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First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

Feb 23, 2011
The Legend of Zelda(1986).....Adventure of Link.....Me.....A Link to the Past.....Link's Awakening....Ocarina of Time.....Majora's Mask.....Oracle of Ages/Seasons.....Four Swords.....Wind Waker.....Four Swords Adventures.....The Minish Cap.....Twilight Princess.....Phantom Hourglass.....Spirit Tracks.....Skyward Sword(2011)

Caleb, Of Asui

Link's Awakening came out the year before I was born (I was born August 21, 1994), so the first would have been Ocarina of Time when I was four, but I didn't play it until I was 9 when my older brother got our GameCube (my first video game home console) and it came with the Collector's Edition disc, and that's how I got into Zelda and by extension into video games as a whole.
Jul 24, 2010
Charlotte, NC
well i was born six months before the legend of zelda was released in japan. i got a nes when i was five but i didn't get any zelda games. my first zelda game was oot.

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