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Favorite Bosses


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Jan 9, 2008
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What were your favorite bosses in the Zelda series and why? I'm pretty sure the thread is self-explanatory from there.

My number one favorite boss of all time is Trinexx from A Link to the Past. I'm not entirely sure why, but this boss was just so much fun for me, and it looked pretty cool to boot. I still sometimes skip out on getting the Tempered Sword and Golden Sword just to prolong the fight and spend more time in the boss room - I don't like just standing about doing nothing. Having to deal with a three headed turtle might not seem too exciting, but having to use the ice rod to kill the fire head, and the fire rod to kill the ice head while being snapped at by the main head made for quite the interesting fight. Then after you defeated both the fire and ice head you would have to fight the main part itself which self-destructed into a snake. Chasing it around to hit the center of its body while avoiding getting hit in the meantime was quite entertaining.

I think my second favorite would have to be Molgera from The Winder Waker. The whole fight was kind of fun in my opinion. Avoiding the worms mouth while trying to get close enough to grab its tongue to slash away with your sword. And when you think it's easy, a bunch of little worms come out to attack you and keep you away from the main big one. You'd kill these off and do some damage to the Molgera and it'd fly up and try to come back down and take you with it. Not to mention the music during the fight was pretty epic as well. So epic in fact that it made its way to Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

So how about you? What were your favorite bosses throughout the series and why?


Feb 24, 2010
My three favorite bosses, in no particular order are...

Goht from Majora's Mask. This battle was completely original and fresh, and was just fun to get through. Everyone loves Gorons, especially rolling around as a Goron. It was pretty aggravating to have to start rolling and charging all over again after a single hit, but that just made the battle better in the long run, as no one likes a pushover. Additionally, the design of Goht was fairly impressive as well. I know there's been a demand for the Zelda series to move away from technology and back to magic, but I think the semi-robotic design of Goht was definitely a good thing. Primarily because it fit the theme of the temple and the Gorons themselves (I've always considered them to be a bit more technologically advanced than the other races) and also, less importantly, the smoke that came from him as his machine parts wore down was a very clever way to indicate to the player how much more damage they had to do.

Morpha from Ocarina of Time. I don't know why this boss isn't as popular with other people. I guess a lot of it may stem from the fact that so many people despise the Water Temple in this game. Additionally, there's that trick you can do that allows you to easily take the boss down in thirty seconds. However, if you don't exploit the oversight in the game design and fight Morpha on the platforms in the center of the room, it's quite a challenging fight. The concept of the boss being water itself (more or less) was very clever and it really gave you a sense of fright if you accidentally fell into the water. Fighting on the center platforms makes it actually one of the hardest bosses in OoT for me, and one of the only ones I still die against.

Finally, Stallord from Twilight Princess. I'm vividly aware that the game is somewhat easy in places, and Stallord is no exception. However, it makes up for it by being pure fun to take down. First of all, you get to use the spinner. Although the spinner really doesn't receive much use outside of this temple, it was extremely fun while it lasted. The first stage of the battle was okay, but the second stage is where the boss really shined for me.


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Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
Stallord from TP - man he was just so fun, I was so sad when the fight was over

Twinrova, Trinexx - I generally like the concept of ice vs fire and fire vs ice

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Sep 3, 2010
Oh, my... where to start?

Of course, my favorite boss in the entire series is undoubtedly Molgera from Wind Waker. Excluding the final bosses, of course. I would pick Molgera solely because of the mind-blowing proportions of the battle - the boss room was massive, as well as Molgera itself. But where Molgera really blows other bosses out of the water (or should I say... sand) is because of its boss battle music. A soft mix of flute along with the rhythymic "chika-chika" sounds over and over just give the whole battle an amazing and atmospheric feel. I can safely say that many will agree with me.

Although Molgera really wasn't a tough boss, so to speak, it certainly was the toughest boss in Wind Waker. I find that I often play Molgera over and over in Ganon's Tower just for the heck of it. And the more times I faced off against Molgera, the more I found that its difficulty could vary.

The first time around, Molgera was a piece of cake - really no challenge if you know what to do. Then... I played it again. It was a bit tougher for me the second time around because I got a little unlucky with Molgera's pesky little moldroms tunneling through the sand. At times, there just seemed to be too many and they really started to sidetrack me and completely divert my attention from Molgera. I fought Molgera a few times more, but found that sometimes the battle was easy and took no less than two minutes, but sometimes it could be annoying difficult. It's this feeling of surprise and epicness that you can only experience with Molgera that makes it my favorite Zelda boss of all time.

My second favorite would have to be Stallord from Twilight Princess. The boss battle may have been nostalgic because of the remixed Volvagia/King Dodongo theme from OoT, but Stallord really shined in innovation. The Spinner was an entirely new concept in Zelda, and Stallord put it to great use and also made the battle lengthy and exhilarating. Stallord started off in a large sand-filled arena similar to that of Molgera, but in reality was a completely different boss.

I really loved the battle strategy used to defeat Stallord in the first and second half. Using the spinner to quickly rotate around the area was fun and all, but the danger was evident as well. Spiked spinners chased you down as you spun around the arena, and more quickly than your Spinner, too. You always had to try to take a shot and crack Stallord's spine before one of the spiked spinners got you first. I like to refer to Stallord's first half as "zombie pinball", since many zombies obstructed your path to Stallord's spine. Each time you successfully damaged Stallord, more zombies arose and served as roadblocks, making the experience somewhat annoying, but terribly fun all the while.

Stallord really pulls out all the stops in its second form. Now just a head, the large pillar in the middle of the room rises to reveal spinner tracks on it. You must climb to the top by using your spinner... then dodge Stallord's fireballs by jumping from the inside tracks to the outer tracks. I found this to be the "meat" of the battle, and really enjoyed pummeling Stallord with the "Master Stick".

I feel that this boss deserves quite a nice pat on the back because it was so dang fun. Of course, I am talking about Goht from Majora's Mask. This has appeared on quite a few others' favorite boss lists, and the same goes for me. Chasing Goht down was just a thrill. There was nothing more satisfying than ramming Goht's sides with your menacing Goron spikes. I believe that the Snowhead Temple's boss was one of the defining moments of the game, really showing what Majora's Mask had to offer in terms of boss battles.

Goht's battle was long. It was entertaining. Difficult. And most of all, just bloody fun. The battle had a tinge of danger to it, adding boulders, stalagtites falling down, lightning charges and even bombs. Yes, Goht was just one long chase scene with several dangerous obstacles attempted to do away with you. Even Goht's defeat was rather entertaining - swaying side-to-side and eventually ramming head-first into a wall was a great way for Goht to fall.

Those are my favorite three bosses in Zelda, and I hope to see others' opinions as well. :)


Jan 31, 2008
Amherst, MA
Didn't I already answer this one?
I hardly even remember all of the bosses throughout the Zelda series... I'll actually have to look up the names of some of them. I do know for sure that Bongo Bongo is my ultimate favorite, though.
Bongo Bongo was just an awesome boss. The Shadow Temple was a great dungeon and gave Ocarina of Time a dark feel, and I think that Bongo Bongo accented that feeling of terror perfectly. It made the dungeon seem a bit darker yet. Bongo Bongo was this weird eyeball creature with two giant, disembodied hands. Sounds like fun to battle to me. Running around on the giant drum was awesome. They even made the guy mostly invisible, which really gave the boss a better feel. Using the main item in the dungeon constantly throughout the entire battle just to see him. The technique was all good and the boss was challenging and fun. My overall favorite by far.

Argorok was also a pretty epic boss. If it weren't for the pure nostalgia that is associated with Bongo Bongo for me, then I would probably choose Argorok as my favorite. The guy was a giant armored dragon that lived in the City in the Sky. It had the perfect setting to reign over and the technique was awesome. The clawshot happened to be one of the better items in Twilight Princess in my opinion. Though it was quite a lot like a simple variation of the hookshot, I found it pretty good nonetheless. The combination between that and the Iron Boots made for one awesome boss battle. I loved how you had to travel upward through most of the battle. The boss just looked plain awesome and fighting him was plain awesome. He definitely improved Twilight Princess in my opinion.

As for the third, I'm going to have to go with Morpha. Morpha wasn't exactly one of the most entertaining boss battles, but it was pretty good nonetheless in my opinion. Morpha was just an amoeba floating around in the water... a giant amoeba floating around in the water at that. The thing was able to control the water and form it into various tentacles to attack. I have to give props to Nintendo for the idea. It's something a little different from most of the bosses we see. Morpha could also be a little challenging if you didn't know what was going on. I personally never found Morpha hard after the first time that I battled it, but it could prove harder to some other inexperienced players, especially those that are battling it for the first time. The thing could cause a lot of damage if you couldn't avoid it properly.

I also have to give an honorable mention to Queen Gohma. The setting of the place she was in was pretty creepy, even when compared to the already slightly creepy setting of The Deku Tree. It was enough to creep you out a bit when you were playing as a smaller kid. Gohma wasn't really difficult. She was the exact opposite, actually. With a Deku Stick you could literally kill her in 5 seconds or less from the time she dropped from the ceiling. An absolute pushover, but that was what entertained me. Just being able to beat a boss that fast makes me laugh. Queen Gohma was a good idea and looked pretty cool, and I don't deny she could be fun to battle when you were doing it how it was really intended to be done.


Oct 4, 2010
My number one boss was probably Zant. It tested you in so many ways- plus the music was awesome. The Second was Stallord from the Twilight Princess, because it is pretty easy and fun. In third place is Cragma from Spirit Tracks. It was an easy battle and it took the use of the bow and arrow a different direction.


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Feb 9, 2010
Stallord's up there. The fight was really, a lot of fun. He was really awesome too. Although..... he was too easy.....

Twinmold had to be. He's the biggest Zelda boss ever to date. He was VERY hard. You take forever beating one and then you're like, "YES!" Then the other one comes out and eats your face and you're like, "WHAT?! There's 2?" Yeah.

Another one is probably Molgera. He was a lot like Twinmold except a lot smaller, and there was only one. Honestly, I found him VERY hard, the hardest in the game.


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So far, I've played through four games, and through twenty three boss battles, and though I haven't played through a lot of Zelda games, nor have I fought a lot of bosses, I think I already have a list of my favorite bosses, that is, like three out of twenty three, which isn't that much, though...

I'll start off with which I think is one of the favorite bosses for most of the people who fought with him, and who I have already seen in some liusts in here: Goht. Goht isn't only a unique and spectacular boss battle only by the fun of rolling as a Goron to attack him, but also because of it's uniqueness. Goht is an incredibly fun boss battle. Rolling as a Goron behind him to hurt him is very fun to do, having to chase an enemy by rolling as a 'rock' creature. I just find it way too unique and cool to have to hurt him with the spikes that grow on Goron Link, but I also find unique the fact that you consume way too much magic rolling as a Goron, thus you sometimes have to go try to hit a magic jar or else your magic bar will consume very quickly. Also something i had a lot of fun with was the fact you have to hurt Goht mostly as Link itself, so when Goht gets up you have to transform to a Goron, and have to wait for a while until you get a channce to hit Goht again.
All in all, a very cool boss fight.

Also in my list you can see Morpha, from Ocarina of Time. Actually, fighting Morpha is pretty intense, of course if you fight him the right way: on the platforms. But pople is too lazy or unexperienced to do that, so they exploit the flaws in the room where you fight Morpha and do the corner trick, by which you can kill Morpha way too quickly. But, as already said, fighting Morpha over the platforms is very intense, and you really enjoy the battle.

Another boss from Ocarina of Time who, to my surprise, i think I haven't seen on this topic is Barinade, which you fight in Jabu Jabu's Belly. Let's admit it: fighting Barinade is a lot of fun. Having to constantly hit him with your Boomerang while avoiding it's electric attacks is just really awesome. It is a fight packed with plenty of action. I still remember fighting him for the first time: I was pretty scared, and constantly saw myself being hurted by Barinade because of not knowing what to do, or because I lacked some experience. But, still, almost no boss fight can compete with Barinade, whop gives you an in tense boss battle while being easy-medium and always requiring you to pay attention and try to avoid Barinade. Yeah, a great boss battle, which deserves to be one of my favorite ones.

That's it so far. Hope to fight some more bosses and have a lot of fun with them! :) .
May 8, 2010
Eagle River, Alaska
My favorite boss is Twinrova from Ocarina of Time. The way you defeat her with the mirror shield was one of the most fun and interesting ways to do a boss battle. The battle with them is a major reason the Spirit Temple is my favorite dungeon. The first phase with deflecting magic attacks with the mirror shield was unforgettable because it was different from all the other boss battles in Ocarina of Time. Instead of using the dungeon item and them slashing your sword, you only used the dungeon item and it was your only hope in making it though the first phase. The second phase was a little more like the other boss battles, but it was still great because it merged the regular style of boss battles with the magic attacks that made the first phase so great.

Twinrova was a great boss for the last main dungeon and they have yet to top it in my opinon. Even the way you get into the boss room is remarkable, how you shine the light to the giant mirror and slowly go down to in front of the door is just awesome. The mini boss battle with Nabooru was a great way to start of the festivities, but I will save that for another post. There is no denying how great all the bosses were in Ocarina of Time, but this one sticks out as one of the best ones in the whole series.


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Jan 30, 2010
3. Kalle Demos (WW): Kalle Demos is a favorite boss of mine because of they way it looks. I love the colors on Kalle Demos. It was a challenging boss the first time that I fought it. The vines were really a hassle to beat down considering some points of the battle Kalle Demos wouldn't stop flinging them all over the place. For a boss though, Kalle Demos was a very appealing one. I mean, it was a giant plant that was colored in greens, purples, and blues. What isn't cool about that? The overall battle, was something that I enjoyed. As I already said, it was challenging the first time around. Once I got the hang of it though, I was taking Kalle Demos down. :lol:

2. Morpheel (TP): Morpheel was simply an awesome looking boss. It really had that menacing look to it, which is always a nice thing to see. The beginning of the battle, when Morpheel is in the ground was kind of hard at first since it was kind of impossible to catch the eye with your hookshot. The eye was something that creeped me out. It was just...staring at you and there were no eyelids when the eye was in place on Morpheel's head. So, that was kind of creepy in a way. My personal favorite part of the entire battle was when Morpheel was all over the place, swimming and knocking the pillars over. It was cool how you could hook onto Morpheel with your hookshot and just kind of dangle on it while you stabbed the heck out of the eye. Overall, Morpheel was a creepy looking boss, but was a lot of fun to fight. I seriously loved when it ran right into the wall once you beat it. It was pretty epic.

1. Volvagia (OoT): My number one favorite boss is Volvagia! I love dragons, so it totally works that I Volvagia is my favorite boss. I thought that it was such an adorable boss. With it's little head and eyes, Volvagia could be a really adorable dragon if it wasn't evil and totally demonic. Volvagia was a lot of fun to fight and beating its head with a hammer to beat it was...interesting I guess you could say. When Volvagia threw down boulders and rocks though, that was kind of hard since you could get hit at any time, if you weren't paying attention. I thought that Volvagia was a difficult boss when I was first playing the game. I think I died four times before I finally beat it. So, the difficulty was kind of high the first time I played. Overall, Volvagia was an appealing boss and is definitely going to stay my number one favorite boss.
Apr 5, 2008
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I'm going to list my favorite boss from most of the games along with an elaborate reasoning. Don't worry, it won't be all just a bunch of useless junk.

Legend of Zelda: Definitely Manhandla. Manhandla was a cool boss, it was a moving plant with four claws that shoots out fireballs. Is that not awesome? The battle starts off nice and easy, dodge a fireball here, slice up a claw there, but then you take a claw out and the speed increases and fireballs become more frequent. At that point you're all like "Oh, man. I'd better think of what to do, I'll get killed once there's only one!" So then you go up, slice up a claw, then run away before he plows you down. The battle was a mix of timing and dodging, and in that game a lot of bosses are very simple. Manhandla was pretty easy to find out how to defeat, but was still a challenge. I would say Gleeok, however, he's just stationary. The only thing moving is his heads. He's a hard boss, but would be better if he was moving and you had the element of dodging his body instead of just the fireballs that he shoots out. Although, that might make the battle impossible.

Adventure of Link: I haven't gotten very far ... :embarrassed: I've only battled Horsehead and that battle was just too hard. It was slash at his head in hopes that your trajectory doesn't accidentally land on top of him. He hits hard enough where if you don't time right and move accurately, you're going to end up getting yourself killed when trying to attack. I'll have to play through that game and get better before I can give an accurate opinion.

A Link to the Past: I haven't played that game recently and never got super far many times, but I have beaten it. I'll say that the only boss that I can remember that I really enjoyed was Helmasaur. The battle had multiple elements, dodging, smashing, slicing, and stage hazards to top it off. Sure the hazards weren't very frequent and were in an area you probably wouldn't go on, but still, it was cool. The swinging tail that you had to avoid as you smashed up his mask made it where you had to be careful about attacking him. The slicing was fine, but then you threw in the fireballs to make it tough. It's a hard battle, but it's still really enjoyable.

Link's Awakening: I haven't gotten very far in this game either. I've only been through three dungeons and can only remember the battle with Moldorm, which I didn't like. It's like the battle with Moldorm in a Link to the Past, only slightly easier. If you happen to be pushed off the edge, the entire battle has to restart. I can't count high enough for the number of attempts I had to make for my first playthrough that game, but I know it was a lot.

Ocarina of Time: This is a game we all have very fond memories of and I'm not excluded. I've actually got a couple of favorite bosses. The Phantom Ganon boss is probably my favorite. It wasn't hard, but it was fun. The painting portion was extremely unique and something I would have never thought of. The whole guessing which painting he's in was only tough if you weren't quick enough to dodge his attack if you guessed wrong, but was still clever and fun nonetheless. I always love the ping-pong portion of battles in 3D games, 2D games just aren't the same. The whole timing thing about it ... ah, I love it!

Dark Link. Enough said, amirite?

Bongo Bongo's battle was insanely fun. He had multiple attacks that had multiple ways to dodge, his drumming made the battle harder as you couldn't do some of your attacks very well or accurately, along with the fact that you basically needed the eye of truth on the whole time makes this a very conservative battle. At that point, you probably had a lot of hearts, so it wasn't really hard as much as it was just kinda difficult to dodge his attacks while still attacking back. When I first played through, I just used the bow, so I played the safe way. Now that I'm more experienced, I'm trying some more dangerous methods which makes the whole thing tougher. Ah, the battle's just so amazing and the whole concept behind this boss is awesome.

I loved the Ganondorf battle, although it wasn't very hard. He again had the ping-pong portion that I loved and it was really fun. The more times you hit him, the faster the ball became, making it pretty difficult to deflect it back. Then the having to quickly jump over to slash him up made it a lot of fun, although normally I just use the Hover Boots to walk on over :P The portion when he's charging up that insanobeam attack was very, very intimidating when I was first playing through the game, but now that I know he's vulnerable when charging, the battle doesn't really have the special "flair" then. It was much more fun when I didn't know of that "cheating" method. Now it's hard to not use that.

Majora's Mask: This game was amazing in a lot of areas. It didn't have a lot of dungeons, so in turn didn't have a lot of bosses. I did like almost every boss in that game. Goht has to be my all time favorite boss in Zelda history, every, though. Everyone loves to roll as a goron, so that just makes it amazing to start off with. The battle is always exciting and dodging his boulders that fly off makes it kinda difficult when closing in on him to attack. The part where he turns around and shoots lightning bolts frustrated me a bit, as I was almost always hit, but now I can dodge those pretty easy. I've replayed that boss more times than I can count, but it's always fun. Now I can beat him in about 2 minutes, so it's not a lot of fun anymore, as the battle's so short, but it's still pretty fun.

Haven't played a lot of OOX, so I can't give an opinion on them.

Wind Waker: I didn't really love any of the battles in this game, to be honest. Most of them were reused concepts and didn't feel very fresh to me. Most of the bosses had very obvious methods of defeat, so it wasn't very fun. The battles I did enjoy were Phantom Ganon, for previously listed reasons, and probably Gohdan. Gohdan was a similar battle to Bongo Bongo in many ways, so it sort of has that sort of thing. You're being attacked from just about every angle and have to take out multiple objects before being able to attack the main portion of the boss. You have to use a lot of your arsenal which I always deem a plus, so that's always good.

Minish Cap: Although one of my top 3 Zelda games, it had really bad bosses. I did like the battle with Mazaal, though. It was basically just Gohdan in 2D, but was still just as fun, if not more. I don't know, but just having it in 2D made me enjoy it more. I'd never think you could utilize the Mole Mitts in a boss battle, and the way they used them I thought was very clever.

Rereading this, it looks very sloppy. I'll have to fix that later, as I don't have much more time, but I'll be sure to do that.

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Sep 28, 2010
Who ever started mine are the same and for same reason actually. Bongo Bongo first time I played it was hard age:7 Odolawa from MM: I like his weird chanting. Majora's Mask all three times I fought MM without the FD Mask even though I had it b/c I heard the FDM takes the fun out of the final boss. Stallord from TP: I thought the battle was fun. Ganon TP: I like doing the little chance thing.


Oooh I know, Gohma from the Wind Waker. I loved swinging from the grappling hook to bring down the rock slab.

Also I'd have to say Twinrova from OoT, mostly because I love their theme music, but also because I really like the use of the mirror shield in that fight. If you put your sword and shield away after absorbing one of their attacks, it looks pretty sweet glowing on your back. B-)

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