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Luigi Fan
Apr 20, 2010
Hyrule Castle
11:39 PM <Linknerd09> Forever Alone....;-;
11:38 PM <Linknerd09> There's nobody to talk to in the SB.
11:38 PM <Linknerd09> Holy Hyrule....I'm so weird.
11:38 PM <Linknerd09> Maybe it is...
11:37 PM <Linknerd09> I don't even know if 'Conversating' is a word...
Akuhime-sama Answered in thread : Which Game Do You Think Has the Best Graphics of All Time?
11:36 PM <Linknerd09> I'm alone that I'm conversating with myself...
11:36 PM <Linknerd09> Oh DGN, we pledge our usernames to you, as faithful, as deep, as true, as Zelda. DGN, we love you!

I was so lonely at the Shoutbox yesterday. Talking to myself, DGN must really think super weird.:lol:


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
8:14 PM <Azure Sage> Do I have to use my parents' credit card to fly out to wherever you are in Malaysia and show up to your spelling bee crossdressing as a cheerleader just to cheer you on?
Drum screws with us on Skype.

[6:39:38 PM] Duncan Johnson: I urge you to leave that chat!
[6:40:00 PM] A Link In Time: Why?
[6:40:16 PM] Duncan Johnson: It is not safe In_time. It may uneven your mind.
[6:40:39 PM] Duncan Johnson: Only those with a strong mind can bear such a thing and walk out with their humanity unshattered.
[6:55:06 PM] Duncan Johnson: You will pay deeply for removing me from that cult.
[6:55:12 PM] Duncan Johnson: I was writing down details you fool!

[7:20:51 PM] Matt: Girls exist on the internet? :^)
[7:20:57 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: No matt
[7:21:00 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: We dont

[7:21:15 PM] Vanitas: I mean, come the **** on. Black people aren't all bad. And the ones that ARE bad, guess why they're bad? They're ignored and not raised correctly. They're talked down to.
[7:21:41 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: Ben ppl
[7:21:51 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: Brb*** **** you iPhone!!!
[7:21:56 PM] Vanitas: It's true--they hurt themselves by being different for the sake of it in all the wrong ways--but oftentimes outside sources play a huge role in the crime rate
[7:21:59 PM] Vanitas: kk Jenn
[7:21:59 PM] Duncan Johnson: YES and it's your JOB, to do something about it.
[7:22:05 PM] Matt: The only ones I don't like, have the same kind of attiude that a lot of people I don't like have. That is... thinking they're better than everyone else because of what they are. And that they deserve more because of what they are.
[7:22:18 PM] Duncan Johnson: I have tried talking to them only to have my arm broken.
[7:22:34 PM | Edited 7:22:50 PM] DARK MASTER: Jenn---GirlWithAFairy, you wanna find some fokes and Brawl?
[7:22:35 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: Pfft
[7:23:03 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: Ya give me about 30 DM so I can put the kids in bed
[7:23:32 PM] Duncan Johnson: You have kids, yet you dwell in this cult?
[7:23:33 PM] DARK MASTER: That's fine, but I'm wondering who we should have Brawl with us? :^)
[7:23:42 PM] Vanitas: Drum, chill out bro
[7:23:47 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: My kids love these people
[7:24:03 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: My son thinks DM is hilarouos
[7:24:12 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: Hilarious*
[7:24:17 PM] Vanitas: calm your tits--this isn't a cult. we're just talking.
[7:24:50 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: And I dwell in my house, not the net
[7:24:50 PM] Duncan Johnson: That's how it goes, then the next thing you know. A entire nation is getting insulted.
[7:25:04 PM] Vanitas: Let me guess. Pedo clowns.
[7:25:19 PM] Duncan Johnson: Please don't utter those words.
[7:25:22 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: Not Pedo Clowns!!
[7:25:35 PM] Vanitas: How dare you Jenn
[7:25:39 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: Anything but those!!!
[7:25:42 PM] Vanitas: you ****ing insulted an entire nation!
[7:25:47 PM] Vanitas: You insulted France!!
[7:25:47 PM] Duncan Johnson: You think it's funny insulting France?
[7:25:54 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: I did?!? Gasp!!
[7:26:26 PM] Duncan Johnson: What does the Zelda Dungeon forum have agaist France?
[7:26:44 PM] Vanitas: nothing at all.
[7:26:46 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: I thought they were called toad suckers as an insult
[7:26:53 PM] Vanitas: Explain how "pedo clowns" is an insult to France.

Regarding Dan. :xd:

[7:28:42 PM] Duncan Johnson: Even since that person made it a meme to hurt France.
[7:28:52 PM] Duncan Johnson: So I am ending it here.
[7:28:58 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: I want to see this meme
[7:29:03 PM] Vanitas: It isn't a meme, nor is it an insult.
[7:29:13 PM] Duncan Johnson: It is an insult!
[7:29:17 PM] Vanitas: How?
[7:29:21 PM] Goddess: That was Dan and it was NO insult
[7:29:34 PM | Edited 7:29:45 PM] Goddess: he was refering to clowns
[7:29:38 PM] Goddess: not to France
[7:29:50 PM] Duncan Johnson: Oh.
[7:29:54 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: Lol
[7:29:57 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: Snap
[7:30:00 PM] Duncan Johnson: Why didn't anyone tell me?
[7:30:01 PM] Goddess: he was refering to the fact that many clowns are hidden pedophiles
[7:30:05 PM] A Link In Time: lmao Drum
[7:30:08 PM] A Link In Time: (facepalm)
[7:30:15 PM] Duncan Johnson: NO IT IS NOT FUNNY.
[7:30:24 PM] Goddess: You insulted Dan because of this
[7:30:26 PM] Duncan Johnson: You had me believe he insulted an entire nation!
[7:30:37 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: Lol ALIT
[7:30:38 PM] Vanitas: No.
[7:30:44 PM] Vanitas: No one made you believe he insulted a nation.
[7:30:48 PM] Goddess: He was refering to the CLOWNS
[7:31:05 PM] Duncan Johnson: No you did not.
[7:31:12 PM] Goddess: yes we did
[7:31:12 PM] Goddess: Oh yes
[7:31:22 PM] Goddess: but you were so angry you left
[7:31:22 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: Anywho back in a few
[7:31:37 PM] Duncan Johnson: That doesn't sound like me at all.
[7:31:45 PM] Goddess: You did say that Drum
[7:31:58 PM] Goddess: You even reported Dan for that
[7:32:08 PM] Goddess: I am a mod on that site so i know
[7:32:08 PM] Vanitas: You then went on to say you need to drink a lot of water.
[7:32:44 PM] Duncan Johnson: Well he needed to be punished anyway, he told a forum FULL OF 10 year olds he was wearing some sexual cloths.
[7:33:01 PM] Zack TMS: um
[7:33:03 PM] Goddess: FULL of 10 years old?
[7:33:03 PM] Zack TMS: is anyone here
[7:33:10 PM] Kanye West: I've only seen 1
[7:33:19 PM] Vanitas: there's only one
[7:33:21 PM] Goddess: I think we have only 2 or 3
[7:33:31 PM] Vanitas: and what do you mean "sexual cloths"?
[7:33:38 PM] Goddess: Everybody else is 15+
[7:33:42 PM] Goddess: Boxers
[7:33:48 PM] Vanitas: no way.
[7:33:50 PM] Goddess: Drum forgets it was July and summer
[7:33:57 PM] Duncan Johnson: Yes he said that Goddess.
[7:34:04 PM] Zack TMS: nvm
[7:34:05 PM] Duncan Johnson: It's horrible and foul!
[7:34:07 PM] Vanitas: boxers are underwear. everyone wears underwear.
[7:34:08 PM] Zack TMS: skype was being stupid
[7:34:26 PM] Vanitas: or are you saying that my wife cannot tell our children that she wears a bra?
[7:34:38 PM] Duncan Johnson: NO!
[7:34:46 PM] Duncan Johnson: Humanity will not prosper from this.
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Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
This is essentially what I've been doing for the past thirty minutes or so. Very entertaining.
[8:20:15 PM] Vanitas: Hi duncon.johnson90! I’d like to add you on Skype. Vanitas
[8:20:39 PM] Vanitas: So, what's your problem?
[8:21:31 PM] Duncan Johnson: I have no problem.
[8:21:45 PM] Duncan Johnson: Do you think it's right that I am being insulted because of my views?
[8:22:07 PM] Vanitas: Like I said earlier, you aren't being insulted because of your views. You're being insulted because of the DEGREE of your views.
[8:22:45 PM] Duncan Johnson: Does that really call for insultive nature?
[8:23:00 PM] Vanitas: Yes it does.
[8:23:03 PM] Duncan Johnson: It's strange because other groups I'm in are perfectly fine and mature towards me.
[8:23:31 PM] Vanitas: Tell me, should a man with religious view X--who believes that everyone who doesn't have religious view X should be burned and stoned--be ridiculed or even insulted?
[8:23:35 PM] Vanitas: Or should he be left as is?
[8:23:59 PM] Duncan Johnson: I see what you are doing. Yes this is how I always feel.
[8:24:13 PM] Duncan Johnson: I am so glad you of all people are finally understanding me.
[8:24:32 PM] Duncan Johnson: I always had a good feeling about you, but you were mislead by ther other fish.
[8:25:14 PM] Vanitas: Answer my question, please. Should the extreme one be left alone or corrected?
[8:25:48 PM] Duncan Johnson: I should be left alone!
[8:26:24 PM] Vanitas: I believe the extreme one should be corrected. It's obvious he is a bit extreme.
[8:27:03 PM] Duncan Johnson: Tell me why do you think of me as extreme?
[8:27:43 PM] Vanitas: I believe you are extreme because you are pushing your radical views on everyone else.
[8:28:26 PM] Duncan Johnson: I am merely trying to encourage others to eat healthy. It would bring joy to me if they were to.
[8:28:51 PM] Duncan Johnson: I love our race. I want to see it live longer.
[8:28:58 PM] Vanitas: I understand what you mean. I encourage people to kiss others and to hug others. But, there is a manner in which you encourage people.
[8:29:23 PM] Vanitas: And there are those who do not WANT to be encouraged. It is better to leave them alone than to stubbornly try to reach their sealed hearts. No matter what you say, nothing will reach them.
[8:30:05 PM] Duncan Johnson: It is hard for me to ignore the people I so dearly want to help.
[8:30:22 PM] Vanitas: I know it's hard. It was hard for me to ignore the girl I so dearly wanted to love.
[8:30:28 PM] Vanitas: But I had to ignore her. It's the chain of life.
[8:30:35 PM] Vanitas: If you can't handle this, well so be it.
This is hilarious.

[8:29:41 PM] *** A Link In Time removed Duncan Johnson from this conversation. ***
[8:29:49 PM] Zack TMS: DAMN IT ALIT
[8:29:51 PM] Zack TMS: WHY
[8:29:56 PM] Vanitas: i am having quite the convo with my dearest drum
[8:30:10 PM] Zeldalinknavi: oh so you tell me not to remove him
[8:30:14 PM] Zeldalinknavi: so you can
[8:30:16 PM] Zeldalinknavi: huh?
[8:30:31 PM] *** A Link In Time added Duncan Johnson ***
[8:30:37 PM | Removed by A Link In Time, 8:30:45 PM] Zack TMS: This message has been removed.

[7:54:26 PM] Duncan Johnson: I have calmed down now.
[7:54:41 PM] Duncan Johnson: I am however putting you on my notepad.
[8:30:55 PM] Duncan Johnson: readd me this instance foul one.

[8:30:46 PM | Edited 8:30:52 PM] PancakeSamurai: Seth, WaffleNinjaxPancakeSamurai is no longer a ship
[8:30:53 PM] Seth: She later finds out how he has been courting Amber as well
[8:30:57 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: Nope
[8:31:08 PM] PancakeSamurai: Vain made me divorce her
[8:31:13 PM] Seth: This is a take that starts in the past PanSam, it provides a canonical reason for your break up.
[8:31:25 PM] PancakeSamurai: Vain made me
[8:31:25 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: oOO
[8:31:26 PM] Seth: We need a ZD canon.
[8:31:27 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: Plot
[8:31:31 PM] PancakeSamurai: omg
[8:32:05 PM] Seth: Also, while they start fighting, eventually Amber and WaffleNinja have an affair together.
[8:32:12 PM] Vanitas: LMAO
[8:32:23 PM | Edited 8:32:26 PM] PancakeSamurai: i hate this
[8:32:32 PM] Seth: This will be like a soap opera, but with lots of sex.
[8:32:41 PM] Jenn---GirlWithAFairy: YES!!!
[8:32:54 PM] 425: so like a soapy steamy shower opera
[8:32:59 PM] Seth: We each should write it all together.
[8:33:01 PM] Seth: Exactly.
[8:33:31 PM] Seth: A multipart series on Literotica, coming soon!
[8:33:46 PM] Seth: Rather...Cumming soon

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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4:48 PM * Azure Sage walks the **** back on the yacht he bought with Joy and JJ and Keith's pron video money and sails away into the sunset
4:47 PM * Atticus walks the **** out of ZD and drives a car to YOLOville to pursue a career in Swag
4:47 PM * Ganondork does the ****ing dinosaur
4:47 PM * Ganondork gets the **** on the floor
4:47 PM * Azure Sage walks the **** inb4 other directions
4:47 PM * Ganondork walks the **** through the door
4:46 PM * Atticus walks the **** in
4:46 PM * JuicieJ walks the **** out

* Azure Sage walks the **** into this thread and posts this convo


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
ALIT lives a sad life.
[6/13/2012 8:47:59 PM] Big Octo: ALIT is a virgin
[6/13/2012 8:48:15 PM] Atticus On ZeldaDungeon: ALIT will forever be a virign.
[6/13/2012 8:49:32 PM] Dan: ALIT it's almost 8pm, time for bed
[6/13/2012 8:49:51 PM] Atticus On ZeldaDungeon: Linky poo, mama says it's time for beddy by.
[6/13/2012 8:50:42 PM] wolf.sage: ALIT hasn't taken his mid-day nap today...
[6/13/2012 8:51:05 PM] Dan: ALIT hasn't taken his milk or cookiers either wolfy
[6/13/2012 8:51:08 PM] Dan: cookies*
[6/13/2012 8:51:20 PM] Big Octo: We haven't breasted ALIT, either.


Man... the ****???
Oct 25, 2012
F***ing LaLa Land!!!
12:58 AM <Castle> there needs to be a thread "**** people say on the zd shoutbox"
1:00 AM <Trio the Punch> There is
1:00 AM <Trio the Punch> memorable IMs and conversations thread
1:01 AM <Trio the Punch> :I
1:01 AM <GirlWithAFairy> Lol
For those of you wondering what Drum's been up to:

[9:00:22 PM] Duncan Johnson: Simply stunning.
[9:00:42 PM] Zeldalinknavi: ...
[9:00:53 PM] DARK MASTER: Does anyone like racists?
[9:01:41 PM] Zeldalinknavi: no?
[9:01:48 PM] Zeldalinknavi: thank god my comp catched up
[9:02:33 PM] λ: [9:00 PM] DARK MASTER:

<<< Does anyone like racists?Why would anyone like racists?
[9:02:50 PM] Duncan Johnson: Racist behavior I will not acept. I've even punched a man for picking on a man of black skin.
[9:02:55 PM] Zeldalinknavi: ._.
[9:02:56 PM] DARK MASTER: [9:02 PM] λ:

<<< Why would anyone like racists?Well, you never know with people.
[9:03:00 PM] Duncan Johnson: Humanity likes to find flaws.
[9:03:11 PM] Zeldalinknavi: aaaaaand here we go...
[9:03:50 PM] Duncan Johnson: A fan of yu-gi-oh?
[9:04:00 PM] Zeldalinknavi: hm?
[9:04:13 PM] Duncan Johnson: That franchise was racist to an entire nation.
[9:04:49 PM] Zeldalinknavi: T_T;;;
[9:04:52 PM] Zeldalinknavi: Dont Hate
[9:05:22 PM] Duncan Johnson: Excuse me, when in Gods name did I say I hate anything?
[9:05:39 PM] Duncan Johnson: Humanity is far too quick to hate one another.
[9:05:41 PM] NewtrogicSonic: kissme
[9:05:53 PM] Zeldalinknavi: wut?
[9:05:55 PM] Duncan Johnson: I shall do no such thing, in future never request that again.
[9:06:04 PM] NewtrogicSonic: smooches
[9:06:11 PM] Zeldalinknavi: oh god -_-
[9:06:17 PM] Duncan Johnson: I do not want sex with any of you.
[9:06:35 PM] Duncan Johnson: I want to make that perfectly clear right now. I value sex as an act of love.
[9:06:44 PM] Duncan Johnson: Not for a pathetic quick plessure.
[9:06:53 PM] NewtrogicSonic: i love you too bb
[9:07:17 PM] Duncan Johnson: You children wouldn't know what love was if it hit you in the face.
[9:07:32 PM] NewtrogicSonic: i was born in the 50's
[9:07:34 PM] NewtrogicSonic: i know love
[9:07:59 PM | Edited 9:08:19 PM] Duncan Johnson: Hah you behave like the common 7 year olds that harass me in the morning when I'm out to get my milk.
[9:08:13 PM] NewtrogicSonic: what
[9:08:17 PM] Zeldalinknavi: xD
[9:08:21 PM] NewtrogicSonic: you must be living in some place wacky
[9:08:27 PM] Zeldalinknavi: lol
[9:09:03 PM] Duncan Johnson: That I am not. Humanity has become quite "wacky" if you couldn't tell.
[9:09:17 PM] NewtrogicSonic: yeah
[9:09:21 PM] NewtrogicSonic: so lets do it
[9:09:31 PM] DARK MASTER: [9:04 PM] Duncan Johnson:

<<< That franchise was racist to an entire nation.Not really.
[9:09:32 PM] Duncan Johnson: What are you stating?
[9:10:19 PM] Duncan Johnson: Dark master, do not even get into a debate with me on this matter. To support such a cult is sick and wrong.
[9:11:29 PM] NewtrogicSonic: Duncan, I love you
[9:11:41 PM] Zeldalinknavi: Yugioh isnt racist
[9:11:44 PM] Zeldalinknavi: end of story
[9:12:24 PM] A Link In Time: Hi, Drum.
[9:12:26 PM] Duncan Johnson: How many times must I tell you. I am not in this so called "group chat". To have sex with one another. I am here to talk to you about our interests. Our way of life.
[9:12:37 PM] A Link In Time: What are you smoking?
[9:12:39 PM] Duncan Johnson: Hello In_time.
[9:12:42 PM] Zeldalinknavi: this isnt a Life chat either
[9:12:56 PM] Zeldalinknavi: well...sometimes
[9:12:56 PM] Vanitas: Hello Drum.
[9:12:59 PM] Duncan Johnson: I don't smoke In_time, and I never will. Smoking is pathetic.
[9:13:06 PM] NewtrogicSonic: This is an orgy, not a chat room
[9:13:08 PM] Vanitas: Drum, remember our chat?
[9:13:10 PM] NewtrogicSonic: I thought that was clear.
[9:13:43 PM] Duncan Johnson: Yes Vanitas. I was simply stating I'm not here for sex. I'm aware some of you enjoy meeting up and doing so. I do not wish to engage in it.
[9:13:50 PM] Vanitas: Remember what I told you about pushing your views on others and how it is extreme?
[9:14:03 PM] Vanitas: How if you don't want to be involved in something to just walk away and find another crowd?
[9:14:08 PM] Zeldalinknavi: .........
[9:14:10 PM] Vanitas: That is precisely what you're NOT doing here.
[9:14:22 PM] Kanye West: Drum let's have sex in a car <3

Azure Sage

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1:05 AM <Violet> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:05 AM <Violet> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:04 AM <Violet> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:04 AM <Violet> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:04 AM <Violet> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:04 AM <Violet> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:04 AM <zelda_geek> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:04 AM <Azure Sage> xD
1:04 AM <Azure Sage> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:04 AM <Azure Sage> God damn it why is that emote so funny
1:04 AM <Azure Sage> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:04 AM <Dracomajora> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:04 AM <Dracomajora> Meh. It's not like there's anything else going on.
1:03 AM <Azure Sage> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:03 AM <A Link In Time> @_@
1:03 AM <A Link In Time> Not this again.
1:03 AM <Dracomajora> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:03 AM <Dracomajora> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:03 AM <Dracomajora> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:03 AM <Dracomajora> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
1:02 AM <Dracomajora> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

That emoticon... xDDD


Sep 19, 2011
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Gotta love that pancake. ;)
[21/11/2012 04:50:04] PancakeSamurai: ok i am going to prove my perviness: Amber's shirt was kinda see through today
[21/11/2012 04:50:28] Seth: Pics?
[21/11/2012 04:50:30] PancakeSamurai: PancakeSamurai is not so innocent
[21/11/2012 04:50:35 | Edited 04:50:37] PancakeSamurai: no seth
[21/11/2012 04:50:39] Seth: :P
[21/11/2012 04:50:46] PancakeSamurai: omg
[21/11/2012 04:50:54] Dan's #1 Fan: He probably has a few that he took secretely
[21/11/2012 04:51:05] PancakeSamurai: My ipod decided to play a song called "Porno Creep" lol
[21/11/2012 04:51:08] Dan's #1 Fan: He puts them on his ceiling and stares at them everynight
[21/11/2012 04:51:14] PancakeSamurai: No
[21/11/2012 04:51:19] Dan's #1 Fan: your iPod knowwwwssssss
[21/11/2012 04:51:21] PancakeSamurai: I have no camera ;(
[21/11/2012 04:51:41] Dan: hollie you even cired in episode 52 season 12. Axles paintbrush, which was actually a rather uplifting episode!
[21/11/2012 04:51:58] Dan's #1 Fan: it
[21/11/2012 04:52:04] Dan's #1 Fan: I just had feels okay
[21/11/2012 04:52:11] Dan's #1 Fan: It happens
[21/11/2012 04:52:17] PancakeSamurai: I wish i had a camera on my ipod

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