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Spoiler How Does Ganondorf Have the Triforce of Power in TP?


Aug 24, 2010
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The end of OoT, the scene that plays out between Link and Zelda is near similar to how they first met at the beginning of the game. Plus the fact that Zelda's even there suggests the Sacred Realm hasn't been opened yet, since after you get the 3 spiritual stones she's carried off my Impa to protect her from Ganondorf. So we at least know from that point the Sacred Realm hasn't been entered (whether or not any of the curses had been carried out, however, is a different story).

What I'm trying to figure out is whether getting the Triforce is mandatory for the marks showing up, or whether they show up when 'destiny' starts turning the cogs. If Zelda 2's anything to go by, Link doesn't even get the mark until he turns 16 typically, and in that particular case the Triforce itself wasn't really involved. I'd have said the same applied here, since Link already has the mark of Courage before he turns into a wolf.

I also wonder, then, if the only reason Ganondorf may have survived his execution was because the only way to kill a holder of a Triforce mark, is another holder of a Triforce mark. But, who knows.


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Nov 24, 2009
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The Triforce is the power of the goddesses. Ganondorf would need to have the ToP to survive the execution. AoL is a good point to bring up, but I just think TP has enough evidence to suggest that they're not merely marks of destiny (except the ToC).
Oct 12, 2010
Judging by most Zelda games, I believe that the Triforce is something that the goddesses bestow upon someone. I can't remember a Zelda game where just touching the Triforce granted one its power.


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Aug 31, 2009
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WW Ganondorf is definately the same as OoT Ganondorf, and he also had the ToP from when he was sealed in OoT until the end of WW.
TP Link could have inherited the ToC whether he's HoT's descendent or not. It may have just picked him because he had the same heroic traits as HoT. The reason he didn't have to look for it while HoW did is the same reason Ganondorf got the ToP in TP.

I think one of three things happened:
1. The state of the Triforce is consistent along a line perpendicular to the flow of time, meaning when it splits in OoT's AT it also splits in the CT at the same time.
2. When Link went back in time after defeating Ganondorf in OoT, the ToX saw that he had received the ToC, and 'glitched' itself into thinking that the ToW and ToP must also be distributed.
3. Zelda went to 'check' on the ToX after Link told her about the AT, and she touched it. (Though I don't know how she'd get the ToW after doing a stupid thing like that.)

I like this second theory as to what happened mostly because that is kind of how i see it. In Tp during Ganondorf's failed execution a sage says "By some divine prank, he, too, had been blessed with the chosen power of the
gods." i infer this as being similar to Locke's second threory. I think that at the time the sages obviously didnt know that the triforce had been split as shown by their words and story. So I think that when Link in OOT went back in time with the TOC that seeing that by going back in time their could be only one TOC (the other would be the one that should be in the triforce because the time would be before it was split)so the TOC stayed with Link and the TOX and the TOW went to their respective owners in order to not create a paradox or something similar to that. Obviously this was done without the knowledge of others so that would be why it is a surprise that Ganondorf had the TOX by some "divine prank".


I believe I can answer the original question to this fairly long thread by stating the following theory.

Take a good look at the scanned image of the "Official Timeline" and you'll notice gaps in history replaced with the "____" symbol. I suggest that these gaps are to be filled in by future games that have not yet been released. So, in hindsight, perhaps there will be a game between "Majora's Mask" and "Twilight Princess" (where one of these suspicious gaps lie) that will answer this perplexing and valid question: Why the hell does Ganon have the ToP in TP?

There's only one other explanation, and I'm afraid you wont like it, and that is simply that the writers of TP (or the people that assembled the official timeline) mistakenly overlooked this detail and created a rather awkward contradiction in Zelda's history. Remember, fellas. It wouldn't be the first time this has happened.
Nov 30, 2011
In Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf got the Triforce which caused it to split. The Triforce of Power went with Ganon, Triforce of Wisdom to Zelda, and the Triforce of Courage to Link. At the end of OoT in the adult timeline, Ganondorf is sealed in the Sacred Realm where he remains until the intro story to Wind Waker. In the child timeline, Zelda sends Link back to when they first met. I read in some official source (either an interview or a translation of Hyrule Historia) that Link kept the Triforce of Courage when he was sent back. Because he had it when he went back, the other pieces went to Ganon and Zelda without them knowing. In TP, the sages had no idea that Ganon had the Triforce of Power until it saved him from his execution. That's why they called it a "divine prank". Link and Zelda inherited their Triforce pieces from the previous Link and Zelda.

The reason Ganon has the Triforce of Power in Wind Waker is because he kept it when he was sealed up. Zelda in OoT passed the Triforce of Wisdom down to her descendants, which is why Tetra has it. The King of Red Lions said that when OoT Link left Hyrule, the Triforce of Courage was split into eight pieces. Link left before the flood since the flood, so the Triforce of Courage must have been buried by the flood. That's why the Triforce of Courage is at the bottom of the sea.

In the third timeline split that goes to A Link to the Past, Link failed to defeat Ganon. The Seven Sages ended up sealing Ganon on their own. In A Link to the Past, Ganon is shown as having the completed Triforce. Because Ganon defeated Link, I think he got the other pieces of the Triforce before the sages sealed him.

Some of this was already stated, but not all together. I got most of this from information found in the games, and a little from interviews with Miyamoto and Aonuma and some translations of Hyrule Hystoria.
Dec 21, 2011
Vernon Hills, Illinois
It was explained in the Hyrule Historia. In OoT, Link coming back to past with the triforce of courage caused the triforce to link to its bearers. In TP, I think it either just revealed itself at the execution or it went to Ganondorf at his most crucial moment.

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