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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
[5:55:31 PM] Tootsie Superplum: omgswag
[5:56:00 PM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: swag ***s
[5:56:01 PM] Squeezy Sugar-Socks: Havent done anything yet
[5:56:12 PM] Squeezy Sugar-Socks: **** it Desert rat
[5:56:13 PM] Squeezy Sugar-Socks: *shut
[5:56:16 PM] Squeezy Sugar-Socks: lul
[5:56:19 PM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: **** it?
[5:56:32 PM] Tootsie Superplum: swaggots

Omg, typos, ilu

Twinkle Toe Bells = PancakeSamurai
Squeezy Sugar-Socks = Terminus
Tootsie Superplum = MadameMajora
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Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
10:14 AM <Violet> xD
10:14 AM <TatlTails> :lol:
10:14 AM <Violet> lol
10:14 AM <TatlTails> I have no idea.
10:14 AM * TatlTails is freaking ooout!
10:14 AM <Violet> so what's da topic
10:14 AM * Violet is lurking
10:14 AM <Violet> me
10:13 AM <TatlTails> Who's still here?! I want to talk.

lol... :lol:

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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21:29 <Azure Sage> sis you're such a cute little foreigner
21:29 <Violet> this is madness
21:29 <octorok74> I use pen for everything else.
21:29 <Violet> why are they boring now
21:29 <Azure Sage> wut lol xD
21:29 <Violet> nooo
21:28 <Violet> i thought american people are fun
21:28 <octorok74> I have a pencil box, but only for my art pencils.
21:28 <Violet> what
21:28 <Azure Sage> So meh
21:28 <Azure Sage> I don't draw in school
21:28 <Violet> i keep all of them inside a pencil box
21:28 <Violet> for drawing
21:28 <Azure Sage> That's all I need
21:28 <Violet> I have many pencils
21:28 <Azure Sage> And that's enough
21:28 <Azure Sage> I carry one pen
21:28 <Azure Sage> And I don't need that many pens
21:28 <Azure Sage> They aren't necessary unless you need lots of pens and pencils
21:27 <Azure Sage> Rok speaks the truth
21:27 <Violet> Pencil boxes are cheap
21:27 <Violet> But...
21:27 <Violet> WAT
21:27 <octorok74> Most people don't have pencil boxes Vio.
21:27 <Azure Sage> My pocket is my pen box
21:27 <Nintendo_Master> Only rich, fancy folks get PENCIL BOXES
21:27 <Violet> yes you should
21:27 <Violet> you should get a pencil box
21:27 <Azure Sage> I don't NEED one
21:27 <Violet> you're realllly poor
21:27 <Azure Sage> lolwut poor? xD
21:27 <Azure Sage> and I only write in pen
21:27 <Violet> woah you're poor
21:27 <Nintendo_Master> GET ONE
21:26 <Azure Sage> i don't have a pencil box
21:26 * Violet takes out his books
21:26 * Violet takes out his pencil box
21:26 <Azure Sage> i'm at my desk
21:26 <Nintendo_Master> At bed?
21:26 <Azure Sage> nope
21:26 <Azure Sage> that's too far away i don't wanna go get it
21:26 <Violet> i thought you were at bed
21:26 <Violet> oh
21:26 * Violet throws him his school bag
21:26 <Azure Sage> i'm already in my chair
21:26 * Violet throws Azure to his chair
21:26 <Azure Sage> ugh
21:26 <Azure Sage> then
21:26 <Azure Sage> them
21:26 <Azure Sage> because I must go to bed by them
21:26 <Violet> lol
21:26 <Azure Sage> I still have 2 hours
21:25 <Violet> but i still got 2 days
21:25 <Violet> and not doing homework
21:25 <Violet> I'm actually being lazy
21:25 <Violet> lol
21:25 <Azure Sage> MY MISSION: Stop being lazy and do my homework
21:24 <Violet> MY MISSION: Get 1000 posts by the end of March
Vio is so funny when she doesn't understand America :>

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
10:56 AM <Azure Sage> HoT would be proud
10:56 AM <Azure Sage> indeed
10:56 AM <Violet> that makes everything right
10:55 AM <Violet> the end
10:55 AM <Violet> thus the man became spider man after all
10:55 AM <Violet> the nuclear spider wanted to bit the man
10:54 AM <Violet> down came a man who went to examine the pot
10:54 AM <Violet> itsy nuclear spider inside a little tea pot
10:54 AM <Azure Sage> or whatever it was
10:54 AM <Azure Sage> in a tea pot
10:54 AM <Azure Sage> itsy bitsy spider
10:54 AM <Violet> I KNOW
10:54 AM <Violet> i know right
10:53 AM <Azure Sage> THAT MEANS
10:53 AM <Violet> wat
10:53 AM <Azure Sage> NO WAY
10:53 AM <Violet> i don't know
10:53 AM <Azure Sage> OMG
10:53 AM <Violet> wait
10:53 AM <Violet> then he traveled inside that pot
10:53 AM <Violet> the spider went to a nuclear place
10:53 AM <Azure Sage> and why did it bite him
10:53 AM <Azure Sage> what was it doing in the place it bit him
10:53 AM <Violet> because a radio active spider bit him

Azure talked about Lokomo sword then suddenly changed the topic into Spider man since I said something about clawshots then this happened

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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8:11 PM <Atticus> HE CAME IN DAH MILK
8:10 PM <Azure Sage> OH LAWD STARBUCKS
8:10 PM <Azure Sage> HE CAME ON DAH CREME
8:10 PM <Atticus> OH LAWD KFC
8:10 PM <Atticus> HE CAME ON DAH CROSS

What are we even doing


Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
[6:50:53 AM] Joy: Joy kisses Pancake
[6:51:02 AM] Joy: Joy doesn't get punched
[6:51:10 AM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: (punch)
[6:51:15 AM] Dan: you see
[6:51:19 AM] Dan: a daring risk!
[6:51:21 AM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: :P
[6:51:32 AM] Happy Toe-Bells: everything is daring!
[6:51:38 AM] Joy: Joy kisses pancake again
[6:51:42 AM] Joy: Joy runs away
[6:52:10 AM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: Oh ****
[6:52:15 AM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: School
[6:52:18 AM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: bye
[6:52:20 AM] Mandi: (punch) @ Joy
[6:52:30 AM] Mandi: byeeeeeeeee
[6:52:34 AM] Joy: Joy kisses Mandi
[6:52:38 AM] Joy: ;)
[6:52:43 AM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: Twinkle Toe-Bells watches
[6:52:59 AM] Mandi: ^creeper
[6:53:02 AM] Joy: yeah
[6:53:15 AM] Joy: just ignore him baby
[6:53:21 AM] Joy: Joy makes out with Mandi
[6:53:39 AM] Dan: =)_ _ _
[6:53:47 AM] Mandi: is that drool?
[6:53:50 AM] Dan: yes
[6:53:51 AM] Mandi: lol
[6:53:54 AM] Joy: ahaahahah
[6:54:13 AM] Mandi: triple kiss with Dan!
[6:54:15 AM] Mandi: (rofl)
I think Dan and Pancake's birthday came early this year :P


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
[3:47:50 PM] Desert Rat: You can't see Marlon Brando without California's eyes
[3:48:08 PM] The Doctor: I have Californian eyes
[3:48:13 PM] Desert Rat: You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes*
[3:48:14 PM] The Doctor: That count?
[3:48:21 PM] Desert Rat: I screwed up :P



Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
Looks like I have Chameleon to thank for still being alive.

11:09 PM * JuicieJ stops hanging himself
11:09 PM <JuicieJ> Oh
11:09 PM * JuicieJ hangs himself
11:08 PM <Chameleon> no, I meant Vain
11:08 PM <JuicieJ> wtf
11:08 PM <JuicieJ> Frued
11:08 PM <JuicieJ> Of course I know who Frued is
11:08 PM <Chameleon> look him up
11:08 PM <ThePurpleKnight> Well what if I just tell storys about an evil guy named jeff who made a planet and some people and some animals and then made those people eat the animals and allowed the people and animals to rape each other and now I must collect an army to destroy him?
11:08 PM <JuicieJ> I don't really care, either
11:08 PM <JuicieJ> But whatevs
11:08 PM <Chameleon> you don't know who freud is :p
Apr 5, 2008
Chula Vista, San Diego, CA
[7:40:42 PM] Austin: Star Trek is meant to be cerebral.
[7:40:48 PM] Austin: Not an action movie lol
[7:40:56 PM] Hank Hill: cerebral
[7:40:57 PM] Hank Hill: like
[7:41:01 PM] Austin: I just want a new TV show anyway.
[7:41:03 PM] Hank Hill: kinda like Law and order in space
[7:41:06 PM] Austin: what
[7:41:11 PM] Hank Hill: idk law and order makes you think
[7:41:15 PM] Wyatt: oh god I lol'd
[7:41:22 PM] Austin: I think that's the stupidest thing you've said in your entire life.

have to fix my sig so I need to remember this so I'm putting it here for safe keeping


Staff member
Nov 17, 2011
The Makai
Looks like V has a mean streak! :D

10:23 PM <Vanessa28> Thanks Mamono
10:23 PM <Vanessa28> I'm gonna sue the crap out of you reptile!
10:23 PM <mamono101> I gots your back V
10:23 PM <Vanessa28> Mamono you're a witness to all this abuse
10:22 PM * Vanessa28 bites TBR
10:22 PM <mamono101> I'm still here...
10:22 PM <TheBlueReptile> Say what now?
10:22 PM * Vanessa28 slams hand on table
10:22 PM * TheBlueReptile pokes out Vee's eyes
10:22 PM <Vanessa28> I ain't blind mate!
10:22 PM <TheBlueReptile> You saw nothing!
10:21 PM <Vanessa28> I saw what you did
10:21 PM <Vanessa28> injad
10:21 PM <TheBlueReptile> ninja'd
10:21 PM <Vanessa28> the url might
10:21 PM <TheBlueReptile> You could put a link to a pic I guess. But they'd have to copy/paste it
10:21 PM <Vanessa28> You can add a link but img tags won't work

Luke's Wife

peaked in 2015
Aug 15, 2011
the abyss
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
[13-02-14 11:28:15 PM] Broose Wain: yo listen
[13-02-14 11:28:20 PM] Broose Wain: if there were a porn star
[13-02-14 11:28:28 PM] Broose Wain: named joey "inappropriate yodeling" mcgee
[13-02-14 11:28:29 PM] The Doctor: :p
[13-02-14 11:28:30 PM] Broose Wain: i'd do it

cmon i would

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