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Hyrule Warriors DLC in Zelda

Should Nintendo continue with DLC in Zelda

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Apr 12, 2015
While Hyrule Warriors not exactly a Zelda game a fun one in my opinion. It does have a MASSIVE amount of DLC. Which is not a bad but not exactly what we've been used to. Do you think Nintendo should continue to do this or should they go back to how older Zelda games were how you would buy it in full. Now of course with the newish Nintendo e Shop it is easier to buy stuff and is a good time to start withe the whole DLC Trend so what are you guys thought to continue with this fun DLC'S. But do keep in mind Hyrule Warriors is not an average Zelda game and DLC might not work as well

(First thread might not be the best one :))


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Mar 25, 2015
I perfer that most if not all the game are in full when i buy it. I like to think Hyrule warrior came with atleast 75% of it when i bought. Since i cold play as the main cast and unlock a lot of things.

Now the DLC just adds a few characters and some boards which you could argue coulda been in the game or is you know extra. Though i personally think ganon's fury should of been a thing i could unlock.

Now for DLC in Zelda games wouldn't work to well since they'd be either underwelming or so op there is no point in playng the game. The you have the average items or weapons you could get through dlc that will make you the angriest cause it could of easily been in the game.

DLC in general is ok in certain types of games. Fighting games like smash bros i like dlc characters that add to the ranks maybe an online smash run for Wii U. I want my smash run!!!!!! *Cough* Anyway I would expect those DLC characters in the normal roster or never appear again as DLC for the next instalment of smash bros. It would feel like I'm buying the same thing twice even in a newer smash.

DLC for platformers would be more stages but they would need to be amazing stahes for me to consider buying them. Like Megaman 10 where you got to fight the megaman killers and get their weapons. I like that since they were destroyed a few times in gb plot so having them as dlc was neat.

I like the Dlc for mario kart 8 since it adds characters, courses and vehicles. I mean link in mario kart!! See that is good Dlc possibility but now i want him to be main cast in the next mario kart installment or i will be disappointed.

DLC is a very fickle thing.
Apr 12, 2015
I would personally not like DLC "In normal Zelda Games" and deep down think Nintendo has done a good job separating their DLC compatible games like Mario Kart

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It will happen in Zelda Wii U. The penny pinching avaricious company we like to call Nintendo hides behind bright children games while slowly sucking the lives out of our wallets and souls.
Well considering Hyrule Warriors was more Tecmo than nintendo the ball was in their court a lot more than Nintendo's where DLC was concerned.

Also if you're going to liken HW's DLC to other games i'd say that HW actually has relatively little and you could buy the bulk of it with a season pass. Other games like Tekken Assassin's Creed, the likes of Evolve and Skyrim and Dark Souls and The Witcher all have way more DLC than HW. HW had a lot added to it but the game doesnt feel like a stripped down base model without it. Plus there were free updates that gave you the likes of entirely new playable characters so HW in some cases was more charitable with its DLC than most.

I wouldn't like to see DLC in Zelda, i hate the very notion of DLC but with amiibo and online functionality being a big thing now, DLC for Zelda U will definitely happen, i just like to hope that it is only superficial add ons that we don't need.


Jul 1, 2012
The core Zelda franchise, as it stands, doesn't really cater to DLC whatsoever.

It's a game that solely based around the in-game story and that alone. The ending usually culminates with Link over coming evil and that's that - you can't continue. These kind of endings suit the series because playing after, in a way, defeats the purpose. So you couldn't exactly introduce DLC to prolong the core experience.

Adding a side quest would also be complicated. How would the side quest fit into the canon story? How would it effect the items Link use and progression inure main game? It would just be too hard to fit in. The only other option is microstransactions which is a huge no no.


Fuzzy Pickles
Mar 27, 2015
United States

HOWEVER... if they do decide to do it, there is a right way and a wrong way.

Games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls do it right. The game is complete with or without downloading the expansion packs (because that's what DLC in Zelda should be: an expansion pack). You can beat Fallout 3 or New Vegas, for example, without the DLC and the story is just as good, the enemies are just as good, the weapons and quests are just as good. However, the DLC adds a whole different and complete story arc. Same with Elder Scrolls, especially Dragonborn and Shivering Isles. I mean, Bloodmoon and Tribunal were awesome as well, but that's the kind of stuff I mean. Add a quest, complete with new enemies and items and dungeons.

What they shouldn't do is do stupid amiibo clothes or dinky customizations like that. What they also shouldn't do is release super awesome weapons that only the DLC people get. Don't short us on items, don't make it so you have to DLC the Big Wallet, for example. Give us a full, complete game, and then, if you want, add an expansion pack so that you can continue the story, if you want. But don't pull an Assassin's Creed or a Call of Duty and make the game unplayable without the DLC or give us an incomplete game.


The Emperor
Apr 29, 2010
IMO DLC in Zelda is fine as long as they don't pull some EA/Capcom ****. If Nintendo gives sufficient value we'll be happy.
May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
I don't understand why so many people are seeing DLC as "the rest of the game" here. Just because a game receives DLC doesn't mean we won't get what could be considered a full game in the beginning. Mario Kart 8 was a complete, full game initially. The additional levels, karts, cups, and characters added were just that, additions.

If Nintendo releases DLC that, say, includes another land for Link to explore, complete with dungeons to complete and maybe an overall goal to accomplish there, any real Zelda fan can't make me believe they wouldn't throw money at it and enjoy the hell out of it.

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I don't see the harm in being able to explore an entirely new land or a past locale through DLC. Nintendo isn't the type of company that leaves out content from a game. I mean, they're even generous enough to give out free content updates, such as those for Splatoon after launch. Pricing shouldn't be an issue either.

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