lot smaller and i saw that one of my friend's had a zelda game so i was like OOOOH LEMME PLAY.

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