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Tears of the Kingdom Favorite Fuse materials?

Sep 22, 2022
Inside the walls
Now that we've all had some time to play around with the game's fuse mechanic, what are some of y'all's favorite materials to use in fusion, and why?
For me, in terms of fusing with weapons, it's Silver Lizalfos horns because they look like scythes and that's just really cool to me. It also helps that they're pretty dang strong, too! Usually, when I see silver enemies I go, "oh no, a damage sponge", but whenever I see a Silver Lizalfos I'm just, "GIVE ME YOUR HORN".
I also like the Blue Lizalfos horns because hee hoo katana.
For arrows, it's gotta be muddlebuds and puffshrooms. Watching enemies fight each other never gets old, and being able to get sneakstrikes in is a godsend against silver enemies.
Also, sled + shield and cart + shield are really fun.

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Ooh I have to try carts on shields! I usually use silver materials as well, though I'll be real I'm not always a big fan of how they change the look of the weapon. I'm a real purist when it comes to sword designs. I still like the mechanic, though. Muddlebuds are great, yeah. I think design wise my favorite is the blue boss boko horn, but it's not really as viable at my current stage anymore. :(


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I've enjoyed making whips with lizal tails. I still have yet to get to silver enemies, but I have quite the stack of black boko horns and those are pretty useful. For arrows, I like shock fruits and areocuda/keese eyeballs. I haven't really cared much for fusing stuff to shields, I just have a healthy stack of knight's shields on hand. Rockets have come in handy in the absence of Revali's Gale tho.
I'm not always a big fan of how they change the look of the weapon.
Same, I haven't really cared for it too much in general, the whole decay thing was stupid.

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