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Majora's Mask Hardest Temple to Get Stray Fairies In?

What is the hardest dungeon to get stray fairies in?

  • Woodfall Temple

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  • Snowhead Temple

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  • Great Bay Temple

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  • Stone Tower Temple

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I don't suffer from it ..
Jun 17, 2010
Stone Tower Temple definitely .. you have to flip the tower extra times in order to get them all.
Sep 2, 2011
To me its the great bay's Stray fairies,this is the only temple that I never actually found all of them,I found 13 out of 15 but there are 2 that I cant found :(


although great bay the fairies are a little bit better hidden I agree stone tower because of the flipping and I probably wouldn't have found any if it weren't for the walkthrough


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Apr 9, 2010
I would definitely say Stone Tower Temple, no doubt about it. It's the only Dungeon that I haven't collected all the Stray Fairies in, actually. I've gotten all but three at one point, but I was so worried my game might freeze and I didn't want to take any extra time to find the rest. (MM was really nerve-racking for me, without the ability to constantly save and knowing it could freeze up often. I was always worried I'd lose all my progress.) In addition to the whole nerve factor of it, finding the Stray Fairies themselves was actually challenging by itself. Stone Tower was a very complicated dungeon, and you'd really have to know when and where to flip the Temple to do everything correctly. The length of the Temple basically doubled due to the flipping mechanic.

Woodfall's, Snowhead's, and Great Bay's Stray Fairies were all considerably easy for me to get on my first playthrough, while I still haven't gotten all of Stone Tower's. Definitely the hardest for me.


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Feb 8, 2011
Stone Tower was actually the easiest for me. That's where I got them all from first and enjoyed playing the most.

Snowhead is where I had trouble. Sure, three of the Stray Fairies are pretty much begging to be collected near the beginning, but the ride grows utterly arduous from there. It's probably all the puzzle-performing done with that huge central pillar which drags the satsifaction down for me. Moving back and forth for hours, trying to estimate which area I should work at next, reaching another floor and finding out I still had another thing to do below... These elements burdened me too much from relishing it all the way, even though it MM is among my favorite Zelda titles. Besides, who would have thought of the Strays being trapped in those beehives in that one room? O,o
Oct 16, 2011
I was so mad when my first time through stone tower I got all but 1 of them. I ran out of time after I beat the boss since I forgot to slow down time for halfe a day.


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Dec 24, 2011
Pensacola, FL
Stone Tower, most definitely. I still haven't gotten them all. If I really tried and had the book in front of me, then, yes, I would be able to get them all but it would probably take me all three days with slowed time to do it. I believe it is in Stone Tower where you have to become the goron and race around a lava-filled room and turn back into Link and hookshot up to the fairy in a limited amount of time to get it. That particular room has worn on my nerves. I'm simply not fast enough to get it. :( All the other fairies in Stone Tower are fairly easy for me to get.


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May 26, 2010
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Great Bay was the hardest. However, to be fair, it IS a Water Temple so things are guaranteed to be hard and confusing.
Dec 4, 2011
I'll say Stone Tower. The others, I was able to get decently well, but the fourth one was a little mixed up.
Aug 25, 2011
Stone tower , i maneged about 12 before i gave up

I was playing on the game cube it froze on me and after that i didnt try to get the faries again

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