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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
Let this be a lesson to you all, I'm always right.

8:04 PM <Vanessa28> Exactly
8:04 PM <Dan> the vanessa butoon ;p
8:03 PM <Vanessa28> Guess which button they press -_-
Spam fest, much?

4:12 PM <TwilightFlame> :shutupalit:
4:12 PM <TheMasterSword> lol
4:12 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Spam fest, much?
4:12 PM <TheMasterSword> :FAWLCAWN PAWWNNCCHH:
4:12 PM <Trio the Punch> ::::
4:12 PM <TwilightFlame> :isthebestrapperever:
4:12 PM <TwilightFlame> :mikeshinoda:
4:12 PM <TheMasterSword> :hadouken:
4:12 PM <TwilightFlame> :mike:
4:12 PM <Trio the Punch> :chesterjarthur:
4:12 PM <TwilightFlame> :isthebestsingerever:
4:12 PM <TheMasterSword> :coming:
4:12 PM <TwilightFlame> :chesterbennington:
4:11 PM <TwilightFlame> :chester:
4:11 PM <Trio the Punch> randy as in horny
4:11 PM <TwilightFlame> :shutup:
4:11 PM <Trio the Punch> :randynewman:
4:11 PM <TwilightFlame> Randy?
4:11 PM <TheMasterSword> :trollface:
4:11 PM <lazarusryu> :randy:
4:11 PM <TwilightFlame> I now too.
4:11 PM <Trio the Punch> :coveredinpudding:


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
Crazy night with turo ;)

7:05 AM * Turo602 wins
7:05 AM * Dan blows up
7:05 AM * Turo602 only needs the body
7:04 AM * Dan eats his legs off quickly
7:04 AM * Turo602 grabs Dan by the legs
7:04 AM * Dan sings teenage mutant ninja turtle
7:04 AM * Turo602 doesn't know who the tnmt are
7:04 AM * Dan says you aren't a part of this world turo, you belong in a sewer with the tmnt
7:03 AM * Turo602 doesn't care about what his victim says and only cares for reality
7:03 AM * Dan says he can
7:03 AM * Turo602 can't be ripped into pieces
7:02 AM <GaroXicon> I am going to beat Slender if I have several heart attacks from fright in the process.
7:02 AM <GaroXicon> RAGE my mouse picks the worst times to die
7:02 AM * Dan grabs laz's uber powerful lawnmower and rips turo to pieces
7:02 AM * Turo602 follows Dan with the powers of super speed and flight
7:01 AM * Dan takes off in jetpack
7:01 AM * Turo602 gets back up and approaches Dan
Djinn Answered in thread : Questions for Not Religious People
7:01 AM * Dan gets into steamrollor and runs turo over
7:00 AM * Turo602 chases
7:00 AM <Seth> I'll get the camera.
7:00 AM * Dan runs off
7:00 AM * Turo602 steps closer faster
7:00 AM * Dan walks back slowly
We should most-definitely find our way onto the Zelda Team. Nintendo, keep that in mind!
9:47 AM <VanitasXII> Link wins? that sucks.
9:46 AM <Thareous> AYE READERS
9:45 AM <mandym287> BOOM BOOM
9:45 AM <Spiritofzant> i'm in yaw sword making it glow randomly y'all
9:45 AM <mandym287> bugger all, I dunno
9:44 AM <Spiritofzant> Master, i betcha that you didn't know it was me at the end of Ocarina did ya
9:44 AM <nareky> catch him, he may escape!
9:44 AM <nareky> lol
9:43 AM * Thareous flees
9:43 AM <mandym287> Master, the probability that this shoutbox is demented is insanely high. I suggest you flee this place at once.
9:42 AM <Spiritofzant> Master, there is a 98% chance that our game blows
9:42 AM <mandym287> the helvetica
9:42 AM <nareky> or maybe ;)
9:42 AM <nareky> ...not together mind you
9:42 AM <nareky> Master i report that we should give up and go back to bed
9:42 AM <Spiritofzant> but it'd be scottish so its full of win :P
9:41 AM <nareky> and it would be the worst companion ever @ spirit
9:41 AM <Spiritofzant> ;)
9:41 AM <mandym287> ;o
9:41 AM <mandym287> It should be called ZANT
9:41 AM <Thareous> PERHAPSSSSSSS
9:41 AM <mandym287> xD
9:41 AM <Spiritofzant> it should be called Nareky
9:40 AM <mandym287> YESSSSSS
9:40 AM <Spiritofzant> NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
9:40 AM <mandym287> Wyamoto would make it work
9:40 AM <mandym287> His new companion should be called... JuicieJ
9:40 AM <Spiritofzant> yeeees =3
9:40 AM <Thareous> Nyumph.
9:39 AM <mandym287> nooo
9:39 AM <Spiritofzant> Link's new companion should be called Nerm =]


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
You get on .... and this is what you see...

3:21 PM <nareky> http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wik...ut/SkinsTrivia
3:18 PM <nareky> http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__...iginalSkin.jpg
3:18 PM <nareky> yordles
3:13 PM <Spiritofzant> i may have enjoyed that game mandy
3:13 PM <Spiritofzant>
3:11 PM <mandym287> I'm having too much fun
3:11 PM <mandym287> Loooooolll
3:11 PM <mandym287> And then Demise got Ghirahim to turn human out of Gratitude Crystals
3:11 PM <mandym287> So Hylia gave up immortality
3:10 PM <Spiritofzant> nice theory mandy =3
3:10 PM <mandym287> Poor Demise
3:10 PM <mandym287> And is determined to ruin her life forever and ever and ever
3:10 PM <Spiritofzant> i facepalmed so hard at the end of SS becuase i knew how people were gonna interpret it
3:10 PM <mandym287> And ever since, he has been seeking revenge on her
3:09 PM <Spiritofzant> hahaha
3:09 PM <mandym287> And then Hylia rudely dumped poor Demise
3:09 PM <mandym287> Demise and Hylia were sweethearts.
3:07 PM <Spiritofzant> and oh my god that thread!
3:07 PM <Spiritofzant> they arent
3:07 PM <nareky> unless they are spikey


Seek a door that carries a [9]
Mar 22, 2012
Nevada Test Site
3:59 PM <PK Flash> He is.
3:59 PM <PK Flash> v
3:58 PM <Go_Skyward> So he's like the god of DGN?
3:58 PM <Axle the Beast> Everything.
3:58 PM <GaroXicon> Nah it's an indie game that a member of Unfiction made; I'll grab a link for you
3:58 PM <PK Flash> Axle sees everything.
3:58 PM <Go_Skyward> Oh snap! Axle saw me!
3:58 PM <Axle the Beast> That's racist, Skyward.
3:58 PM <Go_Skyward> Too much purple . I'm outta here...

First time with Axle is SB! ;) LOL. Read from bottom to top.

Axle is the god of DNG... OBEY!


There you are! You monsters!
Forum Volunteer
Feb 8, 2011
4:52 PM * Vanessa28 steals cookie out of LOZ coffee
4:52 PM <Wolf Sage> Eats.
4:52 PM <Thareous> defenestrates PK Flash
4:52 PM * NESpowerhouse looks at his toes
4:52 PM * LegendOfZelda likes cookie's in his coffee.
4:52 PM * Wolf Sage This reminds me of a forum game.
4:52 PM * Vanessa28 drops food in coffee
4:52 PM * Vanessa28 drops cookie in coffee
4:52 PM * Thareous The regular mode is for actions and such.
4:52 PM * Wolf Sage k
4:52 PM * PK Flash more and more snuggle snuggle thareous
4:52 PM * Vanessa28 drinks coffee with cacao
4:52 PM * Wolf Sage lolfacedesks
4:51 PM * Thareous No Wolf. We're still talking like this.
4:51 PM * Vanessa28 says Turo is the one who does
4:51 PM * NESpowerhouse facedesks
4:51 PM <Wolf Sage> Darnit, Thareous...
4:51 PM * LegendOfZelda wonders who farted...
4:51 PM <Thareous> will stutter continually if anyone disagrees
4:51 PM * Wolf Sage What if did see Ganon?
4:51 PM * Vanessa28 nukes the shoutbox
4:51 PM * PK Flash even more snuggle snuggle
4:51 PM * LegendOfZelda agrees with Thareous.
4:51 PM * Wolf Sage k
4:51 PM * Thareous From how on, let's communicate like this.

It's been decided that we will from now on use the '/me' option as the main way of communicating in the ShoutBox.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
Party pooper MC :(

10:58 PM * PK Flash snuggle snuggle Majora's Cat
10:58 PM * Vanessa28 smiles. Loz is a good boy
10:58 PM * Wolf Sage Nou.
10:58 PM * Dan me punches the air
10:58 PM <Majora's Cat> c-c-c-combo breaker!
10:58 PM * Vanessa28 promotes herself to god
10:58 PM * Thareous 6_9-faces
10:58 PM * Majora's Cat oh my god
10:57 PM * LegendOfZelda still eats the soup
10:57 PM * Vanessa28 says she just sneezed potato soup
10:57 PM * Wolf Sage contracts god tier abilities from Vanessa
10:57 PM * NESpowerhouse awkwardly turns to Wolf Sage
10:57 PM * LegendOfZelda likes Potato Soup
10:57 PM * LegendOfZelda got sneezed on
10:57 PM * Wolf Sage mes
10:57 PM * PK Flash wink wink nudge nudge snuggle snuggle Thareous
10:57 PM * Locke a wink's as good as a nod to a blind bat
10:57 PM * Thareous .________________________________ ____________!
10:56 PM * Vanessa28 sneezes loud in the sb
10:56 PM * Wolf Sage and went "wtf"
10:56 PM * Locke wink wink nudge nudge
10:56 PM * Wolf Sage read that as "neuter butter"
10:56 PM * LegendOfZelda
10:56 PM * LegendOfZelda lol
10:56 PM * Wolf Sage o___O


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
A rather funny conversation with JJ.

3:20 PM <VanitasXII> they're still not annoying enemies, though.
3:20 PM <JuicieJ> YET NO ONE CARES
3:20 PM <JuicieJ> And they block
3:20 PM <VanitasXII> zomgnowai
3:20 PM <JuicieJ> They don't attack very often
3:20 PM <Lord Death>
3:20 PM <JuicieJ> You know what I noticed about the Gerudos in OoT and MM?
3:20 PM <Dan> xD
3:20 PM <VanitasXII> LOL
3:20 PM <JuicieJ> Sure can
3:19 PM <Dan> you may be able to resist the **** jokes JJ but you can't resist the **** itself
3:19 PM <Dan> unless everyone types with there mouth here JJ :p
3:19 PM * JuicieJ resists ***** jokes
3:19 PM <Vanessa28> OMFG what a typo
3:18 PM <Dan> I can still type dispite it being in my throat :I
3:18 PM <Vanessa28> most people went over to skype
3:18 PM <Lord Death> Hola Vee
3:18 PM <Vanessa28> It was really quiet in the SB
3:18 PM <Vanessa28> Hey LD
3:18 PM <Thareous> Nicole is mourning because we didn't break the forums while she was away.
3:18 PM <VanitasXII> i'm hungry. i don't wanan go to work :<
3:18 PM <JuicieJ> Keep it in your throat, Dan
3:18 PM <Dan> good asfternoon to you vanessa
3:18 PM <Lord Death> Hey Van
3:18 PM <Dan> JJ and van, keep it in the bedroom


There you are! You monsters!
Forum Volunteer
Feb 8, 2011
23/07/2012 18:10 <Terminus> Looks to be the case
23/07/2012 18:09 <Nicole> Exceptionally so
23/07/2012 18:09 <Raindrop14> Is that your overly sexy
23/07/2012 18:09 <Raindrop14> So what your saying Nickle...
23/07/2012 18:09 <Lord Vain> Sunshine~
23/07/2012 18:09 <Terminus> Allergic to yourself. Impressive.
23/07/2012 18:09 <Terminus> Here we go again...
23/07/2012 18:09 <Nicole> Especially when it's of such a degree as it is with me
23/07/2012 18:09 <Raindrop14> I'm allergic to myself
23/07/2012 18:09 <Terminus> Here we go again...
23/07/2012 18:09 <Nicole> Especially when it's of such a degree as it is with me
23/07/2012 18:09 <Raindrop14> I'm allergic to myself
23/07/2012 18:09 <lazarusryu> No, because you play Spyro. No wait...spyro is awesome...
23/07/2012 18:09 <Nicole> Because it's a very deadly disease
23/07/2012 18:09 <Terminus> Says a user
23/07/2012 18:08 <Raindrop14> all forum users
23/07/2012 18:08 <Nicole> I have to take special pills every day to prevent my death
23/07/2012 18:08 <Terminus> Lol
23/07/2012 18:08 <Raindrop14> And forum users
23/07/2012 18:08 <Nicole> Overly Sexy Disorder
23/07/2012 18:08 <Terminus> Hey.
23/07/2012 18:08 <Nicole> I have OSD.
23/07/2012 18:08 <Raindrop14> I allergic to Terminus
23/07/2012 18:08 <Lord Vain> I'm allergic to.....yeah, I got nothing
23/07/2012 18:08 <Terminus> :lol:
23/07/2012 18:08 <Thareous> Can you believe it?
23/07/2012 18:08 <Nicole> :cat:
23/07/2012 18:08 <Thareous> I'm allergic to purple.
23/07/2012 18:08 <mandym287> fdsasdf
23/07/2012 18:08 <Ghirahimiscool> Cats are my fave animal. I thought Vanessa would like it when I gave her one.
23/07/2012 18:08 <Terminus> LOL Spirit
23/07/2012 18:08 <Vanessa28> I am allergic to humans -__-

OSD? Who knew such a thing existed...


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
Nelson is Majora's Cat, Kailyn is Zeldafan11, and I'm Elton John. WHOEVER THIS ATTICUS IS, IS GOING TO HELL! Ban her please, she needs to stop doing what she does.
[10:07:42 PM] Kailyn: Atty.
[10:07:44 PM] Kailyn: Lol
[10:07:50 PM] Nelson: Elton John has a great voice
[10:07:54 PM] Zeldalinknavi: ^
[10:08:13 PM] Elton John: Kailyn, who dis Atty?
[10:08:48 PM] Kailyn: She is a weird gurl ;p
[10:08:51 PM] Elton John: HOW DARE YOU I'M ELTON JOHN
[10:08:52 PM] Elton John: wait
[10:09:02 PM] Kailyn: Lol
[10:09:02 PM] Athenian200: Atty?
[10:09:07 PM] Athenian200: As in Atticus?
[10:09:13 PM] Kailyn: Yes
[10:09:14 PM] Elton John: WHO DAT
[10:09:17 PM] Elton John: ELTON JOHN FTW
[10:09:18 PM] Zeldalinknavi: lol
[10:09:19 PM] Athenian200: She's kinda...
[10:09:21 PM] Athenian200: Umm...
[10:09:22 PM] Athenian200: Yeah.
[10:09:27 PM] Zeldalinknavi: XD
[10:09:34 PM] Athenian200: Let's just say she tried to marry someone against their will.
[10:09:42 PM] Elton John: lmfao
[10:09:47 PM] Elton John: sounds like a *****
[10:09:49 PM] Athenian200: Another girl, too.
[10:09:51 PM] Zeldalinknavi: XD
[10:10:02 PM] Elton John: She should get banned.
[10:10:11 PM] Athenian200: LOL.
[10:10:13 PM] Zeldalinknavi: who
[10:10:16 PM] Athenian200: No one really hates her though.
[10:10:17 PM] Elton John: Atticus.
[10:10:18 PM] Kailyn: She is insane
[10:10:18 PM] Zeldalinknavi: Atticus?
[10:10:19 PM] Elton John: What a *****.
[10:10:19 PM] Athenian200: But she is weird.
[10:10:21 PM] Zeldalinknavi: nu
[10:10:39 PM] Nelson: I remember the day
[10:10:47 PM] Kailyn: ^ ^ ^
[10:10:49 PM] Nelson: the day Atticus took my sandwich
[10:10:52 PM] Nelson: oh the horror
[10:10:53 PM] Zeldalinknavi: lol
[10:10:54 PM] Elton John: THAT *****
[10:10:55 PM] Nelson: it was MY sandwich
[10:10:57 PM] Elton John: SAMMICHES
[10:10:58 PM] Elton John: TAKING
[10:11:05 PM] Elton John: THAT ***** SHE SHOULD GO TO HELL
[10:11:10 PM] Elton John: **** HER IN THE ARM
[10:11:14 PM] Elton John: MOTHER ****ER
[10:11:18 PM] Kailyn: ^ ^
[10:11:18 PM] Nelson: oh god how is that even possible
[10:11:34 PM] Elton John: THAT MOTHER ****ING *****
[10:11:35 PM] Elton John: HER MOTHER
[10:11:38 PM] Elton John: WILL NOT BE HAPPY
[10:11:41 PM] Elton John: DUMBASS
[10:11:46 PM] Elton John: EREAL TALK
[10:11:49 PM] Elton John: *REAL
[10:11:51 PM] Elton John: DAMN IT
[10:12:49 PM] Kailyn: Smrg
[10:12:53 PM] Elton John: smag

I really hate Atticus. :mad:
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I thought this was a pretty neat convo in Mandy's IRC chat where everyone pretended to be someone else. I was Xinnamin, for example, and TMS was pretending to be me.

<Djinn>: I'm using iceChat so I never really see it
<A_LINK_IN_TIME>: the ads above the IRC
<A_LINK_IN_TIME>: oh i see
<mandym287>: i am using icechat
<Xinnamin>: Why do you laugh?
<Dan>: btw young amanda how many .webs sites do you own ?
<A_LINK_IN_TIME>: Its not Xinn obviously
<mandym287>: three
<Xinnamin>: You're not ALIT either obviously.
<Djinn>: I can see your login info.....Dan
<mandym287>: er, well they're dead
<mandym287>: Gani :*
<Gani>: :*
<sucittA>: PDA
<A_LINK_IN_TIME>: I can't change name tho, don't know how
<A_LINK_IN_TIME>: So tell me, who r u
<Dan>: you csn Djinn ?.....
<Xinnamin>: I'm the real A_LINK_IN_TIME, TMS. Oh gawd.
<Dan>: can*
<A_LINK_IN_TIME>: I always use someone elses name when I'm bored
*** mandym287 is now known as Mases
<A_LINK_IN_TIME>: Like in Disposable chat, I was Thareous
<Xinnamin>: lol
<Mases>: Hi
*** Mases is now known as mandym287
<mandym287>: forgot my name changes in all of the chats in this server
<mandym287>: mah bad
<Dan>: they ran off
<Austin>: Xinn
<Axle>: What?
<Austin>: ?
<Axle>: ??
<Austin>: ???
<Axle>: ????
<mandym287>: �����
<Austin>: :trollface:
<Xinnamin>: Axle, stop being rude to my boyfriend.
<Axle>: sadfaec
<mandym287>: nerm
<Austin>: Thanks Xinny
<Axle>: nou
<Austin>: Dude, Pokechan needs to be updated, looks like crap
<Austin>: Meh, I'll do it later
<Djinn>: thought that has been down for months
<Austin>: It has
<Austin>: Exactly what I meant
<mandym287>: asdf
<Austin>: Man Erebea found this amazing site full of lolli
<Austin>: x]
<mandym287>: guys, make your names normal
<mandym287>: please
<Austin>: How do I do it?
<Austin>: xD
<mandym287>: or I will change my name
*** mandym287 is now known as meatball
<meatball>: hi
<Austin>: YES

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