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Fan Made Board Games Based on Popular Series


and Tonic
Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
The recent topic about Zelda Monopoly brought up the idea of fan made board games or other games based the Zelda series. In looking for an example I discovered a huge amount of other games that were based on not only Zelda but several other games as well. First thing I found was Hungry Hungry Koopas!
Hungry Hungry Koopas is something we want right now | Nintendo Gamer


Oh god I want that game so bad now. The koopa kids have always been my favorite Mario characters and this is perfect.

But then this actually made me curious, what other games have people made like this from other known video game series? I have known about the Zelda Chess Set for a while now. There is even a Drinking Game based on Zelda I also recently heard of the Zelda Pac Man Game even though I think that is something that should be featured here. And a Final Fantasy VI Monopoly Game which I think i will be trying in the future.

So now I am genuinely curious what other creative games are out there that are based on a game series. What other games have you found like this? Are they board games, or other creations like the Zelda Pac Man?
Dec 14, 2012
When I played Loz:TP for the first time, I was considering making a board game of the map and making it like how you play Mario Party (2, specifically). I did actually make a Pokémon board game, but no longer have it... maybe I'll remake (& revamp) it and show you guys :) Now this makes me want to create a Skyward Sword one too... ^^

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