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Favorite Link

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Toon Link, from Wind Waker. This Link is my favorite mainly because he stands out from the other Links in a very good way, which is this: He has the most personality. Toon Link has an abundance of different facial expressions that bring his character to life. Also, moving the control stick around as you slashed with your sword initiated different sword strike patterns, thus removing some of the "black-and-white" gameplay mechanics of other Zelda games. But most of all, Toon Link was a character. Most other Links are just blank slates for us, the players, to fill in. But Toon Link was more than that. He was willing to travel any distance and go to any length to save his sister. This was portrayed exceptionally in his actions and his expressions. And there was still enough of a "blank slate" in him for us to fill in. That's what I love about Toon Link. He's proof that a Link with a personallity of his own can work.


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Jun 15, 2010
I know it isn't canon, but... Super Smash Bros. Brawl Link. :) I love the way he looks, especially since his hair has that dirty-blonde look that was supposed to be there in Twilight Princess...

But in terms of canon, Twilight Princess Link! :D

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