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Do You Still Enjoy Cartoons As An Adult?

Do you still enjoy animated television?

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May 21, 2023
I try to find time to watch some anime when I can but ones I’ve actually finished are far and few between mainly due to how extensive some are. Only really ongoing one I’ve been caught up on is Jojo and even then this last part I just sort of binged after it was all done. Berserk also I suppose but I hadn’t a clue the 2016 one wasn’t just an updated version and only watched the good stuff after.

Otherwise I’ve sort of been between watching anime movies just because there’s much less time investment. Have seen probably most Satoshi Kon had involvement in and now working through Studio Ghibli stuff. Some random others here and there.

I’ve never watched all of Cowboy Bebop and may want to do that. Same for Trigun. I’d been enjoying Dirty Pair but took a break. Also have Black Lagoon on hand. Had bought all of Sailor Moon, fond memories of the first few seasons way back but really can’t get used to the new dub. I used to watch Dragon Ball/Z but really don’t like what I’ve seen of Super in passing so I probably won’t bother with it.

As far as western or more traditional cartoons go, well, I doubt I’d watch much of anything nowadays, especially sad to see the quality of old favorites like Family Guy or SpongeBob go down the drain. I could probably stomach rewatching stuff like Powerpuff Girls or Johnny Bravo or Dexter. My absolute favorite back then was Ed Edd n Eddy and believe I’d enjoy it just as much now as I did back then. Interestingly found this fan made thing on YouTube recently called ‘Peach Creek’, not sure it’s what I’d do as a continuation but the one episode they have is not awful at least as far as the animation itself goes. Might be fun to keep an eye on.
Mar 20, 2023
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Of course I still enjoy cartoons as an adult. I love cartoons like; The Garfield Show, Peanuts, Donald Duck, Duck Tales (only the originals from the 80s, the reboot sucks), and Digimon, only to name a few.

And this very popular cartoon called "The Raccoons" (made by Kevin Gillis) that I really loved as a child and still enjoy today as an adult decades later (this one has always been one of my top favorites):

And it has a great theme song ("Run with us" sang by Lisa Lougheed):

See this video:

And this one (the content creator disabled playback so click on the "watch on Youtube" link):

The lyrics:


Watching cartoons is not just for kids, there's a lot of adults, myself included, who watch cartoons too. And numerous studies show that is has mental and physical health benefits for people of all ages:



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Jan 31, 2010
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Oh hell yes! Some cartoons are more funny and interesting than daily tv shows or even movies. And if there's one thing so important in life it's keeping your inner child alive. So yeah, I definitely enjoy watching cartoons

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