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General Classic Ganon VS Majora?


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Aug 29, 2010
Atlanta, Ga
Ganon was more for power while Majora represented chaos.

Ganon tried to crush Hyrule into submission under his iron-fist. He used this quest for power to enslave the Gorons, freeze the Zora domain, kill the Deku Tree and turn Hyrule town in a zombie-ridden hell-hole, all for the sake of power.

Majora, on the other hand was more for chaos, going to each area of Termina and affecting it adversely. Majora is similar to the Joker from the Dark Knight in his evilness, while Ganon is more of an Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.

I think I prefer Majora. He seems more interesting, and isn't as cliche as Ganon.

As far as a boss fight goes, Ganon hands down. Majora was easy as hell even without the Fierce Diety's mask (or a full magic bar).

Pretty much this. Ganon left the world in ruins, Majora was going to destroy the world. I also found the boss fight for Ganon to be more epic. Fighting Majora was easy with and without the Fierce Deity's Mask. Both were evil, maniacal creatures hell bent on suffering, though.

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