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Ritzbits and I are expert theorists <#
26/03/2013 11:37 <mandym287> I knew it.
26/03/2013 11:36 <TheRizardon> yes
26/03/2013 11:36 <mandym287> He stole Voldemort's nose and fused it on top of his own?
26/03/2013 11:36 <mandym287> Is that what happened to his nose?
26/03/2013 11:36 <TheRizardon> It would only hurt the horses
26/03/2013 11:35 <mandym287> Wouldn't that hurt?
26/03/2013 11:35 <TheRizardon> He could fuse the horses together
26/03/2013 11:34 <mandym287> You don't need more horses than you have butts
26/03/2013 11:34 <mandym287> But he only has one butt
26/03/2013 11:34 <TheRizardon> He could have two horses
26/03/2013 11:33 <mandym287> He has magical powers to channel horsies out of thin air
26/03/2013 11:33 <mandym287> Ganon already has a horse, though
26/03/2013 11:33 <TheRizardon> What if Epona was given to Ganon?
26/03/2013 11:32 <mandym287> pegasus
26/03/2013 11:32 <mandym287> http://puu.sh/2okZY
26/03/2013 11:32 <TheRizardon> weegee
26/03/2013 11:31 <TheRizardon> http://www.zeldadungeon.net/wiki/ima...150px-Ingo.png
26/03/2013 11:30 <mandym287> Ingo is demented
26/03/2013 11:30 <TheRizardon> Ingo is an evil man


Nov 12, 2010
This guy

[1:46:20 AM] Keith: You know, for someone who hates Rand, you sure love Bioshock
[1:48:31 AM] Brandon (Garo): I hate organized religion and racism as well but I love the hell out of Infinite :P
[1:49:13 AM] Keith: I wish I had a clever comeback
[1:49:38 AM] Brandon (Garo): Looks like I... *sunglasses* ... TORE you a new one.

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
8:06 AM <Violet> OOHHH YEAHHHH
8:06 AM <TheRizardon> SONIKKU TALKING BALLRU - YouTube I use to watch this all the time
8:06 AM <Linknerd09> I'm ready to party, are you ready to party?
Demise_ Answered in thread : What's Your Final Say on Motion Controls
8:06 AM <odd300> But I love anti-climatic.
8:06 AM <Violet> boop boop
8:06 AM <odd300> Djinn made an edit on the Wiki?
8:06 AM * Violet gets to the danceflo first
8:06 AM <TheRizardon> ARE YOU READY TO PARTY?
8:06 AM <Wolf Sage> BigSpot.com: YO YO YO Commercial - YouTube
8:06 AM <Wolf Sage> Can I play with your yoyo?
8:06 AM <TheRizardon> YES, I'M READY TO PARTY!
8:06 AM <Violet> WOOHOOO
8:05 AM <TheRizardon> but I wanna do the dinosaur
8:05 AM <mandym287> I AM READY TO PARTY
8:05 AM <mandym287> Ritzbits, get off the floor
8:05 AM <TheRizardon>
8:05 AM <TheRizardon>
8:05 AM <Violet> boooooooooooooooooooop
8:05 AM <mandym287>
8:05 AM <mandym287> party time

woop woop


epic typos
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If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory

I do this too much, don't I? 1 comment and leave...

<odd300>: Yeah, how do you name change. ;_;
<mandym287>: i think /nick "new name here"
*** odd300 is now known as Atticuz
*** TheDoctor is now known as The
<The>: ?
*** The is now known as TimeLord
*** TimeLord is now known as Term
<Atticuz>: Yay! Names.:3
*** Atticuz is now known as Terminian
<Terminian>: I'm Terminian now. :3
*** mandym287 is now known as Nerminus
<Nerminus>: Okay
*** Terminian is now known as no

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Just realized I never posted

26/03/2013 14:21 <snakeoiltanker> LOL Dan the Man.....er Englishman
26/03/2013 14:20 <Dan> yep I'm from England, and yeah talking classics is awesome xD
26/03/2013 14:20 <mandym287> Thorium xD
26/03/2013 14:20 <octorok74> Yet has crap internet connection.
26/03/2013 14:20 <mandym287> lol
26/03/2013 14:20 <Thareous> I thought he was from Nebraska.
26/03/2013 14:20 <snakeoiltanker> huh, thats two so far for me
26/03/2013 14:20 <octorok74> Lives in a side room at Buckingham Palace.
26/03/2013 14:19 <octorok74> Dan is from England.
26/03/2013 14:19 <snakeoiltanker> wait Dan first this video is freakin hilarious, and 2 where are you From?
26/03/2013 14:18 <Thareous> Locke is ZD's Jailkeeper.
26/03/2013 14:18 <mandym287> We should just post this entire conversation in that Childhood Games thread and call it a day.
26/03/2013 14:17 * Thareous gets shots and his beak lands on his head
26/03/2013 14:17 <mandym287> http://puu.sh/2opvj
26/03/2013 14:17 <Thareous> Duck season! Fire!
26/03/2013 14:16 <Dan> i think japans look the same as ours
26/03/2013 14:16 <Dan> our ones look different to yours
26/03/2013 14:16 <Dan> it's a pal snes
26/03/2013 14:16 <snakeoiltanker> its so weird seeing an SNES that looks like that, all the ones i have are the originals
26/03/2013 14:15 <Thareous> Duck season!
26/03/2013 14:15 <Night Owl> Wabbit Season!!
26/03/2013 14:15 <Thareous> No, it's duck season!
26/03/2013 14:15 <Dan> with extension leads everywhere ;p
26/03/2013 14:15 <Thareous> It's wabbit season! Huh-huh-huh-huh.
26/03/2013 14:14 <Dan> snake, seriously Talking Classics Sega CD - YouTube actually dances around with it like a sony walkman ;p
26/03/2013 14:14 <mandym287> Be vewy... vewy... quiet...
26/03/2013 14:14 <octorok74> I like the Pikachu 64.
26/03/2013 14:14 <mandym287> Shhh... I'm hunting wabbits...
26/03/2013 14:14 <octorok74> xD
26/03/2013 14:14 <snakeoiltanker> LOL sega cd did look like a sony diskman
26/03/2013 14:14 <Night Owl> You could hunt dust bunnies, terrors of the urban jungle
26/03/2013 14:14 <Thareous> Hm...
26/03/2013 14:13 <Dan> ENOUGH ABOUT THE DUST!
26/03/2013 14:13 <Dan> what cd players? ;p
26/03/2013 14:13 <mandym287> Imagine how much dust mite poop is on that
26/03/2013 14:13 <snakeoiltanker> oh crap i just realized something guys
26/03/2013 14:13 <mandym287> Nice CD playerss
26/03/2013 14:13 <octorok74> It's like a dust farm.
26/03/2013 14:13 <octorok74> Wow, that is a crap load of dust.
26/03/2013 14:13 <snakeoiltanker> my cousin had one Octo, it was really cool, it would hand him a pop and stuff, he wouldnt let me play with it though, so i dont know how to use em!
26/03/2013 14:12 <Dan> excuse the dust ;p
26/03/2013 14:12 <Dan> http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z...eal/1retro.png some of my stuffz ;p
26/03/2013 14:12 <octorok74> I want a R.O.B..
26/03/2013 14:12 <snakeoiltanker> its fun dan, thats why im so happy with the homebrew stuff we were talkin about
26/03/2013 14:11 <snakeoiltanker> LOL dan
26/03/2013 14:11 <Dan> I'm also a retro junkie snake
26/03/2013 14:11 <octorok74> Do you need an old TV to play Duck Hunt on? Yes, I'm talking to you. Then call 1-800-octotvs and get yourself an old television. And you can relax at home killing ducks all day and making sure they don't mass breed in your game cartridge.
26/03/2013 14:11 <mandym287> xD Dan
26/03/2013 14:11 <snakeoiltanker> Hey For Retrojunkies like me Dan, Those words ring so tru
26/03/2013 14:11 <Dan> of course if they don't comply pull out your zappa and shout "GIMME YOUR CRT TV *****, AND NONE OF THAT HD CRAP"
26/03/2013 14:10 <snakeoiltanker> then you will have enough old tvs to play all the duck hunt you want, even if some break you got a spare
26/03/2013 14:10 <mandym287> Teehee
26/03/2013 14:10 <Dan> one mans trash is another mans tresure as they say
26/03/2013 14:10 <octorok74> Don't plant ideas into my head. I may just start doing that.
26/03/2013 14:10 <Dan> that's not a bad idea
26/03/2013 14:09 <mandym287> oh my
26/03/2013 14:09 <snakeoiltanker> Octo, just go up to someones door and say "Hey do you have an old tv cluttering up you basement, attic, or living rooms, I Octo rock can remove those bulky thing or Free, that right FREE! call 1-800-octotvs
26/03/2013 14:08 <Dan> had that at school... once ;p
26/03/2013 14:08 <mandym287> "I guess I ripped my pants again"
26/03/2013 14:08 <Dan> ripped pants
26/03/2013 14:08 <Dan> omg!
26/03/2013 14:08 <mandym287> It was so funny
26/03/2013 14:07 <mandym287> spongebob moment
26/03/2013 14:07 <mandym287> So when my dad was removing the old one from the entertainment center, and set it down... it ripped his pants.
26/03/2013 14:07 <snakeoiltanker> my parents LOVED Nintendo, they NEVER had to actually "watch" me and they could do their thing, know full sure where i was and what i was doing
26/03/2013 14:07 <Dan> got plenty of CRT tvs around still
26/03/2013 14:07 <mandym287> I remember when we had to replace our upstairs CRT because the heaters were acting up... and the picture would go out all the time
26/03/2013 14:07 <octorok74> Yeah, but people like the looks of new ones. It would take me forever to get an old TV now.
26/03/2013 14:07 <Dan> Exactly snake, my tv has all of a sudden decided it doesn't want to display in 1080p, meaning I need a new hdtv ;/
26/03/2013 14:06 <snakeoiltanker> dude, its not that hard to keep an old tv around, they work WAAAAAAY longer than the new ones
26/03/2013 14:06 <Dan> exactly, any good parent sits their child down in front of duck hunt, getting them to shoot ducks ducks and more ducks!
26/03/2013 14:06 <Mandi the Beast> jinx... twinsies
26/03/2013 14:06 <Mandi the Beast> V
26/03/2013 14:06 <Dan> V
26/03/2013 14:05 <mandym287> Childhoods deprived of the NES is the reason why society has become so stupid.
26/03/2013 14:05 <Dan> the prototype of the wii zapper actually did
26/03/2013 14:05 <Dan> it's even sadder that the wii zapper didn't even really look like a gun ;/
26/03/2013 14:04 <Dan> beyblade
26/03/2013 14:04 <octorok74> We should seriously hold up stores selling TVs with Zappers though. They are ruining the Duck Hunt generations.
26/03/2013 14:03 <mandym287> "I know this goes against the law of gravity... but I never studied law"
26/03/2013 14:03 <octorok74> That was a good episode.
26/03/2013 14:03 <mandym287> The Highdiving Hare episode or whatever... that was a good one.
26/03/2013 14:02 <mandym287> I loved Yosemite Sam
26/03/2013 14:02 <snakeoiltanker> He was my Favorite.
26/03/2013 14:02 <mandym287> I'd need to get a red moustache first, though...
26/03/2013 14:01 <mandym287> If I had two zappers, I would so pretend to be Yosemite Sam.
26/03/2013 14:01 <octorok74> Ducks breeding in the cartridge. That is gold Dan.
26/03/2013 14:01 <Dan> xD
26/03/2013 14:01 <snakeoiltanker> i used to do that mandy, its funny, i was a cowboy when i was young
26/03/2013 14:01 <octorok74> I did that too mandy.
26/03/2013 14:01 <mandym287> I am saving this conversation
26/03/2013 14:00 <snakeoiltanker> we got Octo talkin about holding up a store with NES Zappers with an insane cause, and you talkin about breeding dogs in a duck hunt cartridge. LOL
26/03/2013 14:00 <Dan> everyone does mandy, this is duckhunt not some "HUH BABY GAME AYE READERS" we do it to stop the gun barrel from overheating
26/03/2013 13:59 <Dan> I type faster than I think ;p
26/03/2013 13:59 <mandym287> My cousin would blow off the barrel of the Zapper after each round like it was a real gun
26/03/2013 13:59 <snakeoiltanker> DO WHAT!?! Dan that was just weird
26/03/2013 13:59 <mandym287> Haha
26/03/2013 13:59 <snakeoiltanker> yeah thats what he was sayin i thought.
26/03/2013 13:58 <Dan> and i still play duck hunt just so there aren't too many ducks breeding in that cartridge
26/03/2013 13:58 <octorok74> Nice.
26/03/2013 13:58 <Dan> I own it
26/03/2013 13:58 <Dan> there is an orange zapper rob
26/03/2013 13:58 <snakeoiltanker> hate that dog
26/03/2013 13:57 <snakeoiltanker> it would still be satisfying
26/03/2013 13:57 <mandym287> But that's not quite the same
26/03/2013 13:57 <mandym287> I think they have flash games made to kill the dog...
26/03/2013 13:56 <snakeoiltanker> i would love an unlicensed version of that game
26/03/2013 13:56 <mandym287> They should lol
26/03/2013 13:56 <snakeoiltanker> yeah thats what i ment, the gun will go off but he wont do a sprite or nothing
26/03/2013 13:56 <octorok74> Of course he doesn't die. Do you think they are going to show a dog dying?
26/03/2013 13:56 <octorok74> Yes you can. I'm pretty sure of it.
26/03/2013 13:56 <snakeoiltanker> right?
26/03/2013 13:56 <mandym287> But he doesn't, like... die
26/03/2013 13:55 <snakeoiltanker> it wont do anything
26/03/2013 13:55 <octorok74> Pay back for laughing at me.
26/03/2013 13:55 <snakeoiltanker> no you cant?
26/03/2013 13:55 <octorok74> I do it all the time.
26/03/2013 13:55 <octorok74> You can shoot the dog.
26/03/2013 13:54 <mandym287> I was mad that I couldn't.
26/03/2013 13:54 <mandym287> I tried to save one of my bullets, and miss the duck, just to see if I could shoot the dog.
26/03/2013 13:54 <snakeoiltanker> LOL mandy. it took me 4 years of playing that game before i figured that out, my brother was just messin with the controller while i played, and a fight shortly ensued. That was the way of the Elkins household
26/03/2013 13:54 <mandym287> ninja
26/03/2013 13:54 <mandym287> Well, you don't have that dumb dog in the way
26/03/2013 13:54 <octorok74> And I didn't have that dog laughing at me when I missed.
26/03/2013 13:53 <octorok74> Pigeons were so much easier for me then trying to kill the ducks.
26/03/2013 13:53 <mandym287> <3
26/03/2013 13:53 <mandym287> And by Winter break, I mean last december
26/03/2013 13:53 <octorok74> Maybe, but I was a pro at it.
26/03/2013 13:53 <mandym287> When I found out you could control the ducks, my sister and I took turns over Winter break playing as ducks
26/03/2013 13:53 <snakeoiltanker> i thought the pigeons were harder
26/03/2013 13:52 <octorok74> I liked doing the clay pigeon shooting instead of hunting ducks. I didn't like of the ducks zig-zagged. Clay pigeons can't do that.
26/03/2013 13:52 <snakeoiltanker> at least thats how i got it back in 88
26/03/2013 13:52 <snakeoiltanker> yeah dude, the first one was gray, it came with a bundle with the console two controllers a zapper and one cartridge with Mario and Duck Hunt on it.
26/03/2013 13:51 <mandym287> I think that's kind of a borderline red
26/03/2013 13:51 <mandym287> Mine is orangy red. It's like bright coral.
26/03/2013 13:51 <octorok74> I only thought there were Orange ones. Then you guys starting speaking nonsense about red and grey ones.
26/03/2013 13:50 <octorok74> Kids today will never understand how much fun we had as kids.
26/03/2013 13:50 <snakeoiltanker> ohh i forgot about the orange ones
26/03/2013 13:50 <octorok74> Then I'll complain to stores like Walmart for ruining Duck Hunt.
26/03/2013 13:50 <mandym287> haha
26/03/2013 13:49 <octorok74> So I have time.
26/03/2013 13:49 <octorok74> I'll get a bright Orange one when I decide to get a Zapper. The store has like 10 of them.
26/03/2013 13:49 <snakeoiltanker> its called Inheritance, Mandy! LOL
26/03/2013 13:49 <mandym287> So... MINE
26/03/2013 13:49 <mandym287> Well, it's my mom's NES, so it's her Zapper... but she doesn't really play anymore...
26/03/2013 13:49 <snakeoiltanker> LOL this is the greatest SB conversation ever now
26/03/2013 13:48 <mandym287> I have bright red one
26/03/2013 13:48 <octorok74> Bring in your NES and have them connected. You'll be fine.
26/03/2013 13:48 <snakeoiltanker> boy, you are crazy, my Zapper is Gray, not one of them bright red ones, Someone would shoot Me
26/03/2013 13:48 <mandym287> xDD
26/03/2013 13:47 <octorok74> Yes, yes I did just suggest that.
26/03/2013 13:47 <snakeoiltanker> cuz i dont think that would go so well
26/03/2013 13:47 <octorok74> Maybe after it has been shot and it has those big eyes.
26/03/2013 13:47 <snakeoiltanker> LOL octo did you just suggest we go into a store with Zppers and hold the place up
26/03/2013 13:47 <mandym287> Of course
26/03/2013 13:47 <octorok74> A Duck Hunt duck though.
26/03/2013 13:46 <mandym287> We need a duck sprite as an emote
26/03/2013 13:46 <mandym287> omg Thulium yes
26/03/2013 13:46 <octorok74> Let's go to every store with a NES Zapper and complain.
26/03/2013 13:46 <mandym287> Unless my dad suddenly decides to replace ittt
26/03/2013 13:46 <octorok74> We should start a campaign to stop production of HDTVs so we can still play Duck Hunt.
26/03/2013 13:46 <snakeoiltanker> YOSHI SAFARI that was it
26/03/2013 13:46 <mandym287> I don't mind the big clunker tv when I'm playing modern games, so I don't see why I'd need to upgrade.
26/03/2013 13:45 <snakeoiltanker> i still havent upgraded to hd, so my gun still works
26/03/2013 13:45 <mandym287> Yeah
26/03/2013 13:45 <octorok74> You can't, because of how they are made.
26/03/2013 13:44 <mandym287> That's sad =(
26/03/2013 13:44 <snakeoiltanker> Super Scope 6, Yoshis (i thought) Island but cant remember, and a Mech Game called Metal Combat
26/03/2013 13:44 <mandym287> I hear you can't play Duck Hunt with a new television
26/03/2013 13:44 <octorok74> I don't have a NES, but I'll buy stuff for it.
26/03/2013 13:44 <octorok74> I just want one cause it looks cool.
26/03/2013 13:44 <mandym287> I'm glad the basement television is still an old one
26/03/2013 13:44 <snakeoiltanker> i got a super scope dude, only like three games for it, but i got it
26/03/2013 13:43 <snakeoiltanker> you wont regret it, the stuff is fun, and they are sturdy, they have been around for almost 30 years and will work for another 30
26/03/2013 13:43 <octorok74> And they are out of super scopes at the moment.
26/03/2013 13:43 <octorok74> I'm hoping they get R.O.B. sometime soon. Only seen one in there.
26/03/2013 13:43 <octorok74> I am collecting NES stuff from a local store.
26/03/2013 13:42 <mandym287> Lol
26/03/2013 13:42 <mandym287> Not that it's effective or anything...
26/03/2013 13:42 <snakeoiltanker> go to a flea market, every flea market has NES games for cheap, even if you have never heard of it, get it, cuz you never know what you might find, thats how i did it
26/03/2013 13:42 <mandym287> Nothing like equipping the Zapper while my sister is playing Skyward Sword, and pretending to shoot Ghirahim.
26/03/2013 13:42 <mandym287> We don't have too many games for it, but I enjoy it.
26/03/2013 13:41 <snakeoiltanker> NES has a lot of old gems that will never go stale.

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
9:29 AM * Wolf Sage is keeping an eye out for Little Red Riding Dan.
9:29 AM <justac00lguy> Whaaaa?
9:29 AM <MadameMajora> bad wolf
9:28 AM * Wolf Sage is the Big Bad Wolf.
9:28 AM <Dan> those are icky
9:28 AM <justac00lguy> Go to sleep don't wake the big bad Wolfup

...What... happened..?


Angel of Darkness
Staff member
ZD Legend
Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
This is no longer the Shout Box but the Court Box o_O

29/03/2013 04:15 <PK Flash> Using this money, I picked up a new video game: Fire Emblem Awakening.
29/03/2013 04:15 <drahsid> writing...
29/03/2013 04:15 <PK Flash> My father won 50 dollars in keno at the local casino.
29/03/2013 04:15 <Dracomajora> OBJECTION
29/03/2013 04:15 <PK Flash> I just came home from a usual night on the town.
29/03/2013 04:14 <Erebea> What is your story?
29/03/2013 04:14 <Ventus> 66KKK
29/03/2013 04:14 <snakeoiltanker> really?
29/03/2013 04:14 <Dracomajora> Hear that?
29/03/2013 04:14 <Erebea> Explain your stance, PK Flash.
29/03/2013 04:14 <Darknut_Hunter> REDRO!
29/03/2013 04:14 <TheRizardon> I went to law school
29/03/2013 04:14 <Dracomajora> Both testify in my favor, and provide evidence.
29/03/2013 04:14 <Erebea> ORDER ORDER
29/03/2013 04:14 <PK Flash> Not guilty, obviously.
29/03/2013 04:14 <Dracomajora> 2 witnesses.
29/03/2013 04:14 <Darknut_Hunter> OBECTION! THAT IS BIASED SLANDER!
29/03/2013 04:14 <PK Flash> Erebea, if I do have the honor of addressing you.
29/03/2013 04:14 <TheRizardon> u guilty dude
29/03/2013 04:14 <Erebea> Defendant, how do you plead?
29/03/2013 04:14 <PK Flash> what kind of corrupt court is this?
29/03/2013 04:14 <snakeoiltanker> hes from england, thought id ask. Frank Turner Rules!
29/03/2013 04:14 <Erebea> I see.
29/03/2013 04:14 <Dracomajora> PK Flash has clearly lost his senses.
29/03/2013 04:13 <TheRizardon> Luke asked for permission to use Draco's avatar, and then went on to use it and go on to accuse Draco of stealing it.
29/03/2013 04:13 <Dracomajora> OBJECTION
29/03/2013 04:13 <justac00lguy> Nope Snake
29/03/2013 04:13 <Erebea> Frank Turner is great
29/03/2013 04:13 <PK Flash> the font in the picture is not my font
29/03/2013 04:13 <Erebea> for the remainder of this trial
29/03/2013 04:13 <snakeoiltanker> Hey Cool guy, it wont let me send you a PM, have you ever listened to Frank Turner
29/03/2013 04:13 <Majora's Cat> OBJECTION it has not been moved into evidence
29/03/2013 04:13 <justac00lguy> Is not PS
29/03/2013 04:13 <justac00lguy> Exhibit A
29/03/2013 04:13 <Erebea> Will the jury please put away their nightsticks, branding irons, job applications, books, and whips

The longest ZD trial in history

4:21 AM <TheRizardon> Draco speaks the truth
4:21 AM <Darknut_Hunter> Every computer has a Print Screen button!
4:21 AM <Dracomajora> My witnesses, however, show you the truth.
4:21 AM <snakeoiltanker> HAHAHA
4:21 AM <Darknut_Hunter> Objection!
4:21 AM <PK Flash> Sadly, my main witness, MadameMajora is unable to make this hearing tonight.
4:21 AM <Dracomajora> Sadly, your honor, I am a simple man, and not able to work such technological processes as to take images of my computer.
4:21 AM <Ventus> Your Honor, Draco is speaking the truth.
4:20 AM <Dracomajora> I also have Ven to testify that I have had Fire Emblem: Awakening for far longer than Riz, and that Maribelle is my favorite character.
4:20 AM <Killjoy> I seriously hope I remember to actually remember to write down everything that goes on in the next Mafia thing I join. That is "IF" I even want to join another one.
4:20 AM <TheRizardon> http://i.imgur.com/WlxquV1.png
4:20 AM <Erebea> Present your evidence.
4:20 AM <PK Flash> Obviously comrades of yours, Draco.
4:19 AM <Darknut_Hunter> but not the same
4:19 AM <Dracomajora> I have multiple witnesses, and multiple pieces of evidence.
4:19 AM <Darknut_Hunter> the font is similar
4:19 AM <Darknut_Hunter> Not only does it not match PK's voice, it doesn't even match his font completely
4:19 AM <PK Flash> I rest my case.
4:19 AM <TheRizardon> u guilty
4:19 AM <justac00lguy> You always post smiley faces
4:19 AM <PK Flash> It also does not match my typing quirks.
4:19 AM <snakeoiltanker> WOW Coolguy, your a good assistant in the courts

And we have a verdict! Pk has been flashed
29/03/2013 04:43 <TheRizardon> Gimme tweny dollas
29/03/2013 04:43 <Darknut_Hunter> So PK, what's my pay?
29/03/2013 04:43 <TheRizardon> No wifin in da club
29/03/2013 04:43 <justac00lguy> http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:A...wlJnJ-4VTjp4Bg
29/03/2013 04:43 <Dracomajora> I don't have Skype.
29/03/2013 04:43 <justac00lguy> Also here's a black and white shirtless man pic
29/03/2013 04:43 <TheRizardon> sweet, a pool party
29/03/2013 04:42 <Dracomajora> Good day.
29/03/2013 04:42 <PK Flash> Please add me on skype so we may discuss this in more private matters.
29/03/2013 04:42 <Dracomajora> Pk Flash.
29/03/2013 04:42 <justac00lguy> **** yeah pool party in my basement
29/03/2013 04:42 <PK Flash> Dracomajora.
29/03/2013 04:42 <PK Flash> whatever
29/03/2013 04:42 <PK Flash> escorted
29/03/2013 04:42 <Dracomajora> If that craven dastard PK Flash has any honor remaining, he will compensate for the damages.
29/03/2013 04:42 <Darknut_Hunter> What is the compensation! This argument will continue and would like to be payed for my services.
29/03/2013 04:42 <justac00lguy> Is it done?
29/03/2013 04:42 * PK Flash is escored out of the courtroom by Erebea
29/03/2013 04:42 <TheRizardon> dis is sum bull
29/03/2013 04:42 <justac00lguy> We want a black and white shirtless pic
29/03/2013 04:42 <Dracomajora> wut
29/03/2013 04:42 <snakeoiltanker> you win Draco
29/03/2013 04:41 <Erebea> All charges for both clients have been dropped.
29/03/2013 04:41 <snakeoiltanker> LOL FINALLY
29/03/2013 04:41 <Darknut_Hunter> Your honor! We have no final verdict!
29/03/2013 04:41 <TheRizardon> But who is guilty, your honor?
29/03/2013 04:41 <Dracomajora> So who wins? What happened?
29/03/2013 04:41 * Erebea bangs gavel
29/03/2013 04:41 <Erebea> IS DISMISSED
29/03/2013 04:41 <Erebea> THIS COURT
29/03/2013 04:41 <PK Flash> May I please be escored out.
29/03/2013 04:41 <Dracomajora> WTF is malpractice?
29/03/2013 04:41 <Darknut_Hunter> TAKE THAT!
29/03/2013 04:41 <Darknut_Hunter> I motion to have Dracomajora pay for the crime of stealing Mr. PK Flash's Avatar!
29/03/2013 04:41 <Dracomajora> ALl of whom were there at the time.
29/03/2013 04:41 <Erebea> Because it is malpractice, I will have to dismiss this court.
29/03/2013 04:41 <Dracomajora> These are regular forum members.
29/03/2013 04:40 <Erebea> That is malpractice.
29/03/2013 04:40 <PK Flash> Agreed.
29/03/2013 04:40 <Erebea> But, you see, Dracomajora.
29/03/2013 04:40 <Dracomajora> Like who, PK?
29/03/2013 04:40 <Darknut_Hunter> But witnesses can be bribed!
29/03/2013 04:40 <snakeoiltanker> okay wait guys, is there really any point of going further. PK is clearly guilty, as and outsiders point of view, and seeing all exhibits, this case is over
29/03/2013 04:40 <PK Flash> As do I.
29/03/2013 04:40 <justac00lguy> That man is not the shirtless!
29/03/2013 04:40 <Dracomajora> Even without any evidence, I have multiple witnesses.
29/03/2013 04:40 <Darknut_Hunter> Draco's opinion is biased!
29/03/2013 04:40 <PK Flash> http://hulshofschmidt.files.wordpres...02/dr-phil.jpg
29/03/2013 04:40 <Erebea> But with one piece of evidence false, I will have to stop this entire trial.
29/03/2013 04:40 <PK Flash> But I have him in a tuxedo.
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Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
7:38 AM <PancakeSamurai> oh, god
7:38 AM <Linkdude74> bye
7:38 AM <Terminus> Lood
7:38 AM <Terminus> Bye pansam
7:38 AM <Linkdude74> Hose it down or blow it
7:38 AM <Dan> A ginger once stuck her hair in my ear
7:38 AM <PancakeSamurai> ok, I'm leaving the SB for a bit
7:38 AM <Atticus> asdfghkl';
7:38 AM <justac00lguy> Hey I heard you're a...
7:38 AM <snakeoiltanker> so how do i put out a fire LinkDude
7:37 AM <Linkdude74> Yeah. im pretty sure red heads are usually the wild ones
7:37 AM <PancakeSamurai> No, Dan
7:37 AM <Terminus> What
7:37 AM <Dan> she still has you under her spell
7:37 AM <TheRizardon> I need an adult
7:37 AM <snakeoiltanker> So i dated the Fire Crotch one time named talia.... she was a FREAK!
Zorth Answered in thread : Nepotism
7:37 AM <PancakeSamurai> Makes no sense
7:36 AM <PancakeSamurai> 'I'm still attracted to a red head even though I don't like her
7:36 AM <Linkdude74> lol Snake. you know how you put out a fire?

1:05 PM <Dracomajora> Read that as "He likes Queers"
1:05 PM <PK Flash> Okay.
1:05 PM <PK Flash> He also tries to lynch me in mafia every time I play with him.
1:05 PM <MadameMajora> luke tell me a story about me
1:05 PM <justac00lguy> Yous need more c00l View Profile: c00lryan - Dungeon Gaming Network
1:05 PM <PK Flash> He likes Queen.
1:05 PM <PK Flash> Lastly, let me tell you of a member named Josh.
1:04 PM <Locke> totemo* kawaii
1:04 PM <PK Flash> very kawaii
1:04 PM <PK Flash> yes
1:04 PM <MadameMajora> how kawaii
1:04 PM <PK Flash> that you could fit him in your pocket
justac00lguy Answered in thread : Which ZD Member Do You Think Has the Most Swag?
1:04 PM <PK Flash> he was SO SMALL
1:03 PM <PK Flash> Pocket Asian.
1:03 PM <PancakeSamurai> lol
1:03 PM <TheRizardon> You guys are 94lewd 47me
1:03 PM <PK Flash> uh
1:03 PM <PK Flash> His username is
1:03 PM <MadameMajora> <never eating pickles again
1:03 PM <PK Flash> Let me tell you of another member.
1:03 PM <PK Flash> Thirdly...
1:03 PM <PK Flash> That is all.
1:03 PM <PK Flash> This member's name is Monti Thunder.
1:03 PM <PancakeSamurai> that story gave me aids
1:02 PM <MadameMajora> oooooooh what a nice story
1:02 PM <PK Flash> Let me tell you of another member.
1:02 PM <PK Flash> Secondly...
1:02 PM <PK Flash> That is all.
1:02 PM <PK Flash> She was a true Sunny D. Girl.
1:02 PM <PK Flash> Let me tell you of a member named Destiny.
1:02 PM <PK Flash> First and foremost...
1:02 PM * MadameMajora sets her marshmallows on fire because that is the only way to eat a marshmallow
1:02 PM <PancakeSamurai> who's your son?
1:02 PM <PancakeSamurai> Eat your peas
1:01 PM * Dan sits at the campfire with his marshmellows
1:01 PM <PK Flash> i'm telling you about legends
1:01 PM <PK Flash> shut up son
1:01 PM <Dracomajora> holla if you need me
1:01 PM <PancakeSamurai> Loz is my hero
1:01 PM <Dracomajora> okay
1:01 PM <TheRizardon> and I be ballin
1:01 PM <PK Flash> gather around the campfire while i tell you about the legends of ZD
1:01 PM <TheRizardon> I am the Jarl of Whiterun
1:01 PM <ThePurpleKnight> Myth of ZD - ThePurpleKnightmare is not perfect
1:01 PM <MadameMajora> loz achieved god status whilst apart of zd
1:01 PM <PK Flash> listen children
1:01 PM <PancakeSamurai> the big 3
1:01 PM <PancakeSamurai> Dan, Loz, Seth
1:00 PM <Dan> i can imagine someone sitting in front of a camp fire "now we shall speak of the many myths of ZD"
1:00 PM <PancakeSamurai> good times
1:00 PM <Thareous> Wings that don't reach.
1:00 PM <MadameMajora> i heard one time loz set all of zd on fire whilst gangbanging axle
Sorry Hollie, but that conversation ended there for me

[3:26:24 PM] Aranea Serket: omg
we were colouring eggs with dye for easter right
and we were using a white crayon to draw designs on the eggs before you put them in the dye so they show up as white lines right and it looks cool
and i wrote "butts" on mine and put it in
and my mom is like "hollie what did you put on yours? did you draw a tardis or something" and i started laughing and she's like "i bet you put butts or something didnt you" and im laughing really hard right now
[3:26:38 PM] Aranea Serket: pretty sure she thinks her daughter is a failure

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Oct 26, 2012
[5:29:47 AM] Mandi the Ghost: i got my glasses :D
[5:30:15 AM] Mandi the Ghost: i haven't had them for so long. it's like the world is in hd. :P
[5:47:18 AM] Dan: that's what i thought when I first got glasses, couldn't believe how sucky my eyes had got
[5:50:18 AM] Mandi the Ghost: the thing is, though, my vision is 20/70, which is good enough to not require corrective lenses to drive
[5:50:54 AM] Mandi the Ghost: but now that i FINALLY have my glasses back, i realize why I've gotten pulled over so many times. (rofl)
[6:16:21 AM] Dan: oh have you now? :P
[6:16:32 AM] Dan: driving in the middle of the road?
[6:18:35 AM] Mandi the Ghost: stfu
[6:18:36 AM] Mandi the Ghost: now
[6:19:03 AM] Mandi the Ghost: oops
[6:19:12 AM] Mandi the Ghost: i just sound like a *****
[6:19:20 AM] Mandi the Ghost: what i meant to say was
[6:19:22 AM] Mandi the Ghost: stfu
[6:19:24 AM] Mandi the Ghost: no
[6:19:37 AM] Mandi the Ghost: i couldn't read signs.
[6:19:40 AM] Mandi the Ghost: :P


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