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GAME THREAD: Dark Souls Mafia


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because they're all people who, in my eyes, acted unusually firmly in trying to stop you from being lynched. KoD started and pushed a wagon on an inactive player very hard with little clear motive. Minish used capital letters. Fext sheeped KoD with a weak reason despite having been voting for you not long before.
Minish using big letters is the funniest reasoning I've ever heard

I think its obvious you were very stressed and self-voted as a result. I think you could feasibly experience that stress regardless of your role and so I don't think its evidence that you're vanilla. You removing your self-vote as town would have been a matter of principle and so I don't think it matters whether or not it would have had an impact. You removing your self-vote as scum would have been a matter of preservation.
All I hear from this is that my actions were at worse NAI to you, so I'm not sure why I'm still being hounded? (:

I didn't know this about you.
I bring it up every game when I start getting a wagon on me past D1 :nottoday:

That said, I've switched my vote over to Eli already strictly because of JD's post. To me, it looks like a hard defense via breaking down and minimizing my perspective through my post.
Yea I just saw it, before the votecount I thought you were still on funnygurl

From there, Eli's flip can help draw connections to other players - mainly Numbers for me.
I think I agree with this but if we're also assuming that Fext-Numbers are never a team don't we get more information from lynching Numbers instead since it gives information regarding two players

Morbid Minish

Spooky Scary Skeleton.
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it did lol
48h for non D1 Day phases

If it started yesterday that would only be 24 hours.

Minish using big letters is the funniest reasoning I've ever heard

Yeah, I've used caps before. Lmao.
Usually more directed at funnier I think, but still.

Man, I really didn't re-read like I wanted to because I thought we still had a whole day left. So not really sure who I feel is scummiest here. Eli is null to me since I didn't get to re-read. Don't want to lynch KoD. Still don't think I want to lynch Ex, despite that being the info lynch from d1. So guess it's down to Fext and Eli. Was town reading Fext a lot more d1 but that's kinda went downhill. The fact that he sheeped KoD on Killjoy who he thought was town and is now voting KoD is kinda weird. Also he claimed that Kreaal was obvious hider but never said why. I think I just go with Fext here.

Vote: Fext
Apr 30, 2019
Third, NAI yet leaning scum. Does not compute. Do not pass go and collect. The thought from Funnygurl here is dancing around the issue at hand -- reading Fext (wrt to the topic). You can't declare it to be NAI and, in the same breath, get a scum lean from it as it is no longer something that is NAI. Completely undermined herself here which speaks to a different intent in the mindset -- keeping an option open while not coming out hard against Fext so as to draw unnecessary attention from Fext perhaps (or others that are town reading him). With Fext being offered as a topic of conversation today, taking a stance one way or another isn't as safe (important) as being in the middle.

it's nai if that was just part of what they were saying, but if it was all they were doing, it's scummy, 'cause they're tryna appear like they're giving info

i find it interesting that two people are out here shading minish 'cause i've never seen someone sus minish ever in my like... what, 5 games on this site? ok gonna keep reading

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if I had a nickel for every time I ran out of spac
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Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states

2 EliThePsycho - (KingOfDominaria, ExLight)
2 Fext - (15377, Morbid Minish)

1 KingOfDominaria - (Fext)
1 ExLight - (ragnarokio)

Three hours remain.
Apr 30, 2019
Rag is solidly town because Rag is playing like town Rag. Actively posting, engaged in solving, definitely the hallmarks of a town aligned Rag. Strictly a meta read, but it is based on years of plays with minor fluxes (which are very far and few between).

i feel like rag does this regardless of alignment though, but your meta read is more valuable than mine. imo rag's fine atm
Apr 30, 2019
but if I'm being totally honest I just really enjoyed towning with him last game and wanted to hope he'd be right here because of that

I logically know that has no effect on this game, but it's what I decided to do anyways

that's it fext is town and everyone can fight me on this soul read
Dec 13, 2019
"I take it back about Numbers. Despite the resistance he's seen from me on my views, he's scum reading me. He's on the scum team."

-KoD, about me the last time we were both VT and I told him his logic was jank (roughly six years ago). XD

So yeah, this doesn't feel odd to me. My behavior is not out of my wheel house and my rep as scum is not one of defending my allies, it's of defending town and attacking my allies hard. So even if KoD thought I was scum here, that would be heavy indication that Eli is town, not scum. Personally I feel like KoD is putting too much emphasis on thread presence, and you can see that over FG and Eli. I might be showing my age but as the years tick by I find myself increasingly unconcerned with my own thread presence and expect nothing from others in kind. For Eli that translates to I'm unconcerned with unprovable malacious post timing. For FG that means I'm not going to expect her to have caught up on 60+ pages in less than a day to have a fully formed opinion. Similarly I don't expect somebody to step back into the high activity EoD yesterday and not have long gaps between their posts where they are trying to catch up. I was on top of it in real time and for every page I read at least two more popped up by the time I got to the bottom.

As for Eli's vote on Ex, as Eli points out himself the expectation of Ex to self pres removes any opportunity. A realistic expectation of Eli's vote pushes Ex to a tie scenario when it's placed (it pushed Ex from a 3-2 lead over KJ to a 4-2 with the self pres making it a 3-3). There's no view to see this as an opportunistic wolf move without an ally to come in to break that tie, which would be too overt of a move to expect wolves to do. Further the thread progression between Eli coming in to say he felt Ex's initial emotional posts were fake and his vote on Ex was Ex snapping at that comment by Eli and then exploding into his game throw. That doesn't tug on everyone's heart strings the same. Fext alluded to it in real time of having that inclination to bury him because of it. I'm of the same nature myself (I had already bounced out of the thread by then). So it's pretty easy to see that vote coming out of a town!Eli.
Sep 27, 2021
So guess it's down to Fext and Eli. Was town reading Fext a lot more d1 but that's kinda went downhill. The fact that he sheeped KoD on Killjoy who he thought was town and is now voting KoD is kinda weird. Also he claimed that Kreaal was obvious hider but never said why. I think I just go with Fext here.
straight abysmal reasoning

You also sheeped KoD on Killjoy, and if I were Mafia I'd have little reason to vote somebody I say I think is town when I could just... vote Ex instead? Unless you think I'm partners with him specifically, I guess, but in that case you should vote him first. Except you won't do that, as you yourself said, and in fact your own insistence yesterday is indeed part of why I voted a non-Ex wagon, so :shrugs:

Also if you really want I can pull up Kreaal quotes that made me think he was hider but that's both literally irrelevant to whether or not I'm scum AND easily justifiable in post - if I felt like wasting my time and yours, yes I could go back and point out the posts that made me think he was hider, but if I were scum I would have noticed those posts anyways, so either way I would be able to quote things that gave me that impression, and even if for some stupid reason I was lying entirely about it I'd be able to make something up that sounds convincing because by now we know he's Hider anyways. Silly point.

So yeah I mean it really feels like you're just ignoring the vast number of things I've down that are towny to point out a few nitpicks and justify a vote on me, which is super lazy if you're town, please reconsider tyty

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