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Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
[10:09:21 PM] Seth: Pancake, can I go into your account
[10:09:34 PM] PancakeSamurai: no
[10:09:41 PM] Seth: I want to flirt with that chick for you
[10:09:43 PM] Dan: back
[10:09:47 PM] PancakeSamurai: what chick?
[10:09:59 PM] Mandi Fenske: do it!
[10:10:02 PM] Seth: It'll be fun
[10:10:03 PM] Seth: Pls
[10:10:09 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: she wants his pancake batter
[10:10:09 PM] Dan: go on pancake!
[10:10:27 PM] Mandi Fenske: yeah, make sure to talk about his pancake batter A LOT.
[10:10:31 PM] Mandi Fenske: chicks dig that.
[10:10:38 PM] Seth: Oh I will
[10:10:48 PM] Seth: Please Pancake
[10:10:53 PM] PancakeSamurai: No
[10:10:53 PM | Edited 10:11:01 PM] Seth: I won't do nothing else in there
[10:11:01 PM] PancakeSamurai: I don't want to be banned
[10:11:10 PM] Seth: You won't get banned for flirty pms
[10:11:11 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: why would you be?\
[10:11:17 PM] Seth: Don't be silly
[10:11:35 PM] PancakeSamurai: I don't trust you with my account
[10:11:40 PM] Seth: What would I do in there?
[10:11:51 PM] Seth: I have no intention to get you in trouble
[10:12:05 PM] Seth: At least let us write it for you
[10:12:13 PM] Seth: Then you can respond and tell us what she says
[10:12:21 PM] PancakeSamurai: um no
[10:12:24 PM] Seth: YES
[10:12:26 PM] Seth: Please
[10:12:30 PM] Seth: C'mon
[10:12:32 PM] Seth: She wants you bro
[10:12:35 PM] PancakeSamurai: i don't want to
[10:12:49 PM] Dan: go on pancake! :D
[10:12:52 PM] Seth: Ask her if she wants to play with your pancake batter
[10:13:02 PM] Dan: x'D
[10:13:09 PM] PancakeSamurai: no
[10:13:14 PM] Seth: Please!
[10:13:18 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: omg please do this
[10:13:33 PM] Dan's #1 Fan: We're begging you.
[10:13:38 PM] PancakeSamurai: no
[10:13:38 PM] Seth: It will be great PS
[10:13:40 PM] Seth: Yes
[10:13:42 PM] Seth: Do it

How did i get myself into this?
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Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
Oh seth:D
[05:13:22] Mandi Fenske: It's now my mission to get Pancake laid.
[05:13:37] Mandi Fenske: even if it's on skype.
[05:13:44] Dan: Told you mandi is awesome ;)
[05:13:56] Seth: Just say: "Nice to meet you, how would you like to play with my pancake batter? Be careful though, it may get into your eyes."
[05:14:03] Mandi Fenske: hahah
[05:14:06] Dan: rofl!


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
6:32 AM * Violet 's hair is purple and has a black hat
6:31 AM * Violet wears a black Link hat
6:31 AM <Atticus> MWHAHAHAHAHA
6:31 AM <Atticus> even better
6:31 AM <Atticus> y u do dat
6:31 AM * Violet wears a Shadow Link wig
6:31 AM <Atticus> y
6:31 AM * Violet throws the devil horns
6:31 AM * Atticus evil laughs
6:31 AM <Violet> lol
6:31 AM <PancakeSamurai> ok i'm scared
6:31 AM * Atticus gives Vio devil horns
6:30 AM <PancakeSamurai> Hi Pancake >:|
6:30 AM <Violet> AHAHHAHA
6:30 AM <Atticus> MWHAHAHAHA
6:30 AM <Atticus> Bye Vio >8D
6:30 AM <PancakeSamurai> ...
6:30 AM <Violet> >;3
6:30 AM <Violet> Bye Atticus.
6:38 AM <Violet> derpona
6:37 AM <Atticus> herponion
6:37 AM <Violet> derponion
6:37 AM <Atticus> derpy
6:36 AM <Violet> herpy
6:36 AM <Atticus> derptonion
6:36 AM <Violet> herptonion.
6:36 AM <Atticus> herpton.
6:36 AM <Violet> derpton.
6:35 AM <Atticus> derpson.
6:35 AM <Violet> herpson.
6:35 AM <Atticus> derpina.
6:35 AM <Violet> herpina.
6:35 AM <Atticus> derpetter
6:35 AM <Violet> herpette.
6:34 AM <Atticus> herp.
6:34 AM <Violet> derp.

I'm scared o.o
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Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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4:12 PM <Azure Sage> Mandy I love your dreams
4:12 PM <mandym287> he was flamboyant in a different way, but he had a similar hairstyle, lmao
4:12 PM <mandym287> but he bloated up like Violet from Willy Wonka, except he turned into a pumpkin instead of a blueberry
4:12 PM <mandym287> he, like, was flamboyant, of course, but he had really weird skin, like purpleish orangish
4:11 PM <mandym287> his name was Puzulis the Discolored Pumpkin Man
4:11 PM <mandym287> 'course he looked slightly different, but somewhat similar
4:10 PM <mandym287> like a year before
4:10 PM <mandym287> and I had a dream about Ghirahim before I even saw him in that trailer

Mandy recounts the best dream I've ever heard about.


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
[4:33:26 PM] Seth: I am going to buy some RPG making software and make "PancakeSamurai: The RPG"
[4:33:40 PM] PancakeSamurai: why?
[4:33:43 PM] Seth: Amber will be the final boss.
[4:34:04 PM] Dan: x'D

Why is it always me?

[6:18:51 PM] PancakeSamurai: stop trying to get me laid
[6:18:53 PM] Seth: no
[6:18:58 PM] Seth: we WILL get you laid
[6:19:03 PM] PancakeSamurai: nope
[6:20:15 PM] linkerbelle: "stop trying to get me laid", said a teenaged boy for the first time in history.
[6:20:29 PM] Seth: ^
[6:20:31 PM] PancakeSamurai: I'm not normal
[6:21:08 PM] linkerbelle: well, duh.
Hi linkerbelle, I'm PancakeSamurai. I'm not a normal teenager.
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Sep 19, 2011
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wow wow wee wa!
[03:00:46] PancakeSamurai: [02:50] Seth:

<<< The Legend of Amber

The Legend of Amber II: Adventure of PancakeSamurai

The Legend of Amber: A Pancake to the Past

The Legend of Amber: PancakeSamurai's Awakening

The Legend of Amber: Pancake of Time

The Legend of Amber: Pancake's Mask

The Legend of Amber: Oracle of Pancakes

The Legend of Amber: The Pancake Waker

The Legend of Amber: Phantom Pancake

The Legend of Amber: Pancake Tracks

The Legend of Amber: Minish Pancake

The Legend of Amber: Four Pancakes Adventures

The Legend of Amber: Twilight Pancake

The Legend of Amber: Skyward Pancake

Why is he always a negative nancy! :'(
[04:13:14] Dan: meep
[04:13:25] Dan: how are you fine folks today
[04:13:40] Van: doing fine
[04:13:47] PancakeSamurai: bad
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Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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2:09 AM <Derpy Mage> #DERP
2:09 AM <Azure Sage> #lolufunny
2:09 AM <Hero of Time> #betterthananime
2:08 AM <Azure Sage> #twittersux
2:07 AM <Hero of Time> #noihaveone
2:07 AM <Azure Sage> #nou
2:07 AM <Hero of Time> #thengtfo
2:07 AM <Azure Sage> #nope
2:07 AM <Hero of Time> #doyouevenhaveatwitter
2:06 AM <Azure Sage> #hashtag
2:06 AM <Hero of Time> #yourblogsucks
2:06 AM <Azure Sage> #yes
2:06 AM <Hero of Time> #no
2:05 AM <Azure Sage> #adzuretising
2:05 AM <Azure Sage> http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/blogs/10840/facts-about-azure-sage-6878/



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Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
5:06 AM <Axle the Beast> Yes
5:06 AM <Turo602> Suuure.
5:06 AM <Axle the Beast> YOU TRICKED ME
5:06 AM <Axle the Beast> YOU
5:06 AM <Axle the Beast> Dammit
5:06 AM <Axle the Beast> V right there
5:06 AM <Turo602> Yes, and thanks.
5:06 AM <Axle the Beast> http://na.leagueoflegends.com/champi...or_of_the_void
5:06 AM <Axle the Beast> ^ this guy
5:06 AM <Axle the Beast> Not V that guy
5:06 AM <Axle the Beast> No
5:05 AM <Turo602> Thanks
5:03 AM <Axle the Beast> Is awesome
5:03 AM <Axle the Beast> This guy

It's official guys, Axle knows I'm awesome.

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
10:05 PM <Violet> LOL
10:05 PM <Castle> don't burst my bubble
10:05 PM <Violet> loooooool
10:05 PM * Castle is Bubble Wrap Man.
10:05 PM <The Shadow> Bubble wrap man? thats even worse than Bubble man and he sucks!
10:05 PM <Violet> lol
10:05 PM * The Shadow lights the Styrofoam suit on fire
10:04 PM * Castle is Styrofoam Man
10:04 PM * The Shadow uses an emp to shut down the Iron Man suit
10:04 PM * Castle is Iron Man
10:03 PM <Castle> I am Iron Man.
10:03 PM <Violet> nou, shadow link! dark link sucks

What is going on :lol:.


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Nov 24, 2009
Redmond, Washington
24/11/2012 15:38 Eyes fixed on Regal, * Locke reaches for Lambda's popcorn
24/11/2012 15:38 <zelda_geek> speaking of brb, brb
24/11/2012 15:38 <JuicieJ> Jenn
24/11/2012 15:38 <zelda_geek> k
24/11/2012 15:38 <Azure Sage> Brb
24/11/2012 15:38 <Azure Sage> I want food
24/11/2012 15:38 <mandym287> YOUR STARING BROKE HUEY
24/11/2012 15:38 <RegalBryant> I have many, GWAF.
24/11/2012 15:38 * Lambda munches on popcorn
24/11/2012 15:38 * RegalBryant stares deep into Locke's soles
24/11/2012 15:38 <GirlWithAFairy> RB has a soul?
24/11/2012 15:38 <Azure Sage> ... dis gon be gud
24/11/2012 15:37 * Azure Sage eyes dart back and forth between Mandy and Locke
24/11/2012 15:37 * Locke stares deep into Regal's soul
24/11/2012 15:37 <RegalBryant> Regal stares deep into Locke's eyes
24/11/2012 15:37 <Lambda> Ruh roh.
24/11/2012 15:37 * Locke and scowling
24/11/2012 15:37 <mandym287> what did I do? ;c
24/11/2012 15:37 * Locke with his arms crossed
24/11/2012 15:37 <Azure Sage> lol Locke
24/11/2012 15:37 * Locke scans the room, looking each troublemaker in the eyes in turn before resting on Mandy's for a sufficiently awkward amount of time
24/11/2012 15:36 <Azure Sage> the helvetica
24/11/2012 15:36 <mandym287> what the frutiger are you guys doing
24/11/2012 15:36 <RegalBryant> @AZ
24/11/2012 15:36 <mandym287> ☼ ☼ ☼
24/11/2012 15:36 <RegalBryant> everything
24/11/2012 15:36 <Locke> *ahem*


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
What a funny little girl. :)
[24/11/2012 07:18:24] Dan's #1 Fan: Axle the Beast | Homepage of The Beast
[24/11/2012 07:18:30] Dan's #1 Fan: am currently losing my ****
[24/11/2012 07:18:55] Dan's #1 Fan: http://axlethebeast.com/images/blog/2012/04/TempBanner.jpg THIS PICTURE
[24/11/2012 07:19:41] LegendOfZelda: to save Humanity!
[24/11/2012 07:20:02] linkerbelle: Hahahahahaha @ that pic
[24/11/2012 07:20:24] LegendOfZelda: ^
[24/11/2012 07:20:26] LegendOfZelda: :D
[24/11/2012 07:21:06] linkerbelle: That oversized beanie makes him look really cool.
[24/11/2012 07:22:30] linkerbelle: it also looks like he's storing things in it like a chipmunk but instead of a pouch, he has a ridiculous hat.
[24/11/2012 07:22:38] Seth: xD
[24/11/2012 07:23:07] Dan: (rofl)


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
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[7:35:33 PM] Nelson: I killed so many cattle
[7:35:42 PM] Nelson: but it's still only enough to make 3 bookcases
[7:35:43 PM] PancakeSamurai: :|
[7:35:43 PM] Nelson: kind of sad
[7:35:52 PM] Nelson: 27 leather = 27 books
[7:35:54 PM] Nelson: wait...
[7:36:00 PM] Nelson: nvm
[7:36:10 PM] Nelson: no wait
[7:36:16 PM] Nelson: is it 1 or 3 leather to make a book?
[7:36:18 PM] Nelson: ...
[7:36:20 PM] Nelson: I think it's one
[7:36:25 PM] michael.triplett8: For lulz or food?
[7:36:27 PM] Nelson: three books to a bookcase
[7:36:29 PM] Nelson: if I'm right
[7:36:34 PM] Nelson: it should be 9 bookcases
[7:36:35 PM] PancakeSamurai: What just happened?
[7:36:36 PM] Nelson: but if I'm wrong
[7:36:40 PM] Nelson: it only makes three
[7:36:49 PM] michael.triplett8: What game are you playing?
[7:36:52 PM] Nelson: minecraft
[7:37:02 PM] Nelson: I went to really far away to get leather
[7:37:05 PM] Nelson: like, literally
[7:37:20 PM] Nelson: to x: 1200 z: -1400
[7:37:30 PM] Nelson: while my home is around the x: 100 z: 0 mark
[7:37:31 PM] michael.triplett8: That wouldve been my guess
I still don't know what just happened

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