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musicfan mishap.txt

Best twin evar. <3

11:56 AM <Thareous> <musicfan> <mandym287>
11:56 AM <Thareous> Why do I keep misreading?
12:15 PM <justac00lguy> I thought Mandy was MF
4:15 PM <Dracomajora> mandy i keep thinking you're musicfan
8:29 PM <mandym287> hay guys
8:29 PM <Thareous> Hey there, music.
8:29 PM <Thareous> What's up?
8:30 PM <mandym287> lol thorium
8:30 PM <Thareous> Have you started Durararara! yet?
8:30 PM <mandym287> lmfao
8:30 PM <Thareous> Thorium? I oughta thwack you since Mandems isn't around; that name is exclusive to her use.
8:40 PM <Cassandra> That second "m" in mandys name actually stands for music.
11:05 PM <Dracomajora> goddamn I keep thinking you're musicfan
11:20 PM <justac00lguy> Oh god now I'm going to get confused with Mandy and Mf both here...
11:32 PM <Raindrop14> Whoa, yeah you are getting me confused with music, mandy! XD
7:39 PM <LittleGumball> omg mandy and MF posted right after each other and I thought it was both mandy
7:48 PM <mandym287> wait i just thought i was music
7:48 PM <mandym287> wow this is more effective than i though
12:32 PM <Krazy4Krash> oh, i thought it was music...
12:33 PM <Krazy4Krash> for the longest time...
9:33 PM <Ver-go-a-go-go> omg why are music and mandy's names so similar
9:33 PM <Ver-go-a-go-go> my eyes
9:33 PM <mandym287> more people need to step forward and confess confusing me and music-senpai
9:34 PM * Mellow Ezlo confesses to musicfan
9:34 PM <Mellow Ezlo> I mean mandy
7:53 PM <JuicieJ> GAH
7:53 PM <JuicieJ> One of you two get a different shadow nao!


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Aug 1, 2012
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Me: I am naked under my clothing
Sadia: Whoa, dude, TMI
Sadia: I shower naked :rolleyes:
Me: sometimes I shower naked too
Me: o_O
Sadia: O________O
Me: That was weird xD
Sadia: I QUIT
Sadia: dat broseph-sista connection :3
Me: I don't think brothers and sisters talk about showering naked at the same time
Me: wait
Sadia: XD XD XD XD
Me: Don't take that out of context


Sep 19, 2011
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From a little while ago, but I think Beryllium's quote needs a promotion. d:


It certainly does.

Here's my stuff.
[03:51:04] Seth: Thanks. And his design his based on previous mages, but he is his own character. There are direct sequels and prequels in the series, but all of the main numbered games take place in separate self contained universes. Like Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X etc all are in completely separate worlds.
[03:52:35] Dino Dan: Thanks for explaining young man.


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Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
This conversation happened back when I saw the early screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier! ^^ Really feeling the love guys! :love:
Me and Rupert: That movie was amazing/sick!
*high five*
Me: *logs on to Zelda Dungeon*
Me: Wow, so apparently it seems that we are the first people in this continent to watch Winter Soldier.
Rupert: Dude, let's go on every social media site, spoil the entire movie, and watch the world crumble!
Me: Dude, let's do it!
*proceeds to Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, reddit, etc.*
03/04/2014 23:21 <Draco626> Fig, if you spoil it I will single handedly destroy you
03/04/2014 23:21 <JuicieJ> :hug:
03/04/2014 23:21 <JuicieJ> SAILS, GIVE FIG AN ESPURRITO
03/04/2014 23:21 <JuicieJ> FIIIIIIIIIG
03/04/2014 23:21 <Cassandra> FIG I WILL DISOWN YOU!
03/04/2014 23:21 <Fig> Rupert = guy I was with this evening.
03/04/2014 23:21 <sailormars109> I would share it just to be mean
03/04/2014 23:21 <Krazy4Krash> W
03/04/2014 23:21 <Mellow Ezlo> V
03/04/2014 23:21 <Mellow Ezlo> V
03/04/2014 23:21 <sailormars109> LOL
03/04/2014 23:21 <Mellow Ezlo> V
03/04/2014 23:20 <Cassandra> NO!
03/04/2014 23:20 <Terminus> DOnt. You. ****ing. Dare.
03/04/2014 23:20 <Fig> I actually want to do that and watch the world crumble! XD
03/04/2014 23:20 <Fig> So apparently my friend Rupert said that we should get on every social media and spoil the movie! XD
03/04/2014 23:20 <Cassandra> Awesome! I'll do it when I have the chance!
03/04/2014 23:19 <Fig> I would be most honored Cassy!
03/04/2014 23:19 <sailormars109> Captain Planet>Captain America
03/04/2014 23:19 <Wolf Sage> "FOR FREEDOM! STARS AND STRIPES!"
03/04/2014 23:19 <Fig> ;o
03/04/2014 23:19 <Cassandra> Fig, can I make it?
03/04/2014 23:19 <Wolf Sage> Earlier and such...
03/04/2014 23:19 <Fig> I'm changing my avy/siggy/everything to either Captain America or Winter Soldier!
03/04/2014 23:18 <Wolf Sage> So that's what you were talking about, Sanec?
03/04/2014 23:18 <Fig> Winter Soldier! <3
03/04/2014 23:18 <Cassandra> Paranormal is the legend of big dumb ghost babies.
03/04/2014 23:18 <sailormars109> Yay!!
03/04/2014 23:18 <Fig> OK I'm back
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Jan 31, 2010
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[02:18:11] Vanessa ۩͇̿DOCTOR۩: More to test things on. To see if things owkr
[02:18:13] Vanessa ۩͇̿DOCTOR۩: work
[02:27:03] Loz: I like owkr better
[02:27:34] Eric the Red: :P
[02:28:01] Vanessa ۩͇̿DOCTOR۩: Me too :P owrk is the newest hype
[02:29:09] Loz: It's the dance that will finally take the place of twerking. Owrking.
[02:29:36] Eric the Red: praise owrk
[02:29:54] Vanessa ۩͇̿DOCTOR۩: All hail to the mighty Owrk
[02:29:58] Loz: Look at me, I'm owrkin' \o/
[02:30:29] Vanessa ۩͇̿DOCTOR۩: (rofl)(y) you got the moves like Owrk
[02:30:31] Eric the Red: raise the roof


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Aug 1, 2012
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So, what are you doing :3

^~^ ^~^ ^~^

Eating something light :P
You? :3


Eating something dark :right:

Mango papaer <3

You're eating dark chocolate :O

Mango paper :?

No, Cocoa Pebbles :3

I told you about it before :P Aam papad :P Sweet, thin paper like slices of treated mangoes :P

:O Can I come to your house and eat it? :3

You know what! Um... what is 'Eastern food'? o_O

We have no milk :P

Ew, mangoes :<

More like

Man goes away from the mangoes!

Something you'll be trying soon ;)
Aww :c *Gives Mathias bagged milk*

My little weirdo :3

Double Yay! :D

Says the girl who put a napkin on her head :right:


Come again? :right:


I... don't remember if I ever posted this. But... I was randomly reminded of it... so... um...

sb convo... boogerpuke_part2.doc said:
09/12/2012 19:46 <mandym287> http://triumphforks.webs.com/wtfcape.PNG
09/12/2012 19:46 <zelda_geek> he has no nostrils
09/12/2012 19:46 <mandym287> LMFAO
09/12/2012 19:46 <zelda_geek> how does he breathe
09/12/2012 19:46 <zelda_geek> xDD
09/12/2012 19:46 <Cfrock> He doesn't have time for nostrils
09/12/2012 19:47 <mandym287> Maybe that's why he pukes up booger
09/12/2012 19:47 <zelda_geek> x'DD
09/12/2012 19:47 <mandym287> because he can't blow his nose like a normal person
09/12/2012 19:47 <Ventus> xD
09/12/2012 19:47 <mandym287> http://triumphforks.webs.com/can-i-has-bacon.PNG <<< I see nostrils now
09/12/2012 19:48 <mandym287> His hair looks so weird as Ganon in OoT, though
09/12/2012 19:48 <mandym287> Like SS Zelda's when she wore it down. Like split into lumps of lasagna
09/12/2012 19:48 <mandym287> like lazy lazy lazy animators
09/12/2012 19:49 <mandym287> oooh, I have an idea
09/12/2012 19:49 <Cfrock> So he has to turn into Ganon to sneeze?
09/12/2012 19:49 <Cfrock> Seems inconvenient. What if he's on the bus?
09/12/2012 19:49 <mandym287> xDDD
09/12/2012 19:50 <Azure Sage> Bye-Bye bus
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> The wheels on the bus go round and round
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> Round and round
09/12/2012 19:51 <Cfrock> Ganon sneezed...: http://si.wsj.net/public/resources/article_images_v1/05/05/07/0505074642.jpg
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> But not when Ganon's on the bus
09/12/2012 19:51 <Ventus> round and round
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> Then they go flying
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> Flying
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> Because he broke the bus
09/12/2012 19:51 <mandym287> If Ganondorf's clothes died when he transformed into Ganon
09/12/2012 19:51 <Azure Sage> Clothes can die?
09/12/2012 19:51 <mandym287> why is he still dressed when he gets sealed away as Ganondorf?
09/12/2012 19:52 <mandym287> Well, they tore or something
09/12/2012 19:52 <Azure Sage> Maybe he absorbed them into his body
09/12/2012 19:52 <Azure Sage> Through clothes osmosis
09/12/2012 19:52 <mandym287> Though the majority of his clothes in OoT looks to be of leather and armor
09/12/2012 19:52 <Azure Sage> What if Ganon's clothes grew wth his body
09/12/2012 19:53 <Azure Sage> THEORY THREAD MATERIAL
09/12/2012 19:53 <Azure Sage> More canon than HH
09/12/2012 19:53 <Cfrock> Ganon's always nude... Dear God, Az!
09/12/2012 19:53 <Ventus> I'd rather Theory be filled with less fanfics, thanks.
09/12/2012 19:53 <Locke> v
09/12/2012 19:53 <mandym287> Omg Locke
09/12/2012 19:53 <Cfrock> His skin just looks like clothes
09/12/2012 19:53 <mandym287> xDDD
09/12/2012 19:53 <Azure Sage> Theory section was made for fan fiction.
09/12/2012 19:54 <mandym287> http://puu.sh/1zcoV
09/12/2012 19:55 <zelda_geek> lol mandy
09/12/2012 19:55 <Ventus> lol mandy
This happened in a RTS(real Time Strategy) game called Alliance Warfare about one of the dj's for the games radio.

17:16 [Guessmyname] he got the voice of a skinny human
17:16 [Guessmyname] hilarious
17:16 [KilljoyChaos] who the dj?
17:17 [Guessmyname] supreme
17:17 [KilljoyChaos] Maybe supreme is really a she.
17:17 [Guessmyname] she is lol
17:18 [KilljoyChaos] had to reread. I thought for a moment you typed "he has the voice of a skinny woman" lmao

EDIT: he accidentally made the typo "he" instead of "she".
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Jan 31, 2010
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Vanadium once again made a memorable typo :lol:

9:28 PM <mandym287> ONE RING TO RULE THE MALL
9:27 PM <Vanessa28> Down town
9:27 PM <mandym287> Does Goat Simulator cost money?
9:27 PM <Wolf Sage> ...the secret organization of squirrels.
9:27 PM <mandym287> I MEANT *TOWN
9:27 PM <Ver-go-a-go-go> It's my new favorite past time
9:27 PM <Wolf Sage> A sign on the Illuminutty...
9:27 PM <mandym287> *down
9:27 PM <mandym287> Come to down

Azure Sage

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6:26 PM <Djinn> it's a fiment
6:25 PM <Sir Quaffler> ...is it the Wind Fish?
6:25 PM <Sir Quaffler> Which, when you get right down to it... who's dreaming all of us up? If everyone is just everyone else's figments of imagination, the original dreamer has to exist somewhere.
6:24 PM * Azure Sage 's existence slips away into nothingness and becomes a fragment of his broken reality
6:24 PM <Djinn> they are all fiments
6:24 PM <Sir Quaffler> and I'm just a fiment of everyone's consciousness
6:24 PM <Azure Sage> I'm having an existential crisis
6:24 PM <Azure Sage> Maybe I'm just part of someone else's consciousness
6:24 PM <Dracomajora> i don't even exist
6:23 PM <Azure Sage> The world is inside of my head
6:23 PM <Azure Sage> Everything around me could just be part of my consciousness
6:23 PM <Azure Sage> I only exist if I think I do
6:23 PM <Azure Sage> I am everything yet I am nothing
6:22 PM <Mercedes> or is this life real
6:22 PM <Azure Sage> My life has been nothing but a lie!
6:22 PM <Mercedes> is this real life
6:22 PM <Azure Sage> D8
6:22 PM <Dracomajora> everything about you is fake
6:21 PM <Azure Sage> Am /I/ real?
6:21 PM <Azure Sage> Is anything even real?
6:21 PM <Azure Sage> Is anything what we think it is?
Spiritual Mask Salesman Answered in thread : Is ALBW What We Think It Is?
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