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Jan 3, 2009
I personally don't care about graphics. As a retro gamer, this is the argument I'll always have with people. I'll be playing Super Mario Bros 3 (the greatest game of all time) and someone will see doing it during a party and they'll tell me "I think that the company who made that is psycho because they completely ignored the graphics," and I would respond either "If you were there when this game was released, you'd be all over it," or "You think the graphics are bad? Go look at nothing but Atari 2800 games for an hour straight. Then come back and tell me what you think of this," Not to insult the 2800 or anything (I still hate ET though). Graphics basically are a bonus and therefore don't majorly affect the game. In fact, one time I played Halo for a while and ended up hurting my eyes from the intense lighting.


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Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
In the first case i don't want to see Link in a realistic outfit. Realism will ruin the title of The Legend of Zelda. And i don't think the graphic's were that bad, looking ten years back. The gameplay is what count more than the graphic's, i'm not a huge fan of realistic graphics game, and i also never buy a game because it's good GFX.
I like the way how Twilight Princess is now, the story and the gameplay are really nice and maybe better than a realistic graphic's game with a bad story. I like the old games as OoT and MM ways more than the new releases, because the game play is just perfect. In my opinion a game doesn't need very good or perfect graphic's. All the time they took in making a perfect graphic is killing time to make the gameplay better. Well, i know people who cares more for graphic's than the gameplay, i really hate it when they say why are you playing such as game with bad graphic's... I play also Mario games, i don't care for the graphic's i like the gameplay, alright the mario section is no Zelda.

Anyway some guys are re-texturing the old games MM and OoT. If you have a N64 Emulator you can add the High Resolutions textures with Aristotle. I love the way how they did that. After 10 years someone is giving it a real new GFX.
Mirror Shield re-texture
Their are plenty more images but his Photobucket account exceeded the bandwidth, i love to play MM and OoT with those Graphic's, but again i don't say is dislike the official graphic's, a game doesn't need good graphic's to be a great game. I like to play the old N64 games ways more than the new ones on the Nintendo Wii, or it must be the nostalgia.


I'm allready saying that about those games.

Notice the detail. Compare it to Twilight Princess, the most graphically detailed Nintendo game so far:

Obviously, Twilight Princess is severly lacking in comparison.

Visuals make for a lot of the game, they are "video games" after all. But I agree with you, a game is not good or bad simply because of the quality of the graphics or cinimatics.

The MM and OOT grafs are not that bad and just be glad that nintendo console's never realy have problems!


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Oct 4, 2009
Well OOT and MM had the best graphics in their time... Why would anyone think it's crap? Well compared to today's graphics, yeah but back then, awesome graphics!

Anyway, who care's about graphics?? :P


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Oct 17, 2009
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I think Zelda games have quite good graphics as for the consoles they were released, but they don't really matter, as the cutscenes in OoT are as thrilling as if they were very graphically detailed. I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE GRAPHICS!!!

I remember when we got a new HD TV and I expected the Wii graphics to be like PS3...


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I don't actually care that much about the graphics.

I think games with the more detailed and realistic graphics have the worst graphics.
That may be because I don't like very much the games that simulate real life, I prefer an un-realistic game, like OOT or MM, with not-so-good graphics, but good enough.

Any of you guys think very detailed and realistic graphics suck?


I can't imagine any of them looking any other way then they do now, but I guess increasing their resolution is great.


Dec 16, 2009
There are two types...

One that goes alongside with technology. Like OoT and TP.
At the time of their release, thery are very acceptable, not the best, but I'm glad they focus on the story and the music too. Some things like the camera angles and such never get old, that's why OoT and MM still look great in some way.

The other are cool handmade graphics. Has any of you tried to improve the graphics of something like and 8 or 16-bit Zelda? Has anybody tried to sprite something? These people were great artist, 3D generation... enjoy eating dust!

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