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Game Thread Far Far Away Mafia

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Ace Adventurer/Truth Seeker
Nov 30, 2017
I'm always suspicious of Rubik.

Not because I think he's scum, but because I suspect he's trying to sabotage my every move.
...I just realized your previous post might have been a sarcastic one because it mirrors this:
Hatred is a scumtell.
It's like I always say: "Sarcasm is hard on the internet."
I do apologize if I came off a bit strongly before, but just know I still got an eye on you.


Ace Adventurer/Truth Seeker
Nov 30, 2017
Judging by your emoticon, you've actually got two eyes on me.

Looks like someone here has quite the "eye" for detail.

Deleted member 14134

Vote tally 1.2

Jamie - 3 (Rubik, Stormageden, Storm)
Ryuken - 3 (Doc, Funnier, yiga)
funnier6 - 2 (Minish, Karu)
Rubik - 1 (Ayano Keiko)

Not voting:

Dekunut, ryuken, jamie

With 12 alive it takes 7 to reach majority. Day one ends Thursday April 5th at 11pm EST

Morbid Minish

Spooky Scary Skeleton.
Forum Volunteer
We have info from the get-go, so let's not risk lynching one of the three valuable power roles we got.
And less manpower to gather more info the following night should the Seer or Cop end up being mislynched. Also, I would be careful about how you go about scumhunting if you're gonna put a lot of faith in those "smart people." Especially on D1.
You both make good points. I will always push for a No Lynch D1, however, since I think it's the best option based on prior experience. Granted, I've also never played a two scum faction setup before, so I want to see how the night plays out before pursuing suspects.

This seems a bit off to me. First of all, we only have three town power roles so the chance of lynching one of them is already fairly low. Not to mention, we also have no limit to role claiming, so even if we were close to lynching one of them they could claim. That's not ideal obviously, but it's better to try and lynch someone day 1. Especially as others have mentioned, we have a decent chance of hitting scum with there being 4 of them in the game, with the pairs trying to find each other as well. So even the best scum hunters are scum hunting no matter what their alignment is.

Second, I don't recall you pushing for d1 no lynches before. I know it's pretty common with newer players, since I did the same a lot when I was new, but in a game like this where the odds of hitting scum are decent you should see the advantage of a day 1 lynch.

Tbh, advocating for a no lynch right now makes you seem a bit scummy. I don't see any reason why betting on fairly good odds (since there are also 5 vanillas that could get chosen before any of the power roles as well) would be a bad idea. Unless you're scum and scared of that random lynch being you.


Vote: Ryuken
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