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Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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8:15 PM <Castle> lot's of things make my butt hurt
8:15 PM <DuelMark> Then again lots of things make my brain hurt:
8:15 PM <Castle> you can can a can can in a can can you?
8:15 PM <Axle the Beast> I think unilaterally.
8:15 PM <Locke> I think multidimensionally
8:15 PM <DuelMark> I tend to hear things that make my brain hurt
8:14 PM <Azure Sage> I think multi-directionaly
8:14 PM <Axle the Beast> Even seen a spider do the can-can?
8:14 PM <Ventus> I typically think left.
8:14 PM <A Link In Time> @_@
8:14 PM <DuelMark> Lost the ability to... what? Think right?
8:14 PM <Locke> Can you can can a can in a can?
8:14 PM <Atticus> My dad gets everyone names mixed up. We went to taco bell once and the server was all "HI MY NAME IS CODY, MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER?" and my dad was like "HEY TOBY I'LL HAVE A TACO" i pee'd a lil bit
8:14 PM <Locke> Can you can can a can?
8:14 PM <Azure Sage> I can not
8:14 PM <Azure Sage> No
8:13 PM <Locke> Can you can can?
8:13 PM <Azure Sage> I just... Can't
8:13 PM <Azure Sage> I have lost my ability to can
8:13 PM <Azure Sage> I can no longer can
8:13 PM <Azure Sage> I just lost my ability to can
8:13 PM <Azure Sage> When he said that today
8:13 PM <Azure Sage> I just
8:13 PM <Azure Sage> I don't even know
8:13 PM <zelda_geek> How? xD
8:13 PM <Ventus> what
8:13 PM <Azure Sage> My brother confuses Elvis Presley and Christopher Columbus... I can't even

This convo removed my ability to can.

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
9:48 PM <Violet> my pancake!
9:48 PM <Violet> D;
9:48 PM * mandym287 rescues Samarium
9:47 PM <Violet> omnomnomnom
9:47 PM <Violet> that means I'll eat him till he is gone
9:47 PM <Violet> k
9:47 PM <mandym287> It means I don't
9:47 PM <mandym287> No
9:47 PM <Violet> that means, you want?
9:47 PM <PancakeSamurai>
9:47 PM <mandym287> I'm good, thanks.
9:46 PM <Violet> he's delicious
9:46 PM <Violet> hai mandy, care for some PancakeSamurai?
9:46 PM <PancakeSamurai> HI MANDY!
9:46 PM * Violet gobbles and eats PancakeSamurai
9:46 PM <Violet> I SHALL EAT YOU!
9:46 PM <mandym287> nerm
9:46 PM <Violet> and now
9:45 PM <Violet> you ded
9:45 PM * Violet stabs PS with a kitchen knife
9:45 PM * Violet throws butter and maple syrup at PS
9:45 PM <Violet> yes!
9:44 PM <PancakeSamurai> fine
9:44 PM <Violet> please?
9:44 PM <PancakeSamurai> harsh
9:44 PM <Violet> hey PS, can I murder you so I can eat you? You're a pancake, after all.... c:<

My Pancake.. :c
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8:57 AM <Violet> meep
8:56 AM <PancakeSamurai> :chu:
8:56 AM <Violet> so.. that was awkward.
8:56 AM <Violet> k..
8:55 AM <Violet> k
8:55 AM <Violet> oh
8:55 AM <Violet> have a nice day
8:55 AM <PancakeSamurai> I'm deleting mine
8:55 AM <Violet> k, i should delete mine
8:54 AM <Violet> should i delete mine, or you should delete yours
8:53 AM <Violet> i have the full connversation
8:53 AM <Violet> but
8:53 AM <mandym287> ...
8:53 AM <Violet> i literally screwed it up
8:53 AM <Violet> and you should not delete yours
8:53 AM <PancakeSamurai> lol
8:53 AM <Violet> I am deleting my post
8:52 AM <Violet> by accident soo
8:52 AM <Violet> I deleted my earlier post
8:52 AM <Violet> PS
8:52 AM <Violet> ._.
8:52 AM <Violet> i did it wrong
8:51 AM <Violet> wait


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
She's loves it
[16:55:24] Dan: Pancake have you ever played with oil?
[16:55:32] Mathias Smith: no?
[16:55:40] Dan: ;)
[16:55:48] Dan: I wanna rub oil all over you
[16:55:49] Dan: :I
[16:55:50] Dan: ;p
[16:56:07] Mathias Smith: no thanks
[16:56:41] linkerbelle: I always pop in at the strangest times...
[16:56:55] Dan: More like you wait to pop in at the strangest times ;)
[16:56:57] Mathias Smith: That's Dan for you
[16:57:04] Mathias Smith: :P
[16:58:05] linkerbelle: No srsly, my Skype just started making noise and this is what I saw.
[16:58:13] Mathias Smith: lol
[16:58:24] Mathias Smith: you know you love it
[16:58:40] Dan: oh my
[16:58:55] linkerbelle: of course i do. you guys are my special little friends.
[16:59:07] Mathias Smith: :)
[16:59:27] Dan: often pancake, being called special isn't that good :P
[16:59:38] Mathias Smith: HEY!
[16:59:43] Mathias Smith: that's harsh
[16:59:51] Dan: :I
[16:59:57] Mathias Smith: I like being special
[16:59:59] Mathias Smith: so gtfo
[17:00:12] Dan: D:
[17:00:28] linkerbelle: fine

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
[2:32:13 PM] tittles87: I always find reasons to talk
[2:32:23 PM] tittles87: Striking up convos is my speicalty
[2:32:47 PM] Djinn: I usually post some random nonsense and then see what it starts up
[2:32:55 PM] tittles87: Right
[2:33:09 PM] tittles87: Random **** makes people think
[6:43:55 PM] Nelson: more like random **** makes people type "lol" and say more random ****
[6:44:06 PM] Van: lol
[6:44:24 PM] Nelson: [insert random **** here]
[6:44:35 PM] Van: lol
[6:44:42 PM] Nelson: this, my friends, is science
[6:44:42 PM] Van: [insert more random **** here]
[6:44:53 PM] Nelson: we have proven our hyposthesis
[6:44:58 PM] Nelson: and now it is a theory
[6:45:11 PM] Nelson: that we will publish and it will sell millions of copies and stun the scientific community
[6:45:36 PM] Van: you'll take in all the earnings :3
[6:45:54 PM] Nelson: yep. I can assure you it will be 100% unfair

Slow day, huh?
02/12/2012 19:54 <Ventus> watt
02/12/2012 19:54 <Thareous> :facepalm:
02/12/2012 19:54 <mandym287> typos <3
02/12/2012 19:54 <zelda_geek> ooooo
02/12/2012 19:54 <Azure Sage> Butman instead of Batman
02/12/2012 19:54 <Atheistbigred> Because of Buttman
02/12/2012 19:54 <Azure Sage> Because Igos typoed
02/12/2012 19:54 <Azure Sage> LOL
02/12/2012 19:54 <zelda_geek> why are we talking about butts
02/12/2012 19:54 <mandym287> BUTT MAN
02/12/2012 19:54 <mandym287> ( Y )
02/12/2012 19:54 <mandym287> _/ \_
02/12/2012 19:54 <Azure Sage> Actually I don't Red
02/12/2012 19:54 <zelda_geek> hai
02/12/2012 19:54 <mandym287> dammit, I wanted to give him feet
02/12/2012 19:54 <Igos du Ikana> Hi Abi
02/12/2012 19:54 <Locke> hmm
02/12/2012 19:54 * zelda_geek huggles Az
02/12/2012 19:54 <mandym287> ( Y )
02/12/2012 19:54 * Azure Sage huggles Abi
02/12/2012 19:54 <mandym287> _/ \_
02/12/2012 19:54 <Atheistbigred> Blue sage likes big butts
02/12/2012 19:54 <zelda_geek> I'm scared.. xD
02/12/2012 19:54 <mandym287> Arial NARROW, hello?
02/12/2012 19:53 <Ventus> hello
02/12/2012 19:53 <Azure Sage> Hiii Abi
02/12/2012 19:53 <mandym287> I am using a narrow font, Arsenic
02/12/2012 19:53 <Azure Sage> lmao Abi
02/12/2012 19:53 <Ventus> ?
02/12/2012 19:53 <Azure Sage> Yours was too small
02/12/2012 19:53 <Azure Sage> *( Y ), Mandy
02/12/2012 19:53 <zelda_geek> oh glob, wat. I come in and see this ._.
02/12/2012 19:53 <mandym287> ( Y )
02/12/2012 19:53 <mandym287> Buttman xDD
02/12/2012 19:53 <Igos du Ikana> I mistyped his name
02/12/2012 19:53 <Ventus> xD
02/12/2012 19:52 <Atheistbigred> Buttman? What?
02/12/2012 19:52 <Igos du Ikana> XD
02/12/2012 19:51 <Batman> You're not the first to call me Butman, Igos. It happens.
02/12/2012 19:51 <Igos du Ikana> *batman lol
02/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> Hi Batman
02/12/2012 19:51 <Igos du Ikana> Sup, butman
02/12/2012 19:51 <Batman> Hello friends. :keese:


Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
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[6:43:56 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: but maybe in an alternate universe you left us, and we know because our alternate selves slipped through the cracks and told us so, which is why we left you, but little did we know that at some point in your timeline you manage to get through to the universe and tell this to you alternate self, causing you to leave us in the first place.
[6:44:24 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: paradox.
[6:44:34 PM] Mathias Smith: Are you okay?
[6:45:11 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: I like paradoxes.
[6:45:34 PM] Mathias Smith: okay
[6:46:38 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: I dunno, homestuck does this kinda **** to your brain.
[6:47:22 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: there's overlapping timelines and alternate selves and shattering dimensions and other worlds and then more overlapping time and reverse dimensions and rewriting the universe and paradoxical **** everywhere
[6:47:54 PM] Mathias Smith: So in some world I talked to Amber and in another I ****ed her?
[6:48:01 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Probably.
[6:48:02 PM] Mathias Smith: that was a weird thought
[6:48:06 PM] Mathias Smith: sorry
[6:48:09 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: nah, it's cool
[6:48:16 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: if not here then some equally hot girl
[6:48:20 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: or maybe you just don't exist at all
[6:48:44 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: maybe, you don't belong in this universe and you simply ended up here when you were young and don't remember the old one
[6:48:47 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: they probably miss you
[6:49:08 PM] Mathias Smith: Wait, in one world Mr. Idiotic Tomato doesn't exist
[6:49:11 PM | Edited 6:49:15 PM] Mathias Smith: NO! ;(
[6:49:55 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Or maybe in one world he is the lord of everything.
[6:50:00 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Think about it, though.
[6:50:17 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: There are two options: either we are entirely alone in this world or we are not.
[6:50:23 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Both thoughts are equally terrifying.
[6:50:36 PM] Mathias Smith: You are ****ing my mind right now
[6:50:51 PM] Mathias Smith: and you're not even doing it gently
[6:51:15 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: I'm in that sorta mood.
[6:51:28 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Another fun fact: the stars we see are several million light years away from us.
[6:51:41 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: That means, it takes several million years for their light to reach our planet.
[6:51:54 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: So, when you look at the stars, you're seeing them as they were a million years ago.
[6:52:11 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: So that means, if there are aliens way out there, and theyre looking at us,
[6:52:16 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: they see the dinosaurs.
[6:52:30 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Isn't science awesome?
[6:52:38 PM] Mathias Smith: Mathias Smith grabs a gun
[6:52:46 PM] Mathias Smith: Mathias Smith shoots himself
[6:52:54 PM] LegendOfZelda: When you look at the moon, you actually see it how it was 1.5 seconds ago. When you look at the sun, you are seeing it as it was 8 minutes ago. When you look at the Andromeda Galaxy, you are seeing it as it was 2.5 million years ago.
[6:53:02 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: ^
[6:53:06 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Yepp.
[6:53:11 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: I think we broke Cakepan
[6:53:11 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: oops
[6:53:13 PM] Mathias Smith: I'm dead now
[6:53:18 PM] Mathias Smith: you happy?
[6:53:43 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Nope
[6:53:45 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Not at all
[6:53:54 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: but I mean, theres always your alternate selves to find
[6:54:01 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: So they'll have to do
[6:54:38 PM] Mathias Smith: What if you don't like the alternate pancake?
[6:55:07 PM] Mathias Smith: what if he's an outgoing ******* sexist ******
[6:55:19 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: I'll punch him, I suppose.
[6:55:26 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Or, my totally BAMF alternate self will.
[6:55:39 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: What if, somewhere, I'm a sassy black woman?
[6:55:42 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: It's possible, you know.
[6:55:52 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: No one's to say that there aren't other universes.
[6:56:19 PM] LegendOfZelda: Here's a fun fact. Since gravity waves travel at the speed of light, if the sun was to just vanish right now...we wouldn't know it until 8 minutes later. 8 minutes after the sun vanishes we would then see the light disappear and then feel the effects of the absence of the sun's gravity. A.k.a. we die. And quickly.
[6:56:20 PM] Mathias Smith: what if i was a pimp in some other worl that had 5 gfs a day
[6:56:25 PM] Mathias Smith: i'd worship him
[6:57:18 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: That's a depressing thought
[6:57:27 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Doyou think that's how 2012s going to happen?
[6:57:28 PM] Mathias Smith: lol
[6:57:40 PM | Edited 6:58:02 PM] Mathias Smith: how is that depressing
[6:57:51 PM] Mathias Smith: oh you're talking to LoZ
[6:57:53 PM] Mathias Smith: oops
[6:59:00 PM] LegendOfZelda: A lot of people assume that if the sun were to vanish all of a sudden that we would feel the effects immediately. But we wouldn't. It would take 8 minutes for us to realize what had happened.
[6:59:18 PM] LegendOfZelda: Isn't the speed of light cool!?
[6:59:35 PM] Mathias Smith: It would seem like it was immediately though
[6:59:42 PM] LegendOfZelda: To us, yes.
[6:59:57 PM] LegendOfZelda: But in reality it would have happened 8 minutes in the past.
[7:00:48 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: SCIENCE!
[7:01:13 PM] LegendOfZelda: SCHIENCE! (nerd)
[7:02:19 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Science is literally my favorite thing because of stuff like that

They call us nerds for a reason :nerd:

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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9:19 PM <Violet> lol
9:19 PM <Austin> lame way to make me wrong =(
9:19 PM <Azure Sage> lol
9:19 PM <Austin> oh
9:19 PM <Austin> I bet he left forever.
9:19 PM <Azure Sage> And I'm back now
9:18 PM <Azure Sage> Abi's right
9:18 PM <Ghirahimiscool> Ok...
9:18 PM <zelda_geek> He's probably just on another tab or something
9:18 PM <Ghirahimiscool> Hm.
9:18 PM <Ventus> idk
9:18 PM <Ghirahimiscool> Where did Azure go?

Faiiiiil, son. Faiiiiiiiil!


Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
The End
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[9:44:14 PM] Mathias Smith: BREAKING NEWS - Blogs - Dungeon Gaming Network
[9:44:18 PM] Mathias Smith: READ NOW
[9:45:12 PM] LegendOfZelda: Oh MY GOD!!!
[9:45:17 PM] LegendOfZelda: (party)
[9:45:18 PM] LegendOfZelda: (party)
[9:45:23 PM] Mathias Smith: :)
[9:46:03 PM] Mathias Smith: lol
[9:46:28 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: DETAILS
[9:46:32 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: NOW
[9:46:35 PM] Libk: Good job
[9:46:42 PM] Mathias Smith: um
[9:47:07 PM] Mathias Smith: well I was sitting in the mini gym and her group decided to sit next to me
[9:47:34 PM] Mathias Smith: anc the started talking to me, but Amber didn't
[9:47:53 PM] Mathias Smith: so I talked to her in the hallway when we were getting lined up
[9:48:29 PM] Mathias Smith: but then her friend came and started being weird and i noticed freshman girls confuse me :D
[9:49:03 PM | Edited 9:49:21 PM] Mathias Smith: Amber showed me a picture of a narwhal drawing on her phone and I was like "Why?"
[9:49:04 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: GAHHHHHH
[9:49:07 PM] LegendOfZelda: Holy ****...I am so proud of my little Cakey!!!
[9:49:41 PM] Mathias Smith: technally they came to me :P
[9:50:05 PM] Mathias Smith: *high fives*?
[9:50:25 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Dan's #1 Fan high fives back
[9:50:29 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: YEAH
[9:50:57 PM] LegendOfZelda: ;(
[9:50:59 PM] Mathias Smith: I feel good :)
[9:51:00 PM] LegendOfZelda: This is beautiful.
[9:51:24 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: This is honestly just
[9:51:31 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: I can't even
[9:51:37 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Tears of joy
[9:51:53 PM | Edited 9:52:04 PM] Mathias Smith: And I didn't talk with there group for a few minutes we talked during most of the concert
[9:52:00 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: I applaud you, sir. (clap)
[9:52:10 PM] LegendOfZelda: ^
[9:52:12 PM] LegendOfZelda: ^
[9:52:12 PM] LegendOfZelda: ^
[9:52:14 PM] LegendOfZelda: (clap)
[9:53:18 PM] Mathias Smith: lol
I don't care what you think. I'm laughing my *** off right now :lol:

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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1:30 PM * PancakeSamurai explodes
1:30 PM <Azure Sage> lol
1:30 PM <zelda_geek> xD
1:30 PM <PancakeSamurai> i give up
1:30 PM <PancakeSamurai> i can't ype!
1:30 PM <Azure Sage> fic
1:30 PM <PancakeSamurai> i'm not going to fic that
1:30 PM <Azure Sage> lol Abi
1:30 PM <PancakeSamurai> kno2?
1:29 PM <PancakeSamurai> I kno2
1:29 PM <zelda_geek> hai =D
1:29 PM * zelda_geek huggles Az
1:29 PM <zelda_geek> GLOB
1:29 PM <PancakeSamurai> I know
1:29 PM <zelda_geek> where you talked to her
1:29 PM * Azure Sage huggles Abi
1:29 PM <zelda_geek> no I meant
1:29 PM <Azure Sage> Abiiiiii
1:29 PM <zelda_geek> I meant the one you did about her talking xD
1:29 PM <zelda_geek> err, that wasn't really specific..
1:29 PM <zelda_geek> the Amber one?
1:26 PM <PancakeSamurai> Apparently my blog confused people

Can't tell if he did it on purpose or not. xP


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
[12/2/2012 8:06:04 PM] Lord Vain: Hmmm…being ignorant and aggressive is in your blood? Hmmm, my data still suggests you as being 50% Randomness and 50% Good Company…I’m-a stick with it, yolo o,o
[12/2/2012 8:07:26 PM] Lord Vain: Lord Vain on yolo
[12/2/2012 8:21:28 PM] Sarah Vondliz: LMAO OMG KSJJFSKFJASJASKDA YOU USED YOLO
[12/2/2012 8:23:49 PM] Lord Vain: And for some reason I have a feeling this chat may be put in the Memorable Conversations Thread…huh.
Zora Butt Water part IV. And, Rutherfordium saves the day with her fake thread! <3 [bottom to top]
09/12/2012 16:26 <zelda_geek> shell
09/12/2012 16:26 <Linkdude74> Shell pasta
09/12/2012 16:25 <mandym287> Bowtie Pasta :3
09/12/2012 16:25 * Spirit of Rutela created thread: Twisty pasta or shell pasta
09/12/2012 16:25 <mandym287> Litter bugs
09/12/2012 16:24 <Atheistbigred> Everything eventually goes to Lake Hylia.
09/12/2012 16:23 <mandym287> rather than Zora Butt Water because Xenophobia
09/12/2012 16:23 <Linkdude74> Lol.
09/12/2012 16:23 <mandym287> so they can have Gerudo Butt Water
09/12/2012 16:23 <mandym287> and they just boil out the pee
09/12/2012 16:23 <mandym287> What if that vat of soup in the Thieves' Hideout is actually a toilet
09/12/2012 16:23 <Linkdude74> *zora
09/12/2012 16:22 <Linkdude74> as they have no way to filter it
09/12/2012 16:22 <Linkdude74> And I'm sure they just boil the water before using it anyway
09/12/2012 16:22 <zelda_geek> the nightmares mandy... the nightmares...
09/12/2012 16:22 <Linkdude74> It's also Zorua boob water and Zora water in general as they swim in it.
09/12/2012 16:22 * Atheistbigred hurls
09/12/2012 16:21 <mandym287> :rolleyes:
09/12/2012 16:21 <Atheistbigred> i haven't realized that, thanks for the enlightenment.
09/12/2012 16:21 <mandym287> Plus, diffusion, so all of the zora butt water molecules disperse with the regular water
09/12/2012 16:21 <mandym287> most of it does, Libk ;j
09/12/2012 16:21 <Atheistbigred> xD
09/12/2012 16:21 <mandym287> King Zora has a big butt
09/12/2012 16:21 <Linkdude74> Not all of it passes under him.
09/12/2012 16:21 <mandym287> Ergo, Zora Butt Water
09/12/2012 16:21 <mandym287> And all of that passes under King Zora's butt
09/12/2012 16:20 <mandym287> Well, I mean Zora Fountain is, like, the water supply of Hyrule, right?
09/12/2012 16:20 <Atheistbigred> Oh glob
09/12/2012 16:19 <mandym287> Chlorine
09/12/2012 16:19 <mandym287> Zora Butt Water - Dungeon Gaming Network <<<
09/12/2012 16:19 <Atheistbigred> wtf, Mandy?
09/12/2012 16:19 <Dragoncat> :lol:
09/12/2012 16:19 <mandym287> that's what King Zora does
09/12/2012 16:19 <mandym287> Soothe your balls by dipping them in Zora Butt Water
09/12/2012 16:18 <Spirit of Rutela> Great balls of fire


Booger puke, round 2:
09/12/2012 19:55 <Ventus> lol mandy
09/12/2012 19:55 <Ghirahimiscool> Hi Laz.
09/12/2012 19:55 <zelda_geek> lol mandy
09/12/2012 19:54 <mandym287> http://puu.sh/1zcoV
09/12/2012 19:53 <Azure Sage> Theory section was made for fan fiction.
09/12/2012 19:53 <mandym287> xDDD
09/12/2012 19:53 <Cfrock> His skin just looks like clothes
09/12/2012 19:53 <mandym287> Omg Locke
09/12/2012 19:53 <Locke> v
09/12/2012 19:53 * Azure Sage huggles Abi
09/12/2012 19:53 <Ventus> I'd rather Theory be filled with less fanfics, thanks.
09/12/2012 19:53 <Azure Sage> Abiiiiii
09/12/2012 19:53 <Locke> quizalfos maybe
09/12/2012 19:53 * zelda_geek huggles Az
09/12/2012 19:53 <Cfrock> Ganon's always nude... Dear God, Az!
09/12/2012 19:53 <zelda_geek> Azure =D
09/12/2012 19:53 <Azure Sage> More canon than HH
09/12/2012 19:53 <Ghirahimiscool> Yay!
09/12/2012 19:53 <Azure Sage> THEORY THREAD MATERIAL
09/12/2012 19:53 * Cfrock squeezes extra tight
09/12/2012 19:52 <Azure Sage> What if Ganon's clothes grew wth his body
09/12/2012 19:52 <mandym287> I am so saving this conversation
09/12/2012 19:52 * Ghirahimiscool hugs Cfrock
09/12/2012 19:52 <mandym287> Though the majority of his clothes in OoT looks to be of leather and armor
09/12/2012 19:52 <Ghirahimiscool> Hi Cfrock.
09/12/2012 19:52 <Azure Sage> Through clothes osmosis
09/12/2012 19:52 <Azure Sage> Maybe he absorbed them into his body
09/12/2012 19:52 <Cfrock> Hey GiC
09/12/2012 19:52 * Ghirahimiscool hugs Azure
09/12/2012 19:52 <mandym287> Well, they tore or something
09/12/2012 19:51 <Ghirahimiscool> Hi Azure.
09/12/2012 19:51 * Azure Sage huggles Gic
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> Hi Gic
09/12/2012 19:51 <mandym287> why is he still dressed when he gets sealed away as Ganondorf?
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> Clothes can die?
09/12/2012 19:51 <mandym287> If Ganondorf's clothes died when he transformed into Ganon
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> Because he broke the bus
09/12/2012 19:51 <Ghirahimiscool> Hi.
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> Flying
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> Then they go flying
09/12/2012 19:51 <Ventus> round and round
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> But not when Ganon's on the bus
09/12/2012 19:51 <Cfrock> Ganon sneezed...: http://si.wsj.net/public/resources/images/OB-BJ805_busexp_20080505074642.jpg
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> Round and round
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> The wheels on the bus go round and round
09/12/2012 19:50 <Azure Sage> Bye-Bye bus
09/12/2012 19:49 <mandym287> xDDD
09/12/2012 19:49 <Cfrock> Seems inconvenient. What if he's on the bus?
09/12/2012 19:49 <Cfrock> So he has to turn into Ganon to sneeze?
09/12/2012 19:49 <mandym287> oooh, I have an idea
09/12/2012 19:48 <mandym287> like lazy lazy lazy animators
09/12/2012 19:48 <mandym287> Like SS Zelda's when she wore it down. Like split into lumps of lasagna
09/12/2012 19:48 <mandym287> His hair looks so weird as Ganon in OoT, though
09/12/2012 19:47 <mandym287> http://triumphforks.webs.com/can-i-has-bacon.PNG <<< I see nostrils now
09/12/2012 19:47 <Ventus> xD
09/12/2012 19:47 <mandym287> because he can't blow his nose like a normal person
09/12/2012 19:47 <zelda_geek> x'DD
09/12/2012 19:47 <mandym287> Maybe that's why he pukes up booger
09/12/2012 19:46 <Cfrock> He doesn't have time for nostrils
09/12/2012 19:46 <zelda_geek> xDD
09/12/2012 19:46 <zelda_geek> how does he breathe
09/12/2012 19:46 <mandym287> LMFAO
09/12/2012 19:46 <zelda_geek> he has no nostrils
09/12/2012 19:46 <mandym287> http://triumphforks.webs.com/wtfcape.PNG
09/12/2012 19:45 <mandym287> somewhat
09/12/2012 19:45 <mandym287> Prolly cuz his nose looks somewhat normal at that angle
09/12/2012 19:45 <Ventus> hyrule* is a boss
09/12/2012 19:45 <Ventus> hyruke
09/12/2012 19:45 <Cfrock> Gani looks so pleased
09/12/2012 19:45 <mandym287> xDDD Liverrrr
09/12/2012 19:45 <Cfrock> If you want it to be
09/12/2012 19:45 <Lord Vain> I'm still Liver o,o
09/12/2012 19:45 <mandym287> http://triumphforks.webs.com/just-pose.PNG
09/12/2012 19:44 <mandym287> Is that Hyrule?
09/12/2012 19:44 <mandym287> H'ya?
09/12/2012 19:44 <Cfrock> What's all goin' on up in h'ya?
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Oct 26, 2012
[4:19:57 PM] linkerbelle: rueighoref
[4:26:27 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: SGcddrsdvuhxryopwq
[4:26:46 PM] linkerbelle: yoo
[4:27:10 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: ay, gurl
[4:27:44 PM] linkerbelle: this feels kinda weird. i'm not used to this much estrogen in this chat.
[4:27:56 PM] linkerbelle: where is everyone?
[4:28:09 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: good question :P
[4:28:22 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: no idea, though
[4:28:39 PM] linkerbelle: meh
[4:29:15 PM] linkerbelle: we should talk about tampons and justin bieber until the boys get back.
[4:29:19 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: its depressing
[4:29:24 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Hmmm yes
[4:29:27 PM] linkerbelle: then they have to read all our girly ****.
[4:29:53 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: yeah XD
[4:30:32 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: what's your favorite brand of tampon? ;p
[4:31:00 PM] linkerbelle: who cares, as long as it has a plastic applicator, am i right?
[4:31:15 PM] linkerbelle: and don't get me started on wings.
[4:31:24 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Oh, yeah.
[4:31:48 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Whoever invented those is my savior.
[4:32:05 PM] linkerbelle: yes. i also like yogurt.
[4:32:08 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: But I think I'm mostly a kotex girl.
[4:32:16 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Same!
[4:32:35 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: I totally got the most prettiest manicure today too, omg
[4:32:51 PM] linkerbelle: nothing beats those live, active cultures... and only 90 calories!
[4:33:13 PM] linkerbelle: did you get french tips?
[4:33:25 PM] linkerbelle: they're so classic.
[4:33:31 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: sparkly pink with heart decals!
[4:33:47 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Gosh, I just LOOOOVE pink!
[4:33:51 PM] linkerbelle: <3 <3
[4:34:00 PM] linkerbelle: ~*~
[4:34:24 PM] LegendOfZelda: [4:33:30 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: sparkly pink with heart decals!
[4:33:46 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Gosh, I just LOOOOVE pink!
[4:33:50 PM] linkerbelle: <3 <3
[4:33:59 PM] linkerbelle: ~*~

/me comes in.
[4:34:29 PM] LegendOfZelda: LegendOfZelda walks away.
[4:34:39 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: XD
[4:34:44 PM] linkerbelle: YES!
[4:34:54 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: success.
[4:34:57 PM] LegendOfZelda: I'm still waiting for the pillow fight.
[4:35:01 PM] linkerbelle: (highfive)
[4:35:17 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: (highfive)
[4:35:42 PM] linkerbelle: that part comes after hollie informs me of the potential side effects of a new birth control method.
[4:36:19 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: Yepp, and after that we play truth or dare and spin the bottle.
[4:36:49 PM] linkerbelle: and do yoga.
[4:37:00 PM] linkerbelle: and then talk about yogurt again.
[4:37:13 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: care to join, loz? ;D
[4:37:42 PM] LegendOfZelda: Oh yeah ;)
[4:38:50 PM] linkerbelle: you missed the scantily clad jell-o wrestling, though.
[4:38:53 PM] linkerbelle: sry.
[4:39:01 PM] linkerbelle: we get that out of the way early.
[4:40:50 PM] LegendOfZelda: Damn it!

Hollie is my soul-sister.


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
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[8:16:33 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: OHMYGOD
I can't stop laughing :lol:

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