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Do You Nickname Your Pokemon?



I named only one pokemon. It was my snivy, and I named it snakey.
Dec 19, 2011
I don't most of the time, it depends if a name comes to me or what pokemon it is. Like if it's a little pokemon that all cute and stuff, like Jigglypuff, I'll name her something like Puffy or just Jiggly. I've never really been good with pokemon nicknames, and plus I really like most of the pokemon's real name anyway. It just doesn't feel right naming them something else.


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Apr 20, 2011
Belgium, its in Europe
In Soul Silver I had all my pokémon named after characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Zuko the Typhlosion, Sokka the Ampharos, Iroh the Hypno, Appa the Tauros, Katara the Lapras and Aang the Dragonite. Even the slaves had Avatar names: Toph the Farfetch'd, Momo the Sentret and Azula the Pidgey.

In Black I decided to continue the tradition but now with the names of the sages from LoZ: OOT. Ruto the Samurott, Rauru the Zebstrika, Nabooru the Excadrill, Darunia the Scrafty, Saria the Vanilluxe and Impa the Chandelure. This time, I named the slaves after the HM they were used for: FLY the Tranquill, CUT the Simisear and DIVE/WFALL the Mantyke.

EDIT: I got platinum for Christmas, and I have a team with nicknames there too now. here they are:

- Empoleon: Nautilus (named after the submarine that discovered Atlantis, if memory serves me right)
- Luxray: Tonner (Tonnerre is the French word for thunder. At first I wanted to name him Thundercat, but that name was already taken by a friend)
- Golem: Tektite (an enemy from a series that we all have close to the heart.
- Gengar: Lavenda (named after Lavender Town)
- Houndoom: Diablos (Spanish for hell)
- Altaria: Kina (pronounce K-e-n-French a; Just a name I stumbled upon and thought was awesome)
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Dec 23, 2011
Kokiri Forest
When I was little, I use to rename all of my Pokemon with lowercase letters because it annoyed me that they were in all caps xD
CHARMANDER --> Charmander
Of course this backfired when I evolved it, and My CHARMELEON was named Charmander. :/
I nickname every single Pokemon I catch. Usually either their Japanese names or names of anime/video game characters that they remind me of.
Dec 20, 2011
I name a lot of them. I think the names have gotten better over the years. Many of the names I thought were cool or clever at the time seem lame now...
Feb 23, 2011
Yeah, I've nicknamed my Pokemon in the past. Thing is, I often nicknamed them very unflattering things. Many of said nicknames were mean, cruel, or twisted to be honest. XD I've named them things like "B****hH*" and "D***heface". I had no cruel intent. I'm just awful at naming things and when given the chance, I'd usually changed their names back and add gender signs "♀♂" to them[Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow] (when there was room).


Dec 22, 2011
I usually never nickname them (other then my Squirtle nicknamed Turd). As you said, some people like the original names.


At first I used to give each and every pokemon a unique nickname, even Zubat and Magikarp, then I only named the special ones like starters. And finally, I was like...


So, I stopped giving nicknames all together.
Dec 22, 2011
I love trying to give them Meaningful yet creative names :3 but I usually end up Just giving them People Names >__<;


I'm creative when it comes to names, but if I'm playing a new gen or am unfamiliar with all the pokemon I'll leave the original names to become better acquainted with the pokemon themselves. I have a bad memory and if I don't keep their original name, I'll end up referring to it like "yanno, that cute little yellow one with the spiky black tail that goes 'CHUUUUUUU'!"

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