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Favorite/least favorite minigames


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Jun 16, 2020
Crossbell State
Favorite? The gliding challenge in BotW or the shooting galleries. Probably more the gliding though.

Least favorite? I hate the battleship minigame in WW. I never bothered with it because I always guessed wrong. It was annoying.


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Sep 29, 2020
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Hmm... The river ones in TP are both fun, as is hidden village. The battleship thing from WW was ok, but unfair. MM shooting gallery was pretty fun.

I didn't like honey and darlings minigame from MM, and the chest thing with the rising floor was too frustrating. The owner didn't help. I can't remember doing any in OoT tbh.
Dec 22, 2020
Depends when you ask me
I love and hate the dancing minigame in Oracle of Ages. It‘s pretty addictive once you’re good enough to progress the story IF you use headphones to reduce the audio lag through the hardware or an emulator. Or if you’ve got real good timing - the margin for error isn’t very generous! The hide and seek minigame in the same game is good to take your brain off the hook for a while too.
Feb 7, 2014
Favorite: Snowboarding in TP. I wish they would have done more with the idea, like more courses and people to race.

Least favorite: Talking to the cats in TP. It would have been fine if they were actually hidden and the goal was to find them, but the difficulty is in remembering which ones you've spoken to. It's so needlessly annoying and unnecessary.


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Feb 19, 2020
Favorites: Shield Surfing, shooting galleries
Least favorite: anything with Bombchus and THE DANG CUCCO MINIGAME THATS STILL THE ONLY REASON I HAVEN’T 100%ED ALBW


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I really hated the Wild Tokay feeding minigame in OoA. You had to throw the food to the Tokay as they were coming down, and if you missed a single one you had to start over again. Its also really hard to have good aim and timing, since its the chunky graphics. If it was an optional quest thats one thing, but making it a required section of the game just isn't cool. I also didn't like the hookshot challenge in TP.

As for my favorite, I would have to go with the Shooting Galleys in OoT and MM. They were actually pretty fun, and not too difficult.


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Dec 26, 2017
Seconding the cucco minigame. This is one of the most bull**** gaming achievements I have done in gaming ever. I spend 2 full days trying to do it and when I finally did I just felt sour about it. It really drags the game down a tad for me. Roll goal cant even compare.
As for my favorite one, fishing in general. Especially TP's

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