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Favorite Launch Game in Gaming History

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There is nothing more to this thread than the title suggests. What do you think the best launch title in the history of the gaming industry was?

Personally, I find it hard to pinpoint one title but would give the honor to one of the following games:

-Super Mario Bros. (NES)
-Super Mario World (SNES)
-Super Mario 64 (N64)
-Soul Calibur (Dreamcast)
-Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox)
-Twilight Princess (Wii port)



Jun 22, 2011
Yeah it's a really tough call. I'd go with Super Mario Bros as the best because it was the biggest system seller. Wii Sports sold more, but I can't say it's a better game than SMB with a straight face. My favorite would be Super Mario 64, but actually I didn't play it until just before the Gamecube was released. I love how you can complete such a small portion of the game and still beat it. You can literally skip up to 7 levels in a playthrough I believe.
Apr 10, 2010
Super Mario 64. No one knew what Mario in 3D would be like but it was a huge success and started a new genre. It was the perfect game to show off the Nintendo 64 and the next gen.
Nov 30, 2011
I'd say Super Mario 64. It's an amazing game with everything you can do in it. I also has incredible replay value too, since you can go back and do anything over again without having to restart a new file. I got a little bored with it after I got all 120 starts, but I still visit it every now and then. Also, Nintendo even delayed the Nintendo 64's launch a year just to have Super Mario 64 as a launch title.


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Apr 12, 2012
Super Mario 64. It's just...one of those games that I still never get tired of. Many, many hours and memories put into that game. Truly a beginning for 3D gaming.

Edit: As I remember, Luigi's Mansion was also a launch title. That's one of my favorites too :D
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May 26, 2010
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Soul Calibur and Super Mario 64. Those games were anything but a failure; such amazing gaming experiences that I would recommend to anyone in a heart beat. I have fond memories of both games.
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Aug 7, 2011
Of those games I'd have to say Super Mario 64. I love me some TP of course, but I have the GCN version so it didn't feel like a ''launch'' title to me.

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Jun 15, 2010
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Definitely Twilight Princess. Halo, Super Mario 64, and Kameo: Elements of Power are definitely up there, though.

Oh, and Super Smash Bros. Melee, if that counts. That released within the launch "window," didn't it?


Nov 11, 2011
WII SPORTS!!!! Jk. I'd have to say Super Mario 64, it is one of my favorite games of all time and it proved to people that Nintendo can own 3D gaming more than any other company.

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