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Ever bought a console just for one game?


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Jul 5, 2017
Bought a Switch just mainly for Zelda. Ended up loving so much more on the console that I ended up buying SMO, XBC2, and soon Fire Emblem Warriors without hesitation.


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Aug 2, 2016
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Yeah the switch for botw. I don't regret it though because I'm jumping up and down on my tits because I got the Twilight princess green outfit


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Jul 6, 2011
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Yes the Wii Poo for Zelda Poo. It wasn't even Wii Poo exclusive in the end and I didn't even end up buying Zelda for that console. I bought it for the Switch which I bought exclusively for that game and it turns out the switch version is the worst version.

I do regret it.


Oct 24, 2012
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I very nearly did get a Switch for Xenoblade 2. I was being impulsive and dumb. Eventually reason won out over bad life choices.

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I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a console with the intention of only playing one game on it for long. I bought a Switch and Breath of the Wild on launch day and for a little while that was all I had, but I knew there would eventually be more games on it that would interest me because it’s a Nintendo console, and boy was I right. I also knew that as part handheld I would love the system itself, and I was right yet again. However, if the Switch wasn’t what it is, I would have settled for a Wii U instead since I knew it had a few games that I wanted. But the Switch drew me in way more than a few Wii U games ever could.


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Aug 1, 2012
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This is a weird thing that I think no one has ever done before, like I might be the first person ever to do this.

I bought a Switch mainly because of Breath of the Wild. Weird concept huh?

For real though, I don't think I have ever bought a console just for one game. I usually will buy a console with one game in mind but will only purchase it because of future releases or wait until more games come out. I wanted a PS4 for Bloodbourne but didn't buy it until games like Spiderman and Shadow of the Colossus were announced and Horzion Zero Dawn, Nier, Persona 5, and Lost Legacy were released. I wanted a 3ds for OoT 3d, but waited til Smash, X/Y, and Awakening were released. I wanted a Switch for Zelda but waited for Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, Mario, an FE Warriors came out. I wanted to buy a switch on launch or close to launch but I wanted to make sure it would last and be great past 2017, which it looks promising with Pokemon, Metroid Prime 4, and Kirby announced for the future.


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Jun 18, 2011
Ever bought a console just to play one game?

Which game was it and which console?

Did you regret it?

Do we count asking for one as a present? If so I wished for the original Xbox because of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer game (the one that was exclusive for Xbox). Definitely do not regret that, the game was fantastic, the best Buffy video game made (heaps better than Chaos Bleeds which was cross platform).

As for buying a console myself for just one game, I bought the Xbox 360 for Fable 2, and I definitely do not regret that one bit, another fantastic game.

Oh and I picked up the 3DS specifically because Ocarina of time 3D was coming. Never owned a handheld system before that. Do not regret that either as I've played heaps of games on it


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Dec 26, 2017
Can't say I did. Although zelda is the biggest reason, I bought my Nintendo consoles for all first party games. I WOULD probably get a ps4 just for Monster Hunter World if there wasn't a PC version already coming, and even then I already had a mild interests in Horizon, bloodborne and Gravity rush 2.


Jun 22, 2011
I bought an Xbox 360 mainly because the Wii didn't have Hitman: Blood Money. I think I ended up buying more games for the Xbox 360 than the Wii in the long run so it worked out well. I might buy an Xbox One for the newer Hitman game as well as Rare Replay. I think I bought my 3ds mainly to have a portable version of Ocarina of Time. Every Nintendo console is mainly bought for Zelda anyway.
Dec 14, 2008
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It's a "kind of" for me. I usually get a console right when the killer game is about to be released, although I always have the intention of picking up other games further down the line. I get the newest Nintendo console without question, and wait for the big game on the newest Playstation before I pick up the latest console. These are the games that made the Playstations a must-own for me though:

Playstation 2 - Kingdom Hearts
Playstation 3 - Final Fantasy XIII
Playstation 4 - Batman: Arkham Knight


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May 24, 2015
Yes the Wii Poo for Zelda Poo. It wasn't even Wii Poo exclusive in the end and I didn't even end up buying Zelda for that console. I bought it for the Switch which I bought exclusively for that game and it turns out the switch version is the worst version.

I do regret it.
In what way is the Switch version remotely the worse version? It actually is objectively better than the Wii U version(I say this as someone who didn’t have a Switch until May, and played BotW all the way through on Wii U first).

The Switch version has:
A higher resolution(900p versus 720p)
A way more stable frame rate
Better gyroscope technology
A more comfortable controller(This one is totally my opinion on preference alone)

I don’t know where you are getting this whole “Wii U version is better than the Switch version”, because that is far from the case. The Wii U version of the game is perfectly playable and good, but the Switch version is better than the Wii U version.

As for the OP....
I bought a GBA for Super Mario World. Never regretted it, and it is still one of my favorite games on the go.

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