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Did You Like the Imprisoned?


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Jul 6, 2011
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To put it simply. NO

As Groose describes him he is nothing but a flabby sack of teeth. I think he looks silly and non-threatening. The only intimidating thing is that he is 50 feet tall and can squash you.

If you look in Hyrule Historia there is a much nicer design for him which I strongly believe they should have used.


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May 20, 2012
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@Ganonking: Post a link to that photo
To answer, HELL NO! It was silly and annoying. it was also my least favorite boss in the game. Only part I actually despised. I didn't even hate the Silent realms and those scared the hell out of me.
No. Its an awful design, its an awful fight and its repeated three times with little differences. The Imprisoned also ruined the uninspiring character of Demise; I can't take an Akuma looking character seriously when he has spent most of the game as a giant two logged whale with regenerating marshmallow toes who you have beaten three times. At the end of the game its 4-0 to Link and he didn't even break a sweat.


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Jan 9, 2012
He seemed like a pretty cool boss when I fought him the first time. The other times were just annoying, so I sorta liked the Imprisoned.


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Jun 15, 2010
No. Not at all.

The very first time I faced him was great. All I could think about was how awesome it was since it was the first out-of-dungeon boss I've faced so far, and the fact that the trailers we've seen of Skyward Sword had clips of him looking all ominous and deadly. So the very first fight felt like how it was supposed to feel: exhilarating. I think they built it up quite well since The Imprisoned was literally over 100 feet tall and looked monstrous.

The other two fights just ruined it. Completely and totally.


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Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
I honestly don't care for the Imprisoned.
I kind of liked him the first time.
I didn't like him the second time.
I hated him the third time.
I liked him the 4th time.
Oh yeah.
Oh sorry.
*Spoiler Alert*


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Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
I actually liked The Imprisoned. He is one out four bosses from the entire boss run to actually give me a challenge. What I would liked it about more was a better design or at least a harder difficulty when battling it. Other than that, The Imprisoned is a cool boss. :D


Dec 16, 2009
United States
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At first, it was cool. Second time was annoying. I dreaded the third time. Simply, no. I hated the Imprisoned. Demise is a lot better.

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Jul 2, 2011
The Imprisoned was an interesting take on a boss. Not only was he recurring, he was adaptable as well. His ability to grow arms and a tail were good enough to attempt a change in each fight (emphasis on attempt). As for the physical appearance of the boss, well, he wasn't too shabby, but still looked a bit ridiculous. I view him as a fat, stubby Godzilla... with white beans for fingernails and toenails.

But did I like fighting him? Absolutely not. It can easily get annoying to fight him after he grows more appendages, being able to stun Link as he presses upward to the Sealed Temple. Furthermore, the battles seemed repetitive, a possible exception being when he has the ability to fly. It just felt like busy work to fight him.

I guess you could say I really don't care for the thing.


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May 9, 2011
Puerto Rico
Not at all! I found it too repetitive. It could have been a little bit more creative. I did not like to fight him multiple times with just a couple tweaks. . I also expected a more dramatic creature...he had power to destroy everything...why does he look like a tadpole with toes?

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Jun 15, 2010
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Sure do. While not my favorite boss in the game, he is one of the few that still manages to provide a challenge, even after multiple playthroughs. A very fun set-piece overall, despite occasionally being pretty frustrating.
Jul 22, 2011
One fight with him? Fine. Two fights? Maybe. Three? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

The battle is slow-paced and constantly interrupted by 5-second "OMG LOOKZ YOU HIT HIM" cutscenes that drag out the battle. He is an absolute NIGHTMARE to fight in Boss Rush because he is fought three times. The Ghirahim fights are all diverse and test your skill in different ways because he can be defeated very quickly, or slowly, depending on your skill level. The Imprisoned on the other hand is a rinse and repeat boss who makes me want to rip his egg-shaped toes out of him.

Let's move on to the good aspects of him... The atmosphere and music is pretty good, and it certainly is a unique fight because you have a limited amount of time to defeat him before he reaches the Sealed Temple, also, you can defeat him multiple ways which is certainly interesting. In fact, he is fun to fight sometimes and launching off the Groosenator is one of the more memorable parts of the game, but he should have been fought only twice throughout the game. The first fight being right after the 3rd dungeon as usual, and the 2nd fight being right after the 6th dungeon except the mechanics changed to his 3rd fight. The 2nd fight should be canned altogether because the only difference is that his wiggly toes initiate shockwaves that ensure the demolition of some Wii Remotes.


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Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
No. The first fight was good, but he looks stupid, his toes creep me out, and it gets old quickly. Also, if you're going for an 100% game, and do all of Lanayru's challenges to revisit old bosses, you face him a further three times. In other words you battle The Imprisoned SIX times, plus in the form of Demise. There was something to be desired here.

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