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Favorite/Least Favorite Character

Jun 16, 2022
Midna is awesome

Skull Kid
Kass ... i love seeing Kass around
The little Rito children who sing
I kind of like Mipha even if she simpers a bit
Kafei and Anju
Romani and Cremia

Least Favourites:
BoTW Zelda
Sep 22, 2022
Inside the walls
My Absolute Favorite:
:vaati:Vaati! Look at him. The funny little sorcerer man. WIsh he had the same personality in FSA that he did in MC, though. I want to see the return of the diabolical and cunning Wind Sorcerer, not the old man who forgot why he was even kidnapping the princess in the first place (the Light Force).

Other Favorites:
1. WW Link. Favorite incarnation of Link due to my Wind Waker bias. He's a silly little lad. My son boy!
2. BotW Link. Has the most personality out of all the Links when you factor in the dialog choices with NPCs. He's objectively a nice and funny guy, in spite of-- or perhaps because of-- the enormous weight on his shoulders.
3. Midna. She's the least annoying of the sidekicks, and she's got an actual personality, which helps. Her true form is also really fun to play as in HW.
4. Tetra/WW Zelda. Favorite incarnation of Zelda due to my Wind Waker bias. It helps that she actually helps you several times over the course of the game. Thank you for the bombs, Miss Tetra!
5. ST Zelda. We really get to know her well over the entire game. Her and ST Link's interactions are adorable.
6. Hilda. A character with a tragic backstory and good motivations. The ending of ALBW always makes me cry, unironically, because of this.
7. Master Kohga. I didn't like him much in BotW, but HW:AoC really helped flesh out his personality.
8. WW Link's Grandma. Never before have I been so attached to a video game grandma.
9. Mila's Father. He's got a nice little character arc. I really appreciate how much he cares about his daughter.

Least Favorites:
1. Fi, in terms of functionality at least. Story-wise, she's fine.
2. Navi. No, you listen! There is no need for you to be this annoying.
3. Ezlo. Please. Please stop laughing in my ear.
4. Kaepora Gaebora. We all know why.

My Absolute Least Favorite:
Tingle. Give me my rupees back.

Fierce Deity Link

Knight of the Falling Moon
Jun 1, 2023
Fierce Deity Mask

  • Fierce Deity Link
Technically a different character because its Link and the Fierce Deity as one; kinda like Gogeta.

  • Nabooru
  • Dark Link
  • Ganon/ Ganondorf
  • Riju
  • Zelda
  • Link (Orcarina)
  • The Moon of Termina
  • King of the Red Lions
Characters I dislike:

  • Ingo
An possessed and mean Luigi. I despised him in Ocarina. He freaked me out as a kid.


Sharpshooter for Hire
ZD Champion
Jun 7, 2023
Outpost 31
To tell you the truth, I dont have a least favorite. I may like someone more than another, but I just don't down right dislike someone, for now at least...
May 21, 2023
Varies by game how much I might like or dislike any game en characters. Some just don’t have much of anything going for them. But I think I can give some kind of list.


Liked - Link with pink hair, kid kicking the ball kid, guys who give you rupees to get out
Disliked - thieves, folks who call the guards in Kakariko, King Zola

Liked - Marin, Tarin, generally everyone has a cozy vibe but especially the animal village folks, old man Ulrira for being relatable
Disliked - Dampe in the remake, would have rather just had the photo stuff

Liked - Malon, Talon, Ingo, Darunia, Sheik, Nabooru I guess? Kinda flat characters all around and not much for interesting NPCs
Disliked - Definitely Ruto, Navi

Liked - Mask salesman, Anju and Kafei, Cremia, the Zora bandmates, Tingle, the poor mayor
Disliked - Gibdos in the well who want random junk, all the Gorons in the race, beaver brothers

Oracle games:
Liked - Ambi and the pirate captain, Din, the animal partners, kinda love/hate the Tokay but a bit less hate for the Subrosians
Disliked - Tuni nut repair guy? Patches? Fitting name, that

Liked - Tetra and her crew, King of red lions, Medli, used to dislike Komali more but understand his whole thing more now, Deku Tree, Lenzo, Tingle, his brothers?, the door butler at the cabana, Quill, Ganondorf, Salvatore, Mila, Orca, Sturgeon, grandma, fishmen
Disliked - Hard to think of any, I suppose Maggie’s father is one who is just truly detestable and has no redeeming qualities. Beedle is kind of greedy and nefarious but still funny at least. Makar, don’t really dislike him but compared to Medli there’s just not much to him. Oh, there’s the snot nosed kid too

Liked - Ezlo, Zelda, really struggling to think of any others that stood out for that long
Disliked - Any npc that seems to randomly decide whenever they feel like not fusing kinstones anymore when I’ve finally got a matching piece

Liked - Midna, Ashei, Renado, Bo, Fyer, the yetis, Zant, fat ass on a pig
Disliked - Ooccoo and all his people, Ganondorf, Ilia, the rest of the Ordon kids but especially Collin, Rusl, hero’s shade

Liked - Zelda, Groose, Fi, Impa, Ghirahim, the Goron explorers, hand in the toilet, the loftwings, storage lady, Beedle now he’s putting in effort, some of the mogmas are alright, forget her name but the girl in the room next to Zelda’s
Disliked - Scrapper, fat guy on the bamboo island

Linebeck I guess? Don’t recall much others

Liked - Old man, Bolson, Hudson, Selmie, Riju
Disliked - Yunobo, the champions

Liked - Zelda, Sonia, Ganondorf, Riju, Sidon, Yunobo, Tulin, Kohga, Hudson, Bolson, Purah, Paya, depths statue guy, Robbie, Penn, the traveling orchestra but mostly Violynn, sadly never found Selmie
Disliked - the whole Reese and Cece thing kind of felt too silly, also not fond of Rauru himself just being way too boring for his design

The Dashing Darknut

DD, the dashing one
Jul 7, 2021
Twilight Realm
Updated list cause thoughts have changed a bit and didn’t include a few characters before

Favorites: Linebeck, Kafei, Anju, Romani and Creamia, Groose, the Gorons in general, the Deku Butler, Teba, Hero’s Shade, ST Zelda, Majora, Midna, Hena, Happy Mask Salesman, the toon and only toon version of Link, Purah, Queen Rutela, Colin

Least favorites: Faron from SS, Yunobo, Haggie, Falbi, Ilia (she’s fun to meme about but she is written really poorly and is very bland), Terrako from AOC, Kaepora Gaebora, Ghirahim (I’ve liked him less over time), Postman in TP

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