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Twilight Princess Did You Figure Out How to Play As a Chicken?


Swordless Link
Jan 29, 2010
Alright... you probably think that I am crazy, but it is true. Hit the chicken alot of times. ( They are found mostly in Ordon Village.) It will not come to you and attack you. After all those hits, the reward is the ability to press A to jump and the control stick to move! (Wii version.) Have fun with the chicken mode!!!:)


Jun 29, 2010
pretty cool secret! can Cucco chickens attack? I'll try and find out! I think It'll be a fun glitch.


But you called me here...
Aug 6, 2010
You can do that in the Gamecube version too. I honestly thought that it was super lame that they made it so that you can control the Cucco. I really missed the fact that when you attack a Cucco, it will fly after you and try to kill you. I was upset when I discovered that. Nintendo should have never taken away the attacking Cuccos.


Airbending Slice!
Dec 6, 2008
New Albany, Indiana
I found that out somewhere in the site walkthrough. Then I tried it, it's nothing special. I personally miss the attacking cuccos. Nintendo made a huge mistake.


Oct 4, 2010
Did you know that when you are a cucco, on the wii version you can jump with A ?


Jul 26, 2010
Of course I discoverd that in the Gamecube version right away. Turned on the game and bam. I said to myself, I cannot WAIT to kill some Cucco's!
So I found on and killed it only for the screen to sort of fade out. Umm What's going on? HOLY, I'm a CHICKEN!

Touche Nintendo.

Link Master

The Hero's Master
Oct 14, 2009
I can't say I found this out by myself. My little brother was going through the part of the game before Link first turns into a wolf and I said hit the chicken a bunch of times so chickens attack you. He said o.k and laughed then hit it a ton of times and then was the chicken. Then we both though what is happening to this world and then we realized we were the chicken and then we went around hoping to get that rupee that is on that ledge that you need the gale boomarang for. It was strange funny and fun at the same time.
Feb 6, 2008
I was surprised when i I turned into chicken. I was like, "I wonder if the chicken attack will be better than in OoT" so I was attacking it, trying to make it anggry and, I TURNED INTO A CHICKEN! I remember showing my dad and brother right away. At first I thought it was the coolest thing ever, but now I miss them getting angry and attacking.
Oct 17, 2009
LOL i love this. not nearly as much as the chickens attacking you, but still it is fun to walk the chickens around, and when you turn back into a human there is a chicken on the roof or in the water or something. also, has anyone tried using this fetur on the golden cucoo? because that would be cool, what with the flying.


Sep 20, 2008
I actually figured it out sometime after my first playthrough. I was in the middle of my search for the last poes, when I decided to take a break in Kakariko. I decided to chase after chickens and try to round them all up. One chicken kept escaping, so I kept hitting it with my sword...that was until I was turned into a chicken.

I found it both hilarious and weird. :P

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