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For Females of All Ages: Do You Like Wearing High Heels?

Chilfo Freeze

Emma Jean Stone
When it's the right setting/atmosphere, I will definitely wear heels. I consider business casual, homecomings, family events, and out to dinner - heel events. :rolleyes:

The reason I like heels? Bottom line - they make me feel sexy. Trust me, every other time I'm not in heels, I'm rocking sweat pants and a t-shirt, so it's not often that I feel sexy. So when I do, I wear heels. ;)


one of many
Sep 27, 2011
Talking to the other zellinkdas
I really wouldn't wear high heels daily. but I do like wearing a high heeled shoe once in a while. I can wear a higher heel if I don't walk too much, otherwise I'm in a lot of pain. then I put on a gym shoe and feel so much better. Don't wear high heels to school too often, or you'll hurt your feet.
Jul 3, 2012
I cannot STAND high heels... and I'm 19. Most girls my age would come to school in high heels. I on the other hand did everything possible to avoid even wearing them to to prom and band banquet.
You are my new best friend. I CAN NOT STAND high heels either. I have flat, wide feet, and high heels often have narrow toes and are skinny, so they hurt my feet. I avoid high heels like the plague. My mother is the same way. I wear mostly sandals or sneakers. For fancy shoes, I just wear something with a low heel.


The Geekette
Nov 25, 2007
I will wear heels, but I honestly prefer to be barefoot.

If I need to wear a dressy shoe, I'll first look to a wedge. I'd sooner wear a small heel, but a large heel really isn't good for your posture. Plus, I am kind of a klutz and 2 years ago I finally broke my unlucky streak. I had torn the ligaments in my right ankle 3 times for 3 years. If I wear heels, I have to be extremely careful because they don't provide enough support for my ankle. Forget the treads, ditch the heels! There are some extremely cute boots and wedges you can invest in, a heel is totally unnecessary. Your style is what matters.

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