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How Do You Study?


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May 26, 2010
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Hey all! Recently I've had to do a bit of studying to pass tests and complete assignments. Outside of school, I've had to study a bit -- memorize -- the patterns of things, how to use tools and what not.

How do you all study? Is there any specific method you use? Go wild~

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I basically just review everything. I look over everything I need to know for a test or a quiz and make sure I understand it. When I do this, I mainly focus on the things I don't already remember or understand. Once I'm sure I got the concept down, I move on to the next thing I don't understand. I rely on my memory a lot of the time, so I usually don't need to review many things over and over and over again. Once I remember or understand the concept, that's pretty much it. I'm ready after that.


Jul 1, 2012
Hmmm am a kinesthetic learner somi have to be spontaneous when revising if you get what I mean haha!

So I tend to lie down get my notes out, put on my ipod and start reading trough my work, however 90% of the time I remember absolutely nothin :/ So revising consist's of me wasting hours which ends up leading me too have decreased knowledge when going into an exam! Its a good job I get lucky in exams :P

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I rarely look at my class notes. I take notes in class but I don't find them useful. My teachers basically regurgitate textbooks in outline form. I can do that myself...

I usually scan through the textbook and review harder examples, practicing problems if I'm studying for science or math. Some of my teachers have the habit of putting the same questions from quizzes on tests therefore I always make a point of looking over quizzes.
My method is devised from the fact that I have an impressive memory. Simple steps I take:

Step 1: Get home from school
Step 2: Start up Huey
Step 3: Eat snack
Step 4: Nap in recliner for three hours
Step 5: Get on Huey
Step 6: Open web browser
Step 7: Enter URL, http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/forum.php
Step 8: Lurk
Step 9: Waste time in the shoutbox until time for bed
Step 10: Go to bed
Step 11: The next day, take test, 100% stress-free
Step 12: Ace test


Dec 3, 2008
I tend to find studying with friends a very effective method of studying. We essentially just quiz each other based off of our notes and any assignments that we've had to do. It works fairly well. When I have to study alone I'll generally read over notes and sort of mentally quiz myself on information. I much prefer studying with people.


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Sep 16, 2011
At my school, most of the teachers give their students study guides for tests and quizzes. That's basically all I'll use; I'll just sit down and stare at the paper until I memorize everything. It generally seems to work for me, but if it's a really big test, I'll write stuff down on sticky notes and place them around my house. That way, even when I'm not studying, I'll see the notes and remember stuff. It is very helpful for me, and I even use that technique it memorize Japanese words/kanji.


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Jul 27, 2012
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To study, I generally write out all the important points as writing it out helps me remember. I then read over everything a couple of times, come up with ridiculous acronyms to help me remember things, and then call 'er good. Sometimes with all the homework I have, I don't have time to study, in which case I wing it, and still manage to get a decent mark. :P


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I usually listen to orchestral music from Zelda and read over my school books. Only on the day before the test though. I'm great at procrastinating so I'll find something else to do first usually.

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Oct 13, 2012
Well, I don't really study; I more or less just do the assignment when it comes my way. I figure that if I didn't memorize anything the first time I did the work then there's no need for me to try and re-learn it.
In silence. Thats all i can say, if i need to revise, read, learn something on my own i need silence so i can hear the voice in my head reading to me, and if i have to write i need silence and to be as alone as i can, i like my space.


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Jun 15, 2010
I have literally never studied in my life before. Half-arsing every test I've ever done and I'm entering my final year of high school now. Not too shabby. I made it this far with the absolute minimum effort. When I "revise" for things, I waste no time skipping through the limited amount of notes I have.


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Jul 11, 2012
The only subjects I study for are Social Studies and Math.

I look over the test to see what the questions are first and then I read it over in the giant books they give us. I'm able to remember most things from the lessons, which is why I only study for two subjects.

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