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Ganondorf Pwn Game

Kaleb Dampf

YouTube- www.youtube.com/user/F3artheReaper
Mar 31, 2011
US of A
I feel a revival comin on!!!!!
Ganon swings but falls as the fat xbox rage quit man beats him down with a guitar hero controller.
ZD users: 46
Ganon: -19


Resident Netizen
May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
I push Ganon into a pit.

ZD Users: 47
Ganon: -20

Then I help Ganon out of the pit.

ZD Users: 46
Ganon: -19

Then I push Ganon back in while he doesn't expect it. +2 to us, -2 to him.

ZD Users: 48
Ganon: -21

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