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General Zelda Hardest Zelda Dungeon in Opinian



ive played many zelda games and each one of them had atleast one dungeon that was different from the others.like the water temple, lake bed temple stone tower temple , misery mire are the difficult dungeons to me.:triforcepiece:
:triforcepiece: :triforcepiece:
Sep 4, 2011
all the dungeons from Adventure of link (great palace is the hardest), ice palace from ALTTP. Vaati's last door in four swords.

But most importantly, The Eagles tower from Link's awakening!!!!! I had trouble with the four pillars and that stupid ball! Took me forever!!

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
For me, it must be the Great Palace from Zelda II. Everything is difficult about this dungeon.

The first thing to mention is the path leading to this dungeon. In order to reach the imposing Great Palace, the player must brave the Valley of Death. This area is, without a doubt, the most difficult overworld section in the game. Traversing ahead requires fighting difficult enemies and landing precise jumps. Any wrong move can send you into the lava, letting ine life go to waste. Once the player manages to brave the Valley of Death, they quickly find that this was only the beggining.

We now move on to the Great Palace itself. As the binding force that blocks your way disintigrates, the player takes their first steps into this labyrinth. This palace is unlike any other, as there are many dead ends with nothing to reward he player with. Finding one's way quickly proves to be a supremely difficult task, as the amount of pathways that can be taken is tremendous. The correct path through this maze of a dungeon requires dropping down invisible holes on the ground, of which there are many. Along with the confusing-enough task of navigating the dungeon, the player must encounter hordes of powerful enemies.

Not far into the dungeon, the player will sonn find that the Great Palace houses brutally powerful enemies not seen in any other palace. The first to note is the Fotail, a fire-spitting bird that likes to impede the player's progress in halways. As the player approaches, it will spit its fireballs more agressively, creating a hazard that is difficult to avoid. It also takes a good number of slashes to destroy. After the Fotail, there is still another much more powerful enemy, the Fokka. These bird knights are essentially Iron Knuckles with one devastating ability: a high jump. This makes fighting these creatures a tremendously hard task, as they can easily avoid your sword slashes. They can drain a large amount of the player's health and take a high number of hits themselves to defeat. The player's best bet may be to run, but even then, they can quickly persue the player to the end lf the screen. When the player manages to defeat the powerful enemies and navigate the dungeon, they come to find their greatest challenge.

As the end of the dungeon, as well as the game, nears, the difficult doesn't let up. This is proven by the two bosses of the Great Palace. The first of them is Thunderbird, which attacks by dropping fireballs rapidly. In order to even damage this boss, the player must cast the Thunder spell, draining much of their magic power. The player is now forced to conserve what remainging magic they have. Attacking Thunderbird is a hard task itself, as the flying beast is immune to both the upward and downward stab. As the player damages Thunderbird, it drops its fireballs more and more rapidly, not shoing any signs of weakness. Once the player manages to destroy this tough boss, they then come to their greatest challenge.

With Thunderbird gone, the player moves on to thr final screen of the game. The Triforce of courage is in sight, but there's on final test. The room dims, and Dark Link is summoned. The player now faces the final boss of Zelda II, who may very well be the most difficult boss in the entire series. He mirrors every move of the player and counters with supremely powerful attacks. Defeating him requires the full skill of the player with little to no mistake. Of course, there is an exploit to defeat him, but the player really doesn't deserve the Triforce of Courage after using this method. In any case, once Dark Link is vanquished, the Great Palace, and the game, is completed.

Looking back, the Great Palace really proves itself to be a great test to the player. It is easily what I think to be the most difficult dungeon in the series, bar none. I, myself, had a true sense of accomplishment after completing it.


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May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
there's this one video in youtube that has the entire layout of the great palace,i paused it & used it as a map of the place [ain't that smart]
anyways if you know me,you know i have a passionate hate for the lakebed temple


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Aug 1, 2012
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Level 5 from The Legend of Zelda, the Fire Temple from Ocarina of Time, and the Great Bay Temple from Majora's Mask are the dungeons I had the most trouble with

I wish I was cool enough to say that I've even stepped foot in the Great Palace from Zelda II.


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Everyone has already said the Great Palace so.......

-The last few dungeons of ALttP, Ice Palace, Misery Mire and Turtle Rock. - Ganon's tower wasn't as hard IMO.
-Although I love it, the Palace of Winds from TMC, I swear none of the enemies drop hearts or any of the pots contain hearts and with all fairies used up already....blaargh.
-The Lanayru Mining Facility from SS, it isn't technically difficult, but is frustrating...well I found it frustrating anyway...

Also.....The Cave of Ordeals, that counts doesn't it? Or more specifically, The Cave of Ordeals the second time round.


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Apr 10, 2012
Kent, Washington
Hmmmm...City in the Sky.

That'd be my answer for "Most annoying" or "Least favorite" dungeon.

For hardest, I'll say Level 6 from LoZ. Curse those Wizzrobes!

But, I've gotta address the Great Palace from AoL. I disagree that it's the most difficult dungeon in the series (although I do respect your opinion).

First, I totally agree that the Valley of Death is the hardest overworld part of the game. I'd actually argue that it's more difficult than the Great Palace itself.

To a first timer, of course the Great Palace is going to be a maze. However, there's numerous resources out there that will guide you through the path. The Fotails: I'm with you on those. One of the most difficult enemies in the game. The Fokka on the other hand, I feel are given more credit than they deserve. There's only one that you REALLY need to fight. That one is in the room with all of the breakable blocks, and a couple of bots. You can defeat this Blue Fokka extremely easily if you stand about 2/3's up the screen, at the far right of the breakable blocks (hope this makes sense). All you must do is kneel, and slash when he jumps. Easy, no damage. The other two, you can simply run away from.

Now let's talk about Thunderbird, who Mases claims to be one of the hardest bosses in all of Zelda, and I agree. But, he's not THAT hard. Not to brag or anything, just to show what's possible, I have beaten Thunderbird without taking damage a few times.

Then we have Dark Link, who I agree is the hardest boss in all of Zelda. I also agree, the Triforce of Courage should not be awarded to anyone who utilizes the corner trick (though obviously it still does).

Another thing about the Great Palace that eases things a little bit, is that there's several red magic jars in the dungeon. Usually, whenever you get past a tough area, there's a red magic jar waiting. Of course there's also the Link Doll and the Fairy towards the end of the dungeon. Another thing you can do, in the room with the breakable blocks and dragon heads, is hang out there and grind on them. It takes some time, but eventually you will be able to fill up your magic and life. You mention the invisible floors, but if I remember correctly, there's only one that you need to drop through, and it's kinda obvious imo, with the breakable blocks on the floor. Also, something that the Great Palace (and most of Zelda II) is completely devoid of, is puzzles. It's about combat and navigation.

Edit: Just saw Turtle Rock mentioned, that is a very good honorable mention for me.

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
You're all gonna laugh at me, but the dungeon I had the most trouble with was Inside the Great Deku Tree...
Cut me some slack guys, I was 3 :kawaii:

Nowadays, I find it quite difficult to actually choose a hardest dungeon. None of the dungeons in 3D games (bar the aforementioned one, and the Stone Tower Temple) really gave me trouble, whereas nearly all the ones in 2D games (bar FSA and FS) did. 2D games are undoubtably harder, but that it mostly because of the combat. I suck at topdown combat, and found myself dying a lot. However, that does not mean the dungeons themselves were overly difficult, because I died a lot whether in the dungeons or the overworld. Puzzlewise, I never really got stuck in any dungeon besides the Lakebed and Stone Tower temples. But even then, I figured out the Lakebed Temple quite quickly, so the only dungeon that has really stumped me in recent times is the Stone Tower Temple.
May 11, 2011
Here's my opinion on what's the hardest dungeons from each 3d zelda game (I would include 2d ones too, but the 3d ones are more fresh in my memory):

For TP, the only 2 dungeons I had any trouble with (other than the final hyrule castle) were the lakebed temple and snowpeak ruins. I got stuck quite a bit on both of these dungeons. And snowpeak ruins had particularly hard enemies too. So for TP, one of these 2 for sure, probably Snowpeak Ruins.

For OOT I found them all easy (I know the game too well), but I'd go with the shadow temple. No particular reason - just the hardest of an easy bunch.

For MM, most definitely the great bay temple. And this is the most difficult of all 3d dungeons too.

For TWW... None of them really. I found it an easy game. But the wind temple has to be the hardest out of them for sure.

And for SS.... Again, not much trouble with any of them. For sure it's the sky keep, but if we're not counting final dungeons then... probably the ancient cistern.

Hmmmm...City in the Sky.

After replaying through TP, I was dreading this one as I remembered it to be quite hard, but I was amazed that I actually found it rather easy. I found it linear. Long and annoying yes, but hard no.
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Oct 28, 2012
Weird...I never found CitS to be linear. I suppose I could say AoL dungeons were the hardest...and yet...they felt like the easiest parts of the game to me. It's just AoL itself is much harder than the other Zeldas.


May 18, 2013
I had some trouble with City in the Sky as well.

Great bay temple as well.

Fire Sanctuary a little bit in SS.


Jun 22, 2011
LOZ- Level 9 and Level 6
AOL- Great Palace
ALTTP- Ice Palace
LA- Eagle's Tower
OOT- Shadow Temple
MM- Great Bay Temple
WW- Wind Temple
TP- Snowpeak Ruins and Lakebed Temple
SS- Sandship

The Great Palace is the hardest of the series though. It's hard to compare across games, but that one was just insane.

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