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Games you bought for FOMO


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
ZD Champion
May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
Fear of missing out. Has there ever been a time where you bought a game you maybe normally wouldn't, but did b/c all your friends were into it or it was just the hot game at the time? This is seperate from any new releases that you were legitimately excited for and wanted to play anyway.

Latest I did this for was Kingdom Hearts 3. I definitely would've gotten the game anyway, but I normally would've waited to get it used or for a price drop. I bought it week 1 though b/c some of my friends were into Kingdom Hearts and I knew they'd be talking about spoilers and stuff, so I just swallowed the pill and paid $60. I liked the game and all but yeah, I only bought it that early so I could be a part of the conversation.


Disaster Master
Dec 26, 2017
Not sure why you would for a single player game.
Among us is the most recent one I can think off


Hum dee doo
Mar 30, 2020
I downloaded Fortnite, played it once with my best friend that night (He's the one who convinced me) then later with my youth group. After I switched Switch's, I didn't redownload it though.

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