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Dreams thread.


wild ride
Nov 15, 2020
your nightmares into your heart <3
I had a kinda theatrical dream last night and I'm only gonna write down the most interesting part of it.
There was a feminine godlike voice narrating over the world it made after resetting existence??
This isn't a perfectly accurate depiction of the world but it's the best I could do. It was like a perfectly split in half earth and you could see the insides of both halves. One half had an inflating and deflating eyeball on its outer-shell and within the half you could see what I would describe as chaos. There were spiraling colors and shapes and things too abstract for me to make any sense of.
The other half had a shell similar to its counterpart minus the eye. The insides of it contained faint images of life like animals and plants.
Paraphrasing here, the voice said some things in a very weird way and I also don't remember what it said very well.
"Split into two parts where a [] could cry and a [] could view the world."
"I'll allow them to see what colors they want, they'll see the colors they're used to."
So from what it said I think the world split the raw experiences of living into two? When it made that second statement the world began shifting colors before returning to "normal" soon after.


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Jun 22, 2016
i opened the door for theo to come in he came with a friend who PROCEEDED TO ATTACK ME and no one helped me get him off!!!
Feb 25, 2021
I had a few faint dreams last night, though I remember one where I was playing through the Water Temple in OoT while Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson’s song ‘Say Say Say’ was playing.


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Jul 6, 2011
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I have found my dreams to be less vivid in recent memory however last night's dream sticks with me now still very clearly and vividly. I'd like to document it here.

The first part of my dream contained elements from star wars I was in a grand structure, cavernous yet alien in architecture. I spotted chancellor Palpatine wearing a blue and gold robe talking to some kind of senator. I thought I could expose him then and there as a sith lord and prevent the empire but i decided it was not good to mess with historical events like that.

The second part I was on an alien planet yet there was little life, only there was a giant whale in the desert area, and I don't mean like a blue whale size but probably 50-100 times larger than a blue whale, however just buried partially in the sand. I flew down towards the whale and used a stone device with a glowing blue core and touched it to the whale. Blue leafed trees began to sprout from it all over and this quickly spread to the surrounding area, life rapidly consumed the landscape and alien beings who used teleportation to move came to populate the area. I used their ability myself, rapidly teleporting to different areas just as in VR though I simply needed to think of where I wanted to go rather than use a joystick to aim. Unfortunately I used this ability too quickly and felt the sensation of falling and was woken up by it.


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Sep 29, 2020
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This was a couple of days ago, I dozed off after my alarm went off and dreamed I was watching the February 2023 Direct, the very first thing was that there would be no TotK news, which was obviously very frustrating, and then I was walking through the shop that I work at, and there was this guy, who I'm pretty sure was @thePlinko , sitting in one corner watching the Direct on his phone speculating that this has to mean that we were getting a TotK direct in the next few days, then I panicked because I realized "Wait a minute, this is a dream and I need to be getting up and actually going to this place" but it took me a second even after I woke up to realize that the Direct wasn't real even tho my need to go to work was.

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