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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
ALIT dishonors wolfys name by calling him..."Wlolf". I hope you all make fun of him for the next 12 decades for this.
9:35 AM * Turo602 uses the Jedi mind trick on the "Wlolf" who then eats ALIT
9:35 AM <Dan> wolfy can never be tamed, he hates the human race
9:35 AM * Lambda watches insanity
9:35 AM * A Link In Time hops out of porridge taming Wlolf who eats Turo.
9:34 AM * Dan throws ALIT into a bath of wolfys porridge
9:34 AM * Turo602 shoots ALIT in the knee as he flees
9:34 AM * A Link In Time flees.
9:34 AM * A Link In Time slaps Dan and Turo.
9:33 AM * Dan uses splash to reflect acid back onto turo
9:33 AM * Turo602 shoots Dan
9:32 AM <Dan> this gun is full of acid not bullets ;p
9:32 AM * Turo602 aims the gun


Nov 12, 2010
lmfao why do we have these conversations

[4:43:04 AM] Athenian200: Nintendo Power had this unique sense of humor you never forget.
[4:43:21 AM] Keith: Nintendo is that one friend that just never grew up
[4:43:55 AM] ALIT: Not really. When the company decided to take a more mature stance with the Gamecube though it backfired.
[4:43:59 AM] Kitsu: That's cause Nintendo has primordial dwarfism you insensitive *******!!!
The torture I am subjected to while I make a thread post. A single thread post. Can you imagine?

4:09 AM <A Link In Time> You're right. I'm a bratty little 12 year old girl.
4:08 AM * SinkingBadges no wait, a scold is enough
4:07 AM * SinkingBadges hits ALIT
4:07 AM <SinkingBadges> Respect your older ones young lady!
4:07 AM <A Link In Time> You poo heads.
4:07 AM <A Link In Time> Oh god wat.
A Link In Time answered in thread: Is Link More Relatable or More Inspiring?
4:05 AM <Dan> haha quite true xD
3:59 AM <SinkingBadges> I... forgot that part when I taught ALIT, though.
3:58 AM <SinkingBadges> It's good to know not to give yourself to anyone.
3:58 AM <SinkingBadges> Yeah, when you're a hard-working type of... eh, you know what, like me...
3:57 AM <Dan> honor !
3:57 AM <Dan> ALIT'S friend list is all the people he's slept with ;p
3:57 AM <SinkingBadges> Can't help feeling teaching him some honor would've been better, though.
3:56 AM <SinkingBadges> Yeah, I taught him well.
3:55 AM <Dan> who hasn't had him in the backalley
3:55 AM <Spirit of Rutela> So am I but a loyal one =]
3:54 AM <Dan>
3:54 AM <Turo602> ALIT is a slut.
3:54 AM <Dan> ALIT has someone new on a podium once a week so don't feel too bad ;p
3:54 AM <Turo602> And I remember when the entire universe had me on a the highest podium... oh wait, it's always like that.
3:53 AM <Spirit of Rutela> But then there was an earthquake and i fell off.
3:53 AM <Spirit of Rutela> I remember when ALIT had me on a high podium.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
Maybe not the most accurate betrayal of me but hey, someone likes being me ! :D
11:05 AM <Violet> dundundunn
11:04 AM <Violet> * Dan drinks beerrrrrr blubonlshbdekshishkantahisjanthh
11:01 AM <Violet> * Dan drinks beer
11:00 AM <Violet> HOW SWEET
11:00 AM <Violet> OH LOOK
11:00 AM * Violet roleplays as Dan


Angel of Darkness
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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
So much fun now. TBR needs therapy

9:34 PM <TheBlueReptile> What if they reject me as their offspring and eat me?
9:34 PM <Vanessa28> They will understand
9:33 PM <Vanessa28> Just show them the gibdo
9:33 PM * Ghirahimiscool runs into a building
9:33 PM <TheBlueReptile> How am I gonna tell my parents...
9:33 PM <Vanessa28> You wanna talk about it TBR?
9:33 PM <Ghirahimiscool> No.
9:33 PM <Go_Skyward> The corner of shame is cold....
9:33 PM <TheBlueReptile> So is it safe to say I've come out of the closet?
9:32 PM <Ghirahimiscool> You're done in there.
9:32 PM <Vanessa28> Maybe it was a he
9:32 PM <TheBlueReptile> Aww, just as I was starting to get to her
9:32 PM <Vanessa28> gobdogobdogobdogobdo's
9:32 PM * Ghirahimiscool pulls TBR out of the closet

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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9:38 PM * Azure Sage does not know how to respond to that
9:38 PM <Trio the Punch> NICOLE :lol:
9:38 PM <Trio the Punch> So much :lol:
9:37 PM <Trio the Punch> Azure :lol:
9:37 PM <Atticus> Just stop
9:37 PM <Atticus> Azure, no.
9:37 PM <Nicole> get sweaty
9:37 PM <Nicole> Azzy we can get on the floor
9:37 PM <Atticus> ew
9:37 PM <Azure Sage> We should all meet up and do something else together
9:37 PM <Atticus> Work out? LOL YOU FUNNY, NICOLE
9:37 PM <PK Flash> Sounds good.
9:37 PM <Nicole> guys we should all meet up and work out together

Jun 3, 2011
9:32 PM <Wolf Sage> The Scarlet Ibis.
9:32 PM <Lambda> ;3
9:32 PM <Ventus> Lambda sounds like a primitive version of T-Abyss...
9:31 PM <A Link In Time> Mm.
9:31 PM * A Link In Time injects Lambda.
9:31 PM <Lambda> I AM the drug.
9:31 PM <Lambda> I don't need to take drugs.
9:31 PM <Big Octo> Don't drink drugs
9:31 PM <Ventus> Yes sir.
9:30 PM <A Link In Time> Remember to take your daily steroids, children.
9:30 PM <A Link In Time>
9:30 PM <A Link In Time> Drugs!
Mr Reaper Answered in thread : Public School or Private School?
9:30 PM <Ventus> I need an example of narrative pace...
9:30 PM <Ventus> I'm a drug
9:29 PM <Lambda> Then again, this is Youtube.
windwaker101 Answered in thread : Will The DS Games Be Forgotten?
9:28 PM <Lambda> Maybe they think you're a drug.
9:28 PM <Ventus> ...but I don't smoke...
9:28 PM <Ventus> someone sent me a message on YouTube telling me to stop smoking...

Remember kids, don't SB late at night.


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
12:13 AM <Ventus> The shoutbox indeed gets horny at the late hours.
12:13 AM <Lambda> Yes, cutting board women.
12:13 AM <PhantomTriforce>
12:13 AM <PhantomTriforce> Van, it's ironing board, everyone knows that
12:13 AM <Wolf Sage> Reminds me of a book called Flat Stanley...
12:12 AM <Big Octo> That's no fun
12:12 AM <PhantomTriforce> really?
12:12 AM <Ventus> Cutting board women...
12:12 AM <Wolf Sage> ...random.
12:12 AM <Wolf Sage> Well, that was...
12:12 AM <Wolf Sage> XD
12:12 AM <PhantomTriforce> I LIKE FLAT GIRLS
12:11 AM <Wolf Sage> She walks about as if she's in a perpetual planking position...
12:10 AM <Wolf Sage> lolwut
12:10 AM <Lambda> So she's a cutting board.
12:10 AM <Ventus> and I read "how's her butt?" and I'm all like
12:10 AM <Wolf Sage> Higgs Boson.
12:10 AM <Ventus> practically non-existent.
12:10 AM <Ventus> flat as eff
12:09 AM <A Link In Time> Well rounded?
12:09 AM <A Link In Time> How's her bosom?
12:09 AM <Ventus> she's like 50 60 something idgaf she makes me angry

And I'm all like :lol:


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
Oh you hormones are always so silly :rolleyes:

6:41 AM <A Link In Time> gurl, you so hawt.
6:41 AM <A Link In Time> You know what I mean.
6:41 AM <A Link In Time> gdi
6:40 AM <Lambda> Why would you want to marry a letter?
6:40 AM <A Link In Time> A great pair.
6:40 AM <A Link In Time> We'll be so cute together.
6:40 AM <A Link In Time> Lambda, do you accept my offer?
6:40 AM <A Link In Time> ilu
6:40 AM <A Link In Time>
6:40 AM <A Link In Time> My sexual desires for you surpass those I share for Wolfy.
6:39 AM <Dan> I'm the best priest there is
6:39 AM <Lambda> You of all people should know that there are no girls on the internet.
6:39 AM <Lambda> That's a silly question to ask.
6:39 AM <A Link In Time>
6:39 AM <A Link In Time> Dan can be our priest.
6:39 AM <A Link In Time> If so, I want to Internet marry you.
6:39 AM <A Link In Time> Lamby, are you truly a girl?
6:39 AM <Lambda>
6:38 AM * A Link In Time snuggles Lambda.
6:38 AM <Wolf Sage> Oh wow. 9_9
6:38 AM * Lambda snickers

I had no idea day time shoutbox could be so kinky !

1:58 PM <Dan> will you make them bleed ?
1:58 PM <TheBlueReptile> Only if you moo loud enough
1:58 PM <Dan> will you try to milk me ?
willsfairysword Created thread : Best Console to Play Zelda on
1:56 PM <TheBlueReptile> And by lobsters I mean nipple clamps
1:56 PM <TheBlueReptile> Just wait until I get the lobsters involved
1:55 PM <Dan> sounds rather kinky
1:54 PM <TheBlueReptile> No, by busy I mean playing scrabble and by closet I mean banana
theoathtoorder Answered in thread : Moments of Satisfaction or Regret
1:53 PM <Dan> if by busy you mean, do math homework and by closet you mean closet...
1:53 PM <TheBlueReptile> Because of that time I was locked in a closet and tried to get busy with you...
1:53 PM <TheBlueReptile> Yup. The Gibdo I was locked in the closet and tried to get busy with
1:53 PM <Dan> whhhhy :'(
1:52 PM <Dan> Gibdo ?
1:52 PM <TheBlueReptile> Or at least I think it protested. All a really heard was "Mnnnnnnnggg"
1:51 PM <TheBlueReptile> But I had to change it's name to Gibby after it protested
1:51 PM <TheBlueReptile> Btw Dan, me and Vanessa named a Gibdo after you
1:49 PM <Dan> Elvis deed
1:49 PM * Dan cries
1:49 PM <TheBlueReptile> Elvis?
1:49 PM <Dan> bit harsh
1:48 PM <TheBlueReptile> warren buffett?
1:48 PM <Dan> I demand someone talk to me this instance
1:47 PM <Dan> guess who's back, back again
HyruleHistory10 Answered in thread : Most Challenging Pieces of Heart to Obtain
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Jun 3, 2011
11:00 PM * Lambda banishes ALIT to the corner of shame.
Twili123prince Answered in thread : What is Your Favorite Classic Zelda?
10:59 PM <A Link In Time> Even McKayla Maroney would be impressed.
10:59 PM <Lambda> HE'S B&'D
10:59 PM <A Link In Time> Nothing more enjoyable than watching SS3 Goku beat the crap out of Majin Buu.
10:59 PM <Lambda> No. He can Goku, Frieza, or Vegeta all he wants, but Nappa is not allowed.
10:58 PM <A Link In Time> lol
10:58 PM <JuicieJ> The lines in the American dub are just stupid
10:58 PM <Lambda> You should be.
10:58 PM <JuicieJ> The action is fine
10:58 PM <A Link In Time> I'm sowwy.
10:57 PM <Lambda> You bring shame upon your house, doing such things!
10:57 PM <A Link In Time>
10:57 PM <Lambda> I am ashamed of you.
00steven Answered in thread : Top 5 Greatest Video Game Series of All Time
10:57 PM <Lambda> No, you Nappa'd.
10:57 PM <JuicieJ> Uncut is where it's at
10:57 PM <A Link In Time> Marry me.

Point and laugh, for he brings shame upon us all!
The sad life of JuicieJ. ;-;

1:57 AM <Twili123prince> JuiceJ juices juice to drink because hes the juicer
1:56 AM <Shadow Blade> ALIT that was a little creepy.
1:56 AM <Lambda>
1:56 AM <Twili123prince> xD
1:56 AM <A Link In Time> We'll do it real good.
1:56 AM <A Link In Time> Let's milk ya.
1:56 AM <A Link In Time> Come here, juicer.
1:55 AM <A Link In Time> Gimme my hot tea.
1:55 AM <A Link In Time> </3
1:55 AM * JuicieJ fades into the background
1:55 AM <Shadow Blade> I the Dark Guardian fight for OoT.
1:55 AM <Twili123prince> I wanna call JuiceJ "The juicer"

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