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Ocarina of Time Favorite Temple in OOT

Favorite Temple

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Sep 1, 2009
What was your favorite Temple is Ocarina of Time???







Mine would Be Shadow... Have you ever played it late at night in the dark... ITS AWESOME :D


Feb 2, 2009
Well, I guess this could sort of be a duplicate to this thread, but I guess this one is more specific.

For me, this is pretty much a tie. A tie between the Sprit Temple, and the Shadow Temple.

The Shadow Temple had an amazing atmosphere... It's such a dark temple (hence the name SHADOW, lol), and it's pretty difficult, and I like difficult temples. You just never know what's around the corner in this one. You turn your back and you immediately get trampled by a ReDead, snatched by a Ceiling Master, or sliced by a trap. The Dungeon is filled with Illusions, and you need to use your Lens of Truth to see through them, and I thought it was pretty fun to try and figure all of that out. The whole Dungeon is filled with torture equipment, such as revolving scythes, and there is blood on floors, walls, and ceilings in a few rooms. The dungeon was so scary, and I was on the edge of my couch the whole time. I just loved it so much. Bongo Bongo was also one of my favorite bosses. He was difficult, and it was very fun to have to use the Lens of Truth to find him before you could shoot him. I like how when the fight starts, you get a glance of him, and then you can't see him, so you kinda have that feeling of "lolwat" before you use the Lens of Truth again to continue fighting him.

The Spirit Temple was also amazing. It wasn't just one of those temples that you go through normally and finish it, while going through a few puzzles and fighting some enemies. This one had a real story behind it. There was everything with Nabooru, the Boss, Twinrova, wasn't just some random monster, she acted normally (as Koume and Kotake) and was more of a "real enemy" that you could relate to. I thought it was pretty cool that this dungeon was basically "two parts", in the way that you can go through as a child and as an adult. That's why I also liked the Stone Tower in Majora's Mask so much. The temple was very different as a child and as an adult, because the two ages of Link have different capabilities and limits, so it was pretty fun that there was a big variety of puzzles. Iron Knuckles/Darknuts are pretty much my favorite enemy to fight in all the games that they are in, and it was fun to fight Nabooru as an Iron Knuckle. Twinrova was also an interesting fight. I loved the two phases of the fight and using the mirror shield to bring Koume and Kotake together then using it to stun them. Overall awesome temple.
Nov 26, 2008
The Forest Temple.

For me, it was the most brilliant temple in terms of atmosphere, design, and aesthetics. It was one weird place, styled a lot like an Escher painting. Weird, eerie music, misty hallways in some parts, surreal design, and the presence of ghosts (like the Poe Sisters) made it a really neat place.

It also helped that it was the first temple done and the first dungeon after becoming an adult. It added on to the newly dire situation in the plot, and it felt a lot more dangerous than any place you'd been to before. Later temples were like that too, but the effect was less because you'd already gone through it in the Forest Temple.

And finally, the boss. It was awesome. For me, it was always the hardest fight. Took me forever to figure out how to beat him. And then there was dialogue from Ganondorf as Phantom Ganon was banished... it was awesome.

But above all, I love the temple because it's so creepy and surreal. In some ways, it makes me think of a haunted mansion or some kind of madhouse.

El Bagu

Wannabe Mr. 1-8-1
Jul 5, 2008
In Woods. N of River!
The Water Temple is fantastic, brilliant and amazing. It was one of the most challenging Temples in the game and it had such a nice atmosphere, such lovely tunes & such a great "mini"-boss.

If I´ll ever write a book about a Temple in the world of Zelda it will be about the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time! That´s how much I love it folks ;)
Sep 16, 2009
Cali For Nuh
My absolute favorite has to be the Spirit Temple. The whole mysteriousness of it, is just amazing. It is the only Temple that you cant even get close to the entrance until you're an adult (Forset= Learn Saria's Song, Fire, you can get there if you go into the entrance next to the Great Fairy fountain, Water, you can stand on top the the temple, Shadow, you are right outside of it when you play Zelda's Lullaby to open the Composer Brother's grave)

I also enjoyed the idea of playing it as a kid. I must say the MQ version fustrated me to no end, but in the original version it was one of the easiest dungeons enemy wise, but puzzle wise it added just enough edge to keep you thinking throughout the entire dungeon. And that I enjoyed very much.

My other favorite, and its mostly for the music is the Forest Temple. It is just a calming atmosphere with danger toiling around. I just love the music sound track.
May 25, 2008
In my house
I've noticed that I'm always a little bit different when it comes to the temples in OoT. I like the one the most that everyone else hates. The Fire Temple.

I love linear dungeons. I always have, and I always will. So when I come upon one that is basically go from one room, go to the left and right side and get the few gorons, go to the next one and do the same, I'm happy. And I loved the boss of the place. Nothing better than going to through a long dungeon to get to the end and smack a dragon in the head with a metal hammer. :)
Sep 1, 2009
Cool i like fire too

I like the one the most that everyone else hates. The Fire Temple.

Cool man thats cool my bros fav dungeon is fire too i think... its not my favorite but my list is probably


I love them all and i do like the idea of the Fire Temple so im glad someone likes it too... Odd... lol Water temples are usually confusing and hard and Fire temples are usually linear and have alot of enemies or obstacles :O ... thats kinda kool anyway thanks for your post... everyone :D


didn't build that
The Spirit Temple is not only my favorite dungeon in Ocarina of Time, it may be my favorite dungeon in any game I've ever played.

This is due in large part to the music. Most of the temple music was either low-key and atmospheric (all the child dungeons and the water temple) or more overtly creepy (Fire Temple and Shadow Temple). The Forest Temple theme was an exception, in that it was spine-tingling and atmospheric at the same time, but it seems to fit in the same camp as the Water Temple. The Spirit Temple had grandiose, epic music, and the loud parts kicked in as soon as you entered the temple and saw those towering cobra heads.

That might have set the stage, but the actual design was what really made it work. Starting out as a child makes the dungeon seem genuinely larger-than-life; you've been playing as an adult for so long by that point that approaching it from a child's perspective, where everything looks big and kind of wacky, brings the game full-circle. When you finally do play it as an adult, enough epic moments are thrown at you that the dungeon still manages to feel larger than life. Moving mirrors, melting off the statue's face, climbing a shifting wall, trying to keep those damn Stalfos on that switch--of all the dungeons, it's the one that feels the most ancient, the most alive, and the most monumental. I can think of no better ending to Ocarina of Time.

My second-favorite would have to be the Forest Temple. Forests are inherently mysterious--this was captured as early as young Link's first venture into the Lost Woods--and as you delve deeper into Kokiri Forest, things get progressively more mysterious. The Forest Temple takes that to an extreme. Along with the Spirit Temple, it's one of the first things I'd point to when people try to argue that Ocarina of Time's graphics didn't age well...the design is so well-managed, with vines climbing up tattered stone walls and vast, open courtyards...that this argument seems to have little merit.

When I bought Ocarina of Time, I was expecting a European-style medieval quest. It didn't deliver exactly what I was expecting--its tone was far more unique than I was ready to accept. But the Forest Temple did manage to feel almost Arthurian, the perfect fantasy setting with the perfect tone, not to mention the puzzles and enemies to match. It's for this reason that it takes second place.


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Jun 8, 2009
mine is the shadow temple, although i also loved the forest temple and all it's mysteries. Like why saria can't be found in your future (i couldn't fathom why she would be gone my first play through). the Poe sisters can be found there and would help to explain the presence of phantom ganon as they are all spirits. The boss fight is a foreshadowing of your final battle with ganondorf and the kokori forest is saved in the process.

but the Shadow temple.... ohhh baby it's the dark bitter chocolate sauce on top of the strawberry that is zelda. no joke.
Nocturn of Shadows is a masterpiece and warps you to a convenient spot in the game. Opening the door to the temple is definitly a highlight of the game.

then to top it off they throw the hover boots in your face like bam! nothing makes me happier then running on invisible platforms with my hover boots.
also this temple is beneath the graveyard, what does that mean? lots of undead, an you know you can never kill too much undead.

Something else I enjoy is the boat ride that only responds to zelda's lullaby. it symbolizes death in hyrule for me. sailing through an abyss while fighting off enemies only to come out at the end.. alive. this is a very important moment for link and definitely deserved it's own cut scene. unfortunatly 64-bit probably couldn't handle it.

and then theres bongo bongo a shadow creature that enjoys the mindless beat of his own drum inside the darkness of his dungeon. YES sounds like me! he is a fun boss to kill and feels a bit more rewarding because you know you have finished the temples.


I voted Spirit Temple,my all time favorite temple in the game.It's so awesome i love the mirror shield and the way the temple is built.Plus it's nice and challenging.Plus it has my all time favorite boss in the game,Twinrova.Such a cool and fun boss to fight,It's easy to. :)

Bongo Bongo

Spirit is my favorite. Everything about that temple was awesome.
But Forest is a close second.


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Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
I've noticed that I'm always a little bit different when it comes to the temples in OoT. I like the one the most that everyone else hates. The Fire Temple.
Not true Josh, I really enjoyed the Fire Temple too, i don't get the point why people are hating this one. Well it's not my favorite vote but i really liked the Fire Temple. I remember i was always falling down in the room where the Megaton Hammer is placed, so i have to start over like 3/6 times. I have also a weak spot for fire places like this. I have to say i got stuck in OoT; Master quest's Fire Temple. Fire Temple should be my favorite vote out of those temples.

Alright i gonna start with the Forest Temple. This one is really my last favorite, but that doesn't mean i hate this dungeon. I didn't like the way it was and the whole poe idea was disappointing. I don't like forest based dungeons in general, the element of the dungeon has a role in my favorites, but the Forest Temple was challenging, in the beginning i got stuck in this one for a simple Small Key, the 3 skeletons gave me also a big challenge and needed like 3 fairies in a bottle to beat them. And that for the simple Bow and Arrows. I loved the last pink poe though and the green one with the puzzle. I never saw there was a fake piece in it and make a real mess with this puzzle. As for the purple one the battle was epic, but it didn't fool me with it's traitorous rotation.
The boss Phantom Ganon was of the best bosses, even i didn't like the whole Temple. Reflection his Shadow Balls was enjoyable except if he's on the lower floor.

The second Temple, the Fire Temple as i said is my second favorite. I like the master quest version ways more than the original. Fire based things are also on my top favorite but saving the Goron's was a nice job, and the way they talked about Volvagia is gonna eat them. The room with the rolling stone blocks was the most annoying though, falling down was really fun, and starting over again. It gives me more time to spend and it always happened to me, i like if they are deep gates into a Dungeon.
The boss from the Fire Temple was my favorite out of them all, the Dragon Volvagia. In the beginning i didn't know somethin about hanging on the edge se Volvagia can't hurt you. I have a weak spot for Dragons and the battle against it was just fun, but i died a lot of times what gives me a real challenging boss. Alright now it's a piece of cake for me.

Water Temple, yeah what can i say about this? I got stuck for a real long time and even gave up the whole game. Water Temple is my fourth Temple, i never knew about the place in the center of the temple, the pilar looking structure. And that was not only that, i also didn't see the block were you have to use the Spng of Time, just call it Time block then. For the key i searched for days, week even month's without result. I never used a walkthrough or any help from other, but after a long time i figured every out, and i could only laugh about it now. Water Temple was the most challenging, but changing your boots every time was really annoying, and just end up as also a annoying Dungeon.
The boss here was nothing, not actually something special or challenging. I don't know it's name anymore but it did return in Twilight Princess, or it only looks a like.

Now for my favorite out of them all! The Shadow Temple. If there is a dungeon i would like, is it the darker dungeons. The torture stuff was just amazing and scared me really out in the past. Overall this Temple was pretty challenging, and you have to do the Bottom of The Well first for the Lense of Truth. I remember i was looking for the Hover Boots outside of this Dungeon, i didn't know about the place in the corner. It's also the first dungeon i was with blood inside it, same for the well. I gave a real scary atmosphere and i like this kind of dungeons. The design and the difficuly of it, even Bongo Bongo, my second favorite boss was pretty challenging. he moves his hands to fast and shooting is his eye was the biggest trouble i had, like Volvagia he's now a piece of cake.

The last Temple is the Spirit Temple on the 3th place. It has my favorite sound track and gives it a real egyptian atmosphere, better say a tomb like place like you see in the movies as Indiana Jones. The Master Quest version was ways better than the original, like the Water Temple i got stuck reall fast in the middle biggest room of the Temple. I never knew about Din's Fire below the door. The iron Knuckles has also their first appearance, and they are also my favorite enemy. Back in time i hated they because they killed me soon as possible, they are dealing a lot of damage like i've seen with Volvagia's breath/rocks. I like the way to do the first part with child Link and the second with Adult Link.
The Boss, Twinrove or better know as the sorceress sisters was a totally amazing battle. Reflecting their attacks was really fun to do, it was only annoying if they are not on the screen anymore. I loved the ''conflict'' between them at last.

As for in the Ganon's Castle the Fire room was amazing, especially in Master Quest.

To say it all shortly for now in, my vote is Shadow Temple;
1. Shadow
2. Fire
3. Spirit
4. Water
5. Forest


I LOVE the water temple..idk way people think its hard its easy..but my second favorite is the shadow temple.

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