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Disfunctional Monarchy?

Sep 28, 2010
HAve you noticed how Princess Zelda is always being kidnapped? Why doesn't she have bodyguards or something? Or maybe the Hylians could star a democracy but Ganondorf takes advantage of it. I wonder... :hmm:


Jun 14, 2010
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Well i guess she do has bodyguards, Impa is an perfect example, but they either get killed or are something else that is important so they leave Zelda. (Impa went to the Shadow temple to kill bongo)


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May 26, 2010
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The manga kinda explained that Ganondorf completely OWNED all the Hyrule Guards when he was making his way to the Castle. The monarchy isn't dysfunctional, it just isn't as refined as a classic one should be.

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Jul 24, 2010
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That might be weird having a democracy in Zelda. The games are suppose to be set in mid-evil times in which Monarchs were in power in most places. And it might just seem weird. Think about it, President Zelda?

On the topic of bodyguards. They don't respawn when they die so they never get the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, like Link does.
what i dont like in most games is the lack of people, including guards, in most games there are like 30 people, if you had a kingdom as big as hyrule you'd have a good
20 000-40 000 people, probably more, what id really like to see in later games is an increase in the amount of NPC's, like in TP you had lots of people in castle town, even if they had no real importance, it feels way more like a town or city, not just a village with 3 people. If nintendo would just take the time to make more npc's that just make loops around the town they're in, in my opinion it would really make it feel more like a kingdom that is in danger of ganon's wrath with many lives at stake.

(sorry about going off topic there...my mind wanders)


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Dec 6, 2009
The Royal Family has guards, definitely, you see them in a lot of the games. Of course, they're also shown as comically incompetent in some of the games, like OoT's Castle Guards just wandering around in circles in the courtyard and failing to keep a kid out, or TP's guards whimpering at the sight of a single wolf.

Comical ineptitude aside, they were also going up against Ganondorf or other similar evil forces. Zelda's guards aren't strong enough, and it's not her fault she's usually the target of the most powerful villain in the land. Of the ones we see, most of them get killed off (you even see one dying in OoT's alleyway). I mean, in TP she practically had a whole army defending her before surrendering, and they still got torn down by Zant and his magical Twili army. Normal bodyguards just didn't stand a chance.

As for a democracy, I don't think that would work too well in a society where deities are not only common, but often physically present. A lot of monarchies drew their power from "divine authority", meaning people consented to monarchical rule because their God(s) told them to. The Royal Family has backing from the Goddesses, so thus the monarchy stands strong.


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Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
The body guards are no match for Ganon :P It shows in TP, that the guards are scared to travel across hyrule field. Even Gorons make better body guards. But I guess they are also weak against Ganondorf, as shown in OoT.

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