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Getting Made Fun of for Zelda

Oct 24, 2016
Ahh, I dont experience this anymore, but in junior high this also happened to me, I use to wear zelda sweatbands and people would call me power ranger, didnt really bugged me, but I assume it lands within this.
Oct 11, 2016
People tease me when I talk about Zelda, but the way they talk, it's obvious they just think it's another "kiddie" Nintendo game. Not one has actually tried it, and if they did, they probably wouldn't get very far before deciding it's not as good/more boring than annoying games like FIFA. The thing with the Zelda series is, you kind of have to be into it from the start to really appreciate the game, also it matters which one you start on: Someone who first played Majora's Mask is going to have a radically different view of the Zelda series as someone who played Tri Force Heroes. I think Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword are probably the best for beginners, as they aren't as evilly difficult as some of the earlier Zelda games, but still aren't SO easy, especially for a newcomer to the series...
Breath of the Wild is probably going to bring in a bunch of new Zelda players, and that kind of worries me they won't want to try out the other Zelda games, as botW is so different in structure from the other games. My brother for example has seen reviews of previous Zelda games, and the trailer for BotW, and he only wants to play BotW. A shame, as the earlier games were kind of awesome, and each had their own "feel", while still feeling like Zelda (aside from maybe Zelda II and Tri Force Heroes).
Oct 7, 2016
I don't think I've ever been made fun for liking Zelda. Closest thing's been a few mild "eh, Zelda's okay" or "blah, Zelda." Most of my friends either like Zelda or haven't heard of it. Or they really just don't care.


Friend & Protector of the Forest Sage
Nov 18, 2016
Not at all, except for one ignoramus who acted like they had a cactus shoved up their backside. They taunted & harassed me for being a fan of Saria. This person implied that I was having rather inappropriate relations with Saria, and then made empty threats for a few months. However, the threats weren't serious enough to get the police involved. I just ignored them.

I have been through a lot in my past 5 years of my life, and my Saria fandom helps keep me together. It's such a pity that people have to be so rude and nasty and then inflict the same pain they suffer from onto other people. The shame does not come from not knowing; it comes from not wanting to know.


Gerudo Theif
Nov 13, 2016
The Desert
I got bullied in middle school for other things, and Zelda was just the cherry on top.

But the same people who bullied me later acted liked they were always a fan when Pokemon Go came out. Which made me really angry, but I've since let it go.

Since I've been in high school I've gotten nothing but the occasional compliment whenever I wear my Zelda gear.
Oct 5, 2016
Back in elementary and middle school I used to hide the fact that I liked Zelda. Everyone else was into Playstation while Nintendo was for little kids. I remember one time, one of the Playstation kids said Nintendo was alright and everyone made fun of him. So I kept quiet about in fear of being bullied.

It wasn't until high school I made friends with a guy liking Nintendo. In one of our first classes together we talked about how freaky the Re-Deads are, and the guy behind us was like "Are you talking about those crazy things that rape you in Zelda?!" And thus we where 3 in our Nintendo club, and I met my first rival in Smash Bros. Good times.

Sadly, I lost the connection with them after high school. But as I moved on I met many more Zelda fans, some of them are my closest friends today.
I live with a bunch of guys and they prefer their MMA/UFC, CoD, Dark Souls and all manner of macho and grimdark stuff, so whenever i load up Zelds they often make fun.

But nuts to them because Zelda is important to me. I could easily rip them for the games they play but im above that.

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