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Favorite Miniboss from Ocarina of Time

Faviorate Miniboss from Ocarina of Time

  • Lizalfos

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  • Big Octo

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  • Stalfos

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  • Poe Sisters

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  • Flare Dancer

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  • White Wolfos

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  • Dark Link

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  • Dead Hand

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  • Iron Knuckle

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  • Dinofolos

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Ask Me Why I Love The Photoshops
Jan 30, 2010
Dark Link was my favorite mini boss. It was so creative how he followed all of your moves until you found something new to use that he didn't know.

Din Akera

Jan 27, 2010
My own little world
Kinda saw those results coming. Dark Link then Iron Knuckle.
Wanna know why? Because Dark Link is the coolest thing freaking ever! But I will admit to a bias on this subject. :D

Olaf Forkbeard

I said Iron Knuckle, but mainly because of my memories in the MasterQuest version as a kid link in spirit temple. Other then that, hes my favorite baddie.

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