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Do You Engage in Stimming?


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Jan 22, 2016
United States of America
the current thread name is discomforting

the most "stimmy" thing I do is like, claw my fingers and then flap my hands really quickly. It causes a really unusual sensation in my fingertips that I can't describe (so you should try it right now)
it acts a bit like a pressure release valve ig for when I'm feeling too amped up and can't do anything particularly productive
I used to play with my hair a lot by like, taking a lock and sticking a pencil through it and twisting the pencil (must've looked weird to classmates)
and I pace a lot a lot
Well the original thread name was "Do You Engage in Self-Stimulating Behavior?"

Which has... not the right connotation, that's what he was addressing.


Jan 19, 2018
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tbh when i hear the word stimming the first thing i think of is starcraft
Yeah. The main thing is bouncing my leg a lot, but I'll also hum the same note repeatedly (with short pauses) and crack my knuckles fairly often, along with rocking back and forth and finger flicking sometimes. Didn't really think of spinning thing as stimming before, but I definitely tend to spin pencils and similarly shaped objects around my fingers.

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