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Spoiler Did Skyward Sword Ever Make You Cry?

Did skyward sword make you cry?

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Apr 11, 2012
Seattle, WA
Heck yeah it made me cry. Once when Zelda and Link were reunited for the first time in the past, and it was super emotional and touching, and then Zelda's Lullaby started playing... Man, I couldn't take it. So many memories of Zelda rushing in at that moment.

I also cried at the end, from pretty much the same phenomenon. Skyward Sword did an awesome job of reminding me just how much Zelda has meant to me over the years. It was a very nostalgic experience. :)
Dec 21, 2011
I live up to the stereotype of a heartless male teenager who refuses to cry over anything. No I did not, but I can completley understand how this game would make any veteran Zelda player cry.

But I did tear up inside when Groose never ended up with Zelda. I wish there could have been an alternate ending where Groose defeats Demise and gets Zelda instead of Link.
Apr 17, 2012
I didn't, though said scene with Zelda sealing herself was pretty emotional. I also found some of the later scenes with Groose to be pretty touching.

godess reborn

Blame The Cricket
Jan 29, 2012
Turn around...
I never actually cried, but I came pretty close when Zelda sealed herself away. Her saying "I'm still your Zelda." and Link's expression... pretty emotional. I'm very surprised I wasn't crying a river, but I was sad when the scene was over, thinking about her sleeping for thousands of years.
I believe the scene at the end of the Earth Temple was very heart tugging.


I didn't cry through the entire game. None of it pulled any heart strings, really. The first thing that came to mind when she was sealed was that she was safe in the back room you couldn't get into from the beginning of the game.
I also kinda figured out that "Grannie" was Impa because of the tear tattoo under her left eye. That kinda took the emotional reunite away for me.
Dec 30, 2011
I did a little when Zelda sealed herself away; part of it was because of the tremendously composed music that was placed perfectly in that scene.
Apr 8, 2012
i havent cried, but i have had tears in my eyes for a lot of the parts. ( i do admit i cried when zelda sealed herself away and link pounded on the crystal i was so upset because i thought it looked like link was crying! )
Dec 19, 2011
I don't think I have ever cried from a video game but when Fi got sealed back into the sword it did provoke a little emotion.
Apr 3, 2012
I did not cry in Skyward Sword. I just didn't feel as an emotional connection with the characters as I did with Twilight Princess. (I did cry at the end of Twilight Princess).
Jan 25, 2010
To be honest, no. when there were scenes im might cry, i was just like meh, and moved on. I laughed at some scenes though.

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