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Ever Seen a Ghost?


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
I've never seen a ghost, despite all that, as a child the whole concept of such scared the **** out of me. I was extremely paranoid over it, I'm not sure what caused such a mass amount of fear in me over this. I can't recall any events that may of made me like that as a child. I guess I'll just put it down to being born as a little *****, to you an idea of how much of a ***** I was, scooby doo used to scare me as a child...yeah laugh it up. ;p
Despite never seeing one, I would always play out disturbing scenarios in my mind. Like when opening a door, a ghost would be standing right outside. Looking in the mirror I sometimes would imagine a girl covered in scars and blood, was looking back at me screaming, the only way to counter this, was to do whatever I'm doing fast to counter my sick mind.

I've of course heard other people stating they have seen a ghost, but a lot of times there's normally an explanation to them. We know that ghosts make no sense, but logically you have to wonder, if you died would you really stay around some mankey old house, trying to scare some poor old man just so he can wet himself, I don't think so. Caspers known as the friendly ghost, me, I would be known as Dan the pervy ghost, screw haunting people. :P
Still I do retain some of that fear as a child, so if I were to see Laz at my window in his make-up I would most likely need a change of trousers...
I would also like to conclude that despite knowing that ghost stories are most likely hogwash, I still find people's experiences with the matter interesting.


Sage of Tales
Ah, pervy ghost!

I was boredly watching something the other day on haunted places (maybe it's becuase I am unable to get out much, but I watch a lot of Travel Channel)... And some of the local legends surrounding some of these places have just that. I find these shows interesting for their history more so than for the alleged spirit-activity - tales of murder and mischief in the 1800s and such. (What makes Tower of London stories so interesting isn't the "ghosts" themselves - face it! It's all the stories behind the beheadings)! Anyway, there's this place in New Orleans that's supposedly haunted by "The Sultan" - a rich Eastern dude who kept a harem and was accsused of kidnapping people off the street to torture them. There was a massacre at his place and he was murdered by being buried alive and no one found how who did it... There were women who'd stayed at the Sultan's mansion who claimed to wake up in the middle of the night to an apparition leering at them over their beds or to feel, while walking through the house something grabbing their breasts.

Personally, I think hanging around a house or the place I died or (even around loved ones)! would constitute an interesting kind of Hell. I once, when writing one of my fantasy stories (a novel I'm actively trying to get published) made a passing mention to people in that world who believed in ghosts believing they were not "souls" but just residual energies. I really *could* have used ghosts in that world and not been out of place since there were dragons and stuff and the main character was a gryphon, but I didn't - just a mention about a superstition regarding spooky energies, though I did have an immortal form-changing planatery-spirit being in that... According to some of the paranormal shows, I found out I was "right" - that people who chase ghosts believe that some ghosts aren't actual people but just a kind of energy left behind. This would actually make some kind of sense in regards to the idea of "ghosts hang around the same place doing the same things all the time" - like the afterimage left on a television for a moment when you turn it off. Though we'd have to find something for a person to leave an afterimage on in the real world... hmmm...

Occasionally, I'll find myself getting a sudden shivery feeling, or locking up and feeling sudden tingling. According to the Ghost Adventures guy, that might be something ghostly. I've always thought it was just my body doing weird things. - And will continue to hold the view of "my body does weird things" until I get some blatant sign otherwise. And if my body does too many weird things too often, it's time to see a doctor.


Apr 22, 2011
Have never seen a being what you would call a "Ghost" but I've had some crazy stuff happening around the house when alone, Probably me just being paranoid etc. But every once in a while when my parents travel somewhere and I'm left alone in this huge creepy house there are tons of weird noises, chants, objects disappearing/appearing and the lights going out randomly. I used to crap myself when I was a few years younger but now I've just learned to live with it, But if I'm that much scared I just tell my girlfriend to come over and spend the night giving her some bad reason for coming over, lol.

PS: don't tell her, she'll dump me :<
Aug 7, 2011
I've never seen a ghost nor have I had a ''paranormal'' experience. I generally don't believe in such things, perhaps that would change if I ever were to encounter such things personally. Halloween is right around the corner after all, perhaps this'll be the year I'll be visited by a ghost? Guess we'll find out ;)


Keyblade Master
Jul 31, 2012
I've had plenty of supernatural experiences growing up, but I don't think I ever saw a ghost per se, rather I've been harassed many times in the past by an invisible force.

2 years ago I did some things I regret and was harrassed nonstop by 3 invisible separate entitiies. How did I know it was 3? Because each part of my body I felt 3 distinct figures "attacking" me. My body was felt like it was constantly revolving around a electromagnetic field and I would feel claws in my pelvis area at nights. It felt like sharp claws scratching my body rigiously so eventually I ended up sleeping on my stomach.

These beings were known as Succubi and I know it was them because I suddened them just a week before to see if anything would happened. Instead of being visited by 1 I was visited by 3. Eventually the two left and one stayed behind but I eventually was able to pay it no mind and act as if everything was normal, if its still here I wouldn't know. There haven't been any signs.

Science can't prove everything, and I am not sure if it will ever come into terms with the supernatural, but what I do know is that there are invisble forces out there, and not all of them play nice.

Avoid any sort of summonings and the like.

Sir Quaffler

May we meet again
While I also believe in ghosts, I've never seen one personally. Perhaps it's because I don't find death scary (I just view it as a means of passing from one life to the next). So maybe the fact that I don't have an irrational fear of it is why ghost and the supernatural are not attracted to me. Which is weird considering I take long walks out at night, in unlit areas no less, and I'm not spooked in the slightest. In fact, I've kinda learned to adopt the darkness as my ally, and noises and lights don't phase me at all. Of course, if I ever see a man in a black suit and no face at night I'm gonna run the **** away.

However, I'm absolutely convinced my old Christmas tree angel was possessed. One time we put it up but it wasn't facing straight forward, somewhere off to the right. Anyways I had some friends over, not really paying attention to it. It was normal before, but at some point I looked up at it and it was looking RIGHT. AT. ME. I don't easily spook but I immediately took it down and packed it up, and we haven't put it up since.
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Sage of Tales

Alright, so I don't have a ghost story proper, but I when I think about it, I have had a *minor* encounter with the paranormal. What you think of it depends upon what kinds of powers you think people are capable of.

I've been accused of having ESP.

One time, it was on the Internet. The person who told me that I had apparently psychic - "read" them was weirded out that I could pick out their OCD diagnosis. It *wasn't hard.* I mean, they were so OCD about some things on the forum we were both at (at the time) that "You look like you might be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" was bleedingly obvious, particuarly to someone who knows just a little more than the average person about mental disorders.

The second time, I'm a little more inclined to listen to. My fiance', who is, despite a weird sense of humor, a very rational person - terribly pragmatic - once made a passing mention (like it was nothing) to my "ESP" as if he thought I knew and it was "normal" for me. This came when my mother had sent us a check to help us out during financial duress. However, at the time, my last phone conversation with her ended with "We're okay right now, really, we don't need any help this month." The check came unexpectedly and was a great help to us at the time. My guy says "It looks like your mother has the same ESP you've got. You must have inherited it."

My response: "HUH?!!!"

I was "ESP? What?" and demanded some examples of when I have *ever* demonstrated any powers I did not know I had. He was actually serious! He said "Well, you've picked up on things before" or something like that.

I think a rational explanation would be just the fact that people are unable to lie to me - My guy, bless his heart, knows I have anxiety issues (hence the current Disability) and has tried to hide bad news from me, only for me to pick up that something was wrong. You'd think people around me would learn, too - "hiding" stuff from me not only doesn't work, it makes me even more anxious and *angry.* I don't think it's psychic ability, I think he just has some "tells" that he doesn't know about that I, conciously or subconciously am able to pick up on.

Of course, after this incident, I immediately went to TV Tropes to see if there were any uses of any kind of "ignorant prophet" or "idiot seer" in fiction or history and myth. The closest I ever found under their Psychic Powers section was something I think was called the "Real Fake Psychic" wherein someone in fiction will be portrayed as a knowing huckster who doesn't believe in the powers he or she claims to have but winds up being accurate, anyway, and actually a puppet of powers. Nothing like the "blithering ignorant seer" that I apparently am if such things are more than just my ability to observe people and read between lines, though.

Really, being accused of that was a big WHUT?! for me.

So, observe me, friends, and tell me if I act the least bit "psychic" (or alternately if I'm just like the lazy detective main character in "Hyouka" ).


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
I've never seen a ghost nor have I had a ''paranormal'' experience. I generally don't believe in such things, perhaps that would change if I ever were to encounter such things personally. Halloween is right around the corner after all, perhaps this'll be the year I'll be visited by a ghost? Guess we'll find out ;)

*looks at display picture* hehehehe yes we will ;) Dan goes to get some white bedsheets and cuts some holes in them, and plays his pervy ghost theme tune.... giggady

Oh and I did get spooked out once having to walk through this ruin church at the early ours of the morning (around 2am) that was sort of spooky, there are a lot legends surrounding the churches village about ghosts. I'll try seeing if I can find more on it.
Favourite Ghost Story

Simple thread, do you like ghost stories?

If you do which one do you really like, could be a famous one could be a personal one or a one you heard from someone else. Tell us your spooky faves.


embrace the brand new day
Oct 23, 2012
My favorite spooky story... Well, I don't scare easily, but I do have a couple favorites.

The first is a story people on this site may know already; the Haunted Majora's Mask. This one features a character who is simply playing a copy of Majora's Mask that he found. There's already a save file named "BEN" that he decides to load. After awhile, the game begins to glitch, and the player can't seem to make it stop, no matter what he does. The story unfolds revealing the supposed fate of "BEN" and making the player relive some of the moments in game.

Another story is an Animal Crossing story. I can't remember what it's called, but the main character is a human who moves to a land of animals. Over time, he realizes that he'll never be able to leave. He forms a friendship from a "girl from another town" who soon becomes lost to him. He discovers the secrets of the cursed town.
Nov 24, 2012
Probably roleplaying
I love 'em. I have a few faves. One of them is about an older teen who has a baby, but t cries so much that she cuts off its head and throw it away, burning the body. Exactly one year later, the baby comes back for revenge. A similar one, in how the terror is built up, is about a doll a little girl finds at a shop that kills her that night.

Along totally different lines, there's one I adore about two men who own a farm somewhere far from their home. So they go there, and to pass th time they make a straw dummy in the form of a man they hate, and abuse it. It comes to life and eventually gets its revenge.

But I know some of the best storytellers in the state, and there are always true stories they haven't told yet. They're actors, too, so of course there's haunting in the theatres....


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
I have never seen a ghost before, but I do believe in the supernatural. I've watched ghost-inspired shows before, and I think coming into contact with the supernatural is incredibly creepy. :sweat: :squishy:

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