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Tears of the Kingdom Great Gerudo Skeleton mini skeleton help.

May 14, 2023
I’m having issues with finding the head of the mini skeleton of the great Gerudo skeleton. I was just out exploring, found the cave with the great Gerudo skeleton, and inside found the mini skeleton tail and body.

The tail was buried in sand beneath the skeleton, and the head was stuck in the ceiling in some bomb-able rocks, but now I’ve scoured the entire cave, and can’t find a head. Is there just no head? Did I miss a side quest? What do I do?
May 14, 2023
Having the same problem.
Did you ever end up finding the solution?
Still nothing. I’m wondering if there’s a quest related to it, so I’ve just moved on until I either get an answer, or I find that quest. Cause I remember in BotW, there were 3 skeletons, so im betting there’ll be a quest related to all of them or something.
Jul 24, 2011
it seems the skull simply isn't there unless you're doing the 'gerudo's colossal fossil' side quest
Indeed. I also found the cave first but left because I figured I had to some side quest first. The quest is the last in a 3-quest questline. The first one can be triggered at East Akkala stable.

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