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How Much RAM Do You Have?

How Much?

  • Less than 2GB

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  • 2GB

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  • 4GB

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  • 6GB

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  • 8GB

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  • Between 8GB and 16GB

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  • 16GB

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  • Between 16GB and 32GB

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  • 32GB

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  • More than 32GB

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Feb 24, 2010
Yayyyyy for survey threads!

If you want to keep it interesting, mention the speed, type, brand, whatever. RAM discussion is quite interesting. I have 8GB of DDR3-1333 RAM from Crucial. Cost about $40.

If you're weird and have an odd number, round up.
Aug 7, 2011
Malibu, CA
I'm gonna be the black sheep here.

My laptop only has .5 gigs of RAM. Yeah, that one is pretty terrible.

My desktop on the other hand, has 2.8, and that's definitely manageable.


default setting: sarcastic prick
Dec 17, 2012
4 GB (2x2G:cool: DDR 3 1337 mhz. I forget the brand. Something reputable iirc.


Dec 3, 2008
My PC has 8GB of DDR3 RAM clocked at 1600mhz. The brand is G.Skill, which honestly I don't like that much. But, I got it for just over thirty dollars so I can't really complain that much. It does have pretty silly looking heat spreaders that really don't actually help that much.

Personally I don't think that more than 8GB of RAM is really necessary right now unless you're doing some serious video editing or something that will actually make use of the RAM. I myself have probably never gone over ~40% RAM usage, even while playing the most intensive of games. Just idling as I am now I'm only using about ~16% of my RAM. Even though RAM is super cheap, 8GB should last me for quite a while longer.
My computer is turning ten years old this year, so obviously when it was manufactured, the RAM requirements were not nearly as high as they are now. That being said, my Huey has 512 MB of PC2700 DDR SDRAM. I've been intending to get some more RAM for Huey, but for right now, I'm making it work.
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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
I have 4GB of RAM, don't know the speed but I do know it's DDR3. I don't know the brand, either. At idle I hit 38% physical memory usage, when gaming I go to around 47% usage. Is that bad?


Spoony Bard
Jan 13, 2013
8 gigs which is all anyone would ever need at this point in time IMO cause as someone pointed out most PC games use less then 4. When i built this pc i thought about 16 but just couldnt give myself enough of a reason other then able to tell folks i have 16+ gigs.
Oct 26, 2008
I have 6GB of RAM. I'm not really sure what the first 2GB that came with the computer are but the rest are some brand of DDR3. It's a good amount for the games that I have, but I'm hoping to be able to build a computer with a higher figure in the next few years.


I've got 16GB, which is sort of a long story. I ordered more when one of my original 2 sticks wasn't working, only to find out it was working and my motherboard manufacturer's manual had instructed me to insert it in the wrong slot.

The first set was Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB at 2100Hz.

Second set is G. Skill Ripjaw Z 2x4GB at 2400Hz.

I'm currently running both in my computer since I tend to run quite a few memory heavy things concurrently. But realistically I hardly need it, and the slower set is bottle-necking my good RAM, so I'm gonna take em out at start OCing my memory soon.

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